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College Town Bitch

Haha I love you. (: Plain and simple, that was amazing.

I still can't believe I got called racist over saying the guy was Indian. D;


"Oh shit. Better not say I wear a blue uniform and I hate it, otherwise they'll find some way to say I'm being racist or prejudice against the Avatar's."

Hahhahahhaa, so true. This is a place for people to let off steam, not get bitched at.

I better go hide my blue shirts now.

College Town Bitch

Oh shizzle, should I throw away all my Kroger shirts then, too?!


I think it's because the race or color is usually only remarked upon when it's meant to be a negative trait. I'm including "blonde" in the list, too. It does grate a little. Unless I hear the words "This white, blue-eyed dude came up to me" in some posts I'm going to keep thinking there is some bias.

I think this is one of those instances where you're free to say what you want, and others are free to think whatever they want about it.

Keep writing, though, I need some humor relief after talking to idiot customers all morning. (My favorite? Those who hand me the items ONE. BY. ONE. and pause in between each to stare at the screen for a whole minute to see how much it's ringing up for, lest I dare try to scam them into paying 25 cents more.) I should submit a story soon, but I don't know how in the world I'll pick.


So my wearing a shirt depicting a sad Jason (Saturday 13, is why he is sad) mean I am prejudiced against retarded people?

Gotta get rid of the shirt then...

College Town Bitch

@Tama - Uhm... You know what's creepy?
I'm wearing the same shirt. ._.;



That IS creepy.

I'm not even a fan of Jason (I don't watch horror/slasher movies) but the shirt was too cool to pass up.


Yeah, I'm not really getting the whole "racist" thing.

I'm a long time reader, and when I read a story with details be it skin color, hair color, body odor, etc....I get a mental image in my mind of what they look like. It makes it funnier honestly.

I'll have to remember to be PC if I ever post one of my stories.


Does racism still exist? Seeing as SNOBama is president you'd think people would stop using the race card....... Describing someone by their skin color, hair color, height & gender isn't racist, sexist or any -ist until you start using derogatory names && the last time I checked no one has on here so people need to GTFOI.




What's the I stand for?


Get The Fuck Over It.


College Town Bitch

@Tama - Really? I live for horror movies. So it was just something I couldn't pass up. :3 Plus it was only like $7. :)


Seriously, though, if those certain people wanna complain about people being racist, try coming down south in the boonies where people are still openly racist.

On here, we have to describe the person's appearance. We don't know them. We don't know their names, so naturally we relate to them by what they look like. (ex. Lady Gaga lookalike, white guy with afro, woman that reminds me of Arnold Schwartzenegger)

Racism + small town gossip + retail hell = Evil.

College Town Bitch

@Logan -Hugs you- :3 I still can't get over that I got called racist for calling someone an Indian Guy. o.O


You're not racist. You're just ignorant. I'll say it one last time. English is the official language of India. They know it from cradle to grave. I'm done.


I wouldnt say that she's ignorant when she used the phrase "Indian" as a describing factor of her sentence.
Ignorance is a term used for people lacking knowledge or just simply ignoring information being given. How is calling an indian guy indian "ignorant"?


Awwwwww..... I feel special *blushes*.


I agree...how on Earth is calling an Indian guy an Indian guy racist?

If the person was from, oh say maybe South Africa, but you called him Indian, I could see a problem. Or if you were to have taken a stupid pill and called him a S***-N***** or a T****-H***, you might be considered racist. But calling him Indian?

What, can we no longer say that Han Qing Jao is Chinese, or that Vladamir Tepis is Lithuanian without getting blasted by the Politically Correct Nazis? ( Oh no, I said Nazi!)

The best, and only, advice I can offer is to ignore these idiots. 90% of the time they are simply forum trolls looking to start a fight over utterly inconsequential points, and the other 10% of the time they are just morons who don't know any better.

Note : In the above post I self-censored two terms that are truly racist in origin, because I was making a point. The two terms in question, while they may have been acceptable on a site like this that allows such references as cum-guzzling whore, are comments that I personally would never use, either in posts or in spoken communication.

