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Someone needs to tell them that the customer doesn't want to be harassed. The Depot is one store where I never have trouble finding great help when I need it; I know they're not all like that but ours is really good at hiring staff who know what they're talking about. The only time an employee has approached me there it's been to bug me. I don't know if they're brought in or managers or what but they're never in aprons, always in shirts and ties. Last time a guy asked me if I was interested in home organization or kitchen replacement. I told him neither and he was all "oh really, you don't need to organize your home better?" Oh yeah, insult the customer, that'll make them drop a few grand on a closet organization system or a new kitchen. Not to mention I watched him for a while and he only approached women because naturally women want to organize their shoes and guys are probably there for power tools.


Oh God, that's like Borders GREAT. Greet, Request, Engage, Act, Thank. It's the dumbest rehash of what we were already doing. Except now we have to tell them our names. Waste. of. time. Ours and theirs.


Those are the at-home services people, that walk around and bug people. They're nice people individually usually, but I hate what they do, which is get custys all pissed off so they will explode on you if you try to say hello to them. (which is the very least of the phrases of which we are required to greet people, because I don't care about anyones project because I'm a cashier, pay me and go away)


Was expecting the initial response to say "FIRST!"...

My store's sanctimonious acronym is "GOT" which stands for "Greet, Offer (the special of the week) and Thank".

A couple of years ago corporate had one that said "GROW" but it was only unveiled at an executive meeting and we only heard about it through the newsletter. I never found out what it stood for, but I wrote in the breakroom copy of the newsletter that it stood for "Get Rid Of Wages". I guess they abandoned that one, wonder why? :)


where i work we have GUEST....greet understand explain suggest thank


We just had got told to be nice, ask if they found everything, and talk to the customer. I guess I was lucky to work for a company that realizes their employees can interact with customers without the aid of cheesy acronyms.


When I worked at Lowe's about 15 years ago, they had the "10' rule". If a customer was within ten feet of you, you should ask them if they need help. After awhile, I'm sure people felt like they were being stalked. But I heard from someone later that they felt like whenever they got within ten feet of someone in a Lowe's, they would disappear! LOL!

Taco Slave

Yum! Corp - L.A.S.T. Listen, Apologize, Satisfy, Thank. Satisfy? I'm not sure minimum wage is worth 'satisfying' people. I can stand on a streetcorner to do that... and make a LOT more money


I work at a Dollar Tree and we have a similar thing on the back of our nametags. ours is "GET". Greet The Customer, Exceed their expectations, and thank the customer.

yeayeayea. its hard to exceed their expectations when they're bloodsuckers in the first place.

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