Joe the Cigar Guy

Anybody remember Dave Chappelle's bit about racism?

"Here in the North, y'all THINK you got racism.
But let me tell ya', the racism they got down South is...
(mbwah) MAGNIFIQUE!!"

Pissed off

Maybe it was that it wasn't a very good story. Ooh the man did want paper or plastic and then rudely CHANGED HIS MIND! HOLY SHIT CALL THE POLICE!

It was a rubbish story, written in a way that could be taken for racist. If you complain about people not speaking English then only describe the antagonist in racial terms (an Indian guy) then you come off as racist.

For example, if I start a story by saying "All these women around here are so stupid. they're completely brainless. This one woman I was dealing with who came in for lunch..." then it implys that the woman who came in was also incredibly stupid.

Sure your stories are sometimes funny but when you produce dross then people are going to flame you.

I also note that the story seems to be removed from the site now. If you didn't agree that it was a poor story or that you'd been racist then why take it down?

Finally, if you throw a pissy-fit, toys out the pram, hold-your-breath-till-you-turn-blue tamtrum when people criticise you then you're no better than the people you complain about. Probably worse as you should know better.


pissed: would you like us to call the manager so you can get a new post made, or just your money back?

the point: if you act like the customers that are complained about, maybe you shouldn't be here.


To quote my Journalism Professor. Don't tell me show me. Okay, so instead of constantly saying the custy or he/she...Show me what you saw.

The student walked up to the counter.

Is not nearly interesting as:

The spray tanned student stalked up to the counter and slammed her prada bag onto the shelf.


If you call someone a racist just for calling an Indian man an indian perhaps you might want to brush up on your word definitions.

Racism means you have said something out of hate for an entire race of people. If something was not hateful or biased then your looking into it too hard. Maybe looking into the mirror would be more appropriate at this time for you.

If you ask the asian guy in the front he will help you.
(Not racist)
All so and so's are out to steal our jobs and they smell (This IS racist)

I hope this helps, have a great day!


In a story where race doesn't matter (which is basically almost all of them on this site, unless they're about someone acting racist or whatever), I don't think I've ever read "This white guy blah blah blah". I've read "This (black, hispanic, insert race here) woman/man blah blah blah" plenty of times. You're right that just describing someone's race isn't racist- but if you're describing disgusting customers but only mention the race if it's not a white person, I think that's distasteful and suspect, and maybe not intentionally racist, but the people that are already racist are gonna nod their heads and think "of course they were a pig, they were (insert race here)"

By the way, I'm not directing this at anyone in particular, it's just a trend I've seen across the site. It bothers me, which sucks because I love reading this site- makes me feel grateful for my usual lack of shitty customers.


I've had white trash customers come in and steal & do just as bad as any other race or whatever.. but are those stories remembered? No. And I'm sure I've read about white people just as equally as black & spanish & whatever else people. OMG will you people never drop it?
I'm a very visual person (and an artist) so I explain things in great detail. I don't see how stating a person's skin color is racist & I don't understand what all this fuss is about. Just because most stories are "this black or spanish person this" is probably because- hello that's the race of the person.

Heather: Would you rather us lie about facts & distort the truth just to make you happy?


I'm convinced that Pissed Off is trolling. Either that or they seriously woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Stop starting stuff, dude. Seriously. Just making it worse.


Aww...I feels adored... I do need to post again. Actually, BB, you sorta beat me to the punch with this post. I was thinking of making up a post that went along the lines of:
I was working at a place and a person came in and something happened and it was frustrating. The end.

Magical Shrimp

Heather, that may have more to do with the fact that in North America, white people are still in the majority (hence the term "visible minority" means people who are not white), so odds are the person in the story is probably white unless otherwise mentioned. If the story took place somewhere like Japan, we would assume the person in the story was ethnically Japanese because there are very few citizens there who aren't. Are we still talking about this whole debacle? Wow.

Anyway, THANK YOU Burger Bitch for addressing this. It's getting stupid.


Actually, this whole "you never mention white people in your posts" blahblah is all bullshit. I have read, plenty of times "soandso was a blonde, rich entitled bitch" This is definitely inferring that the lady was white, and guess what? It doesn't offend me AT ALL. Even though I am both white and blonde.

So everyone needs to pull the sticks out of their ass and get over it. There are worse things going on in this world than someone calling *gasp* an Indian man exactly what he is.

Timekeeper's Twit

I'm with you BB, the "OMG you're racist!" comments need to stop. There's no need to get offended by describing someone. Thank you for posting this and saying what's on a lot of our minds.


Not trying to stir up anything (I don't particularly care about something unless it's blatantly racist) but I'll just say this:
Perhaps a couple thousand years of public oppression of culture based on your skin color or lineage may give a bit of retrospect?

Jus' sayin'...

Feel free to take this the wrong way, I'm not criticizing anybody here, but what I'm saying is that it's not a black-and-white thing going on, either. That's all.


I tend to think if the person in question is conforming to stereotypes about a race then their race should be mentioned. Why? Because it is in fact pertinent. Because for some of us it's frustrating to see people cling to horrible stereotypes and claim it is their "culture". If someone wants to use a person race to describe them, that's fine with me. Is their race any more relevant when it's a good or bad customer? No. But it does facilitate the story telling process.

College Town Bitch

@Pissed off - Dude, I'm seriously done with your fucking trolling.
You remind me of a customer, not getting it's way. So you throw a fucking tantrum, to get some attention. Really? Shut the fuck up, and get over the fact that I said Indian Guy. I wasn't being racist, nor was I being ignorant.

Dear God, I say Indian Guy and get trolled hardcore for that one little thing. My God, get the fuck over it.


I have mixed feelings about all this. On one hand, I wouldn't jump to call it racist, it's pretty harsh in this situation and the word gets thrown around too much. However, reading 'Indian guy' in that context did make me feel a little uncomfortable. It just wasn't necessary. You wouldn't have said 'white guy'.


Did I read up there that racism no longer exists because the majority of voters elected a biracial president?


As succinctly as I can restate my position: ethnic descriptions are only as racist as their context. White trash can be as offensive as ghetto-fabulous, both of which are often used in this blog.

Self Scan Queen

Adding on the fact that racism no longer exists because Obama was elected, I'm not American. Yeah. Like a few others around here. So how does Obama's election = no more racism? In the world? What?

Colour me confused.

Anyway. This place is hardly PC, and while I do not condone racism in any way, shape or form, I read the post in question when it was posted, it didn't scream racist to me. It was pretty much a typical post here. Stupid shit happened, someone needed to vent. End of story. People, stop stirring up trouble! I come here to laugh and empathize with my fellow slaves. That's what this place is.

Burger Bitch

Gtfo of my comments, Pissed Off.
Nobody likes you.

Asshole Alley is --> That way.

Burger Bitch

@Caitie: Just like everyone has said, they're painting a photo. It's relevant.

Joe the Cigar Guy

"Aesop, ya' racist motherfucker! What have you got against FOXES?"

"Actually, I was just trying to tell a fable."


Self Scan Queen, i agree with you, just because Obama is President that doesn't mean there is no more racism in america, and IMHO, it just made people more comfortable to crack tasteless black jokes in public.

I have to say, no matter how long people continue to comment on this post, i'm pretty sure no one is going to change their stance and side with their opponent. So lets just get back to being a happy family hating evil custys please.


oh i just read the original post in question, IMHO, it did show signs of racism, considering that you sort of preface the story with "I get the lovely foreigners, that can't speak a bit of English!" and then judged the indian guy based on his appearance, "he looked and smelled like utter shit......this guy looks like he hasn't even been near a bathtub or soap in months." Typical stereotypes of indians in this country is that they smell bad and don't understand english; i know its sad. For those reasons i think is why others felt it was kind of a racist comment. Not because you called an indian guy indian.


I don't think she was being racist at all. As others have said, she was painting a picture. Fact: She gets a lot of foreign customers who happen to not be able to speak English well.
Fact: The customer in question was an Indian male.
Fact: He looked and smelled like utter shit, and seems as though he hasn't even been near a tub or soap in months, etc.
She is not saying that all Indian men are like this. This statement could easily have been said about a random customer of any other race. To think of this and add a racist connotation to this is a racist act in itself. It's coming from your mind, not her post. GET OVER IT.
I used to work in a video game store. I had plenty of skeezy custys who thought it was a good idea to hit on or stalk the chick behind the counter (me). And more still who smelled of last weeks fast food burgers. Now, in no way did I imply that all gamers are creepy or filthy. No, just those certain customers.
If you really have a problem with the way some people are accurately described in order to provide a descriptive visual image to enrich a story, then you need to face your inner demons and might need some professional help.


I didn't think it was a prerequisite for people who write on this site to have a background in crafting fabulous tales of retail hell or whatever.
Aren't we all just telling our side of the story? Aren't we all prone to wanting a little empathy from our fellow employees when discussing our tales of stupidity and unfairness?
Calm down, people, we're all human beings and deserve to be treated as such regardless of whether we acted stupid, said the wrong thing or did a dumb thing.
After all, it could be worse- we could be the ones written about!

(BTW, kudos and LMFAO at Joe The Cigar Guy and his Aesop conversation... I haven't heard that name since I was a little girl...)


While I wouldn't go as far as Pissed Off, I do agree that there's a whole bunch of inherent bias floating around in these stories. Part of it is that they're almost all -negative- stories (hey, the site's called Retail HELL Underground, right?) and the tone of the site is very harsh in general.

To pull an example from a different story, one recently posted from Joe the Cigar Guy, he described a day of work at his store with 'All these ASIAN women were...' (Emphasis Added).

The question is, why does that need to be emphasized? By mentioning it, you are saying that the fact that they are Asian is somehow relevant to the fact of the story.

It's a subtle implication, but I saw it followed up on in equally subtle ways in the comments. "Oh we have those women around here" (paraphrasing) and the like.

And it's equally true that whiteness is not really mentioned explicitly. (Hint: being blonde != being -white-, bleach and hair dyes do amazing things these days)

That said, free speech and all that, just don't be surprised if people take offense. I don't think this rant was really worthy of going up on the site, though, but that's just me; I'd rather read more retail stories than this.

Burger Bitch

... Pissed off, your logic is ridiculous.
Keep in mind to actually make sense in your next post?
Having a brain would help though, so good luck with finding yours.

College Town Bitch

@Everyone - Seriously?
Can this shit just be dropped. Pissed Off is obviously looking to just troll and piss us off. He's doing a damn well good job at it, so maybe we should stop feeding him?

I know damn well, my story wasn't that amazing. But as others said, I don't need to be a great writer just to submit things on here. I just needed a place to vent, found this, and started writing. I also, know as many others. That I'm not racist, I said one thing. o.O

Also, just so you know Pissed Off. I'm not gonna stop writing here. :) If you don't like how some stories are, then get off the site and stop reading. Wouldn't it make more sense to stay away from something that pisses you off so much?


STOP THE DRAMA PEOPLE!!! Leave it for the snotty customers!!


The most comments I think I've ever seen on a post here. Sad, sad day. :<


Oh for fucks sake.

It wasn't 'racist'. It did come off a bit ignorant. Not because she called an Indian man 'Indian', but the whole tone of the post. I didn't seem like a story that really warranted a post. A guy changed his mind about some bags. Alright, how many times does that happen a day in retail? So people focused on other things in the story.

People defending their side of the argument =/= they are trolls. learn2internet.

Postal Slave

C'mon guys, everyone knows you can only mention race if the customer is white. Anything else is obviously a sign of being a racist ignorant effigy burning monster.

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