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I could've sworn Stephen King was one of my deli customers a year or two ago. Was very polite. Considering the region I live in, it wouldn't surprise me.

There is a recently published local author that comes through my register about once or twice a week. Even though he is not a big-time celebrity, I consider him as one and enjoy chatting with him.


I served Sissy Spacek during a lunch rush at my old job in New York once. She was pretty nice but tipped like shit.


We once had a "punk rock" girl singer's people ask to close down our store so she could shop without getting mobbed by "fans".
My company said no.
She probably wouldn't have been bothered. I don't think anybody gives a shit.


We used to have a NFL team train in our town and they'd shop at our store. I didn't really notice them much other than the side thought of "wow, that dude is built like a major household appliance!" One time I think I had to ring one of thme up at checkouts cause aside from their gargantuan size, they commented on being "low on cash" due to having less than a thousand in their wallet at them moment.


I once had Randy Orton, Edge and a couple other WWE wrestlers come into the restaurant at 10:45 when we closed at 11. My brother was a huge fan so i got an autograph for him at the end. Orton also told me to sit down and have a drink with him and then asked if I could bandage his bleeding forehead! It was a crazy table and they tipped awesome. I then sent my bro the autograph and the bloody linen! He was happy and kinda grossed out.

many bells down

I was almost rear-ended by comedian Dennis Miller once. I worked at a YMCA in a very affluent neighborhood. The lot had limited parking and he reaaallly wanted my spot as I was pulling out. Problem was I wasn't quite OUT of it yet!

Apparently his kid played basketball there, and the coaches said he was one of *those* sports parents.

Magical Shrimp

Where I live, I doubt I'll ever see a celebrity at work. I met Ron Jeremy twice, though, does that count?


When I was working at Lowe's, one of the local weather forecasters came in to buy a garden bench. I was pretty sure it was him, but since I didn't watch his channel for weather I didn't make a big deal out of it.

When I was about 8 I got to shake the hand of the Governor of the State of Ohio. I was at the airport with friends and he happened to arrive. I don't even remember his name, but it was somewhat exciting.

I was with friends at Red Lobster in Cleveland, OH one time and Joe Walsh of The Eagles fame came in to dinner with his new wife. I really do like his singing, but there was NO WAY I was going to disturb that poor guy's dinner.

I was in a small mall in Kokomo, IN and some gangsta rapper with three initials (I think he's dead now) came in to buy jewelry there, or so it seemed. Everybody was crowding around trying to get pictures and they had the gates all closed while he shopped. All I could think of is "WHY?" WHY would this supposedly famous guy show up out in the middle of fucking nowhere to buy jewelry? Indianapolis was an hour south and Chicago was a couple hours north. THERE'S NOTHING HERE!


The only celeb I remember ever seeing at work was one of the local weather girls. My coworker came over all freaking out, grown woman of about 40 years old behaving like a 13 year old girl seeing Justin Bieber. I suggested she go through the back and compose herself. Nobody else cared really, a couple of customers stopped her but that was about it. She cam up to my counter for a sample, bought the product I was demoing that day.

It's something I've just never been excited about. One of my cousins is a national TV presenter, my cousins are royalty, another cousin is a fairly small time actor who rarely gets recognized. Oh yeah, and I have a friend who had a couple of number one hits a few years back and I once recorded a CD with the winner of one of those singing talent shows. Suffice it to say that I've had enough exposure to know that most celebs are as normal as people will allow them to be and I have no patience for the divas.


The gas station I worked at had a burger king combined with it and Joe Montana of 49ers fame came in and got a burger. I missed it but I probably wouldn't have cared much, my dad on the other hand is a huge fan and really wished I'd been their to get an autograph. Not sure I'd really give much of a shit if a celeb came into work.


I get a few celebrities that roll through my work sometimes, but the one that I was super excited about and stayed an hour and a half past my 8-hour shift to meet was.. Bill Engvall. He could not have been more down to earth and friendly. First thing he did was shake my hand and call my ma'am..and he later called me "the sweetest granddaughter", because I asked him to sign a piece of paper for my grandma. He was more than happy to, and my gramma pretty much tackle hugged me when I gave it to her. :D


My aunt used to drive tour buses for singers, bands, etc in the 90s. Backstreet Boys, the opening act for Britney Spears, David Copperfield, I think Shania Twain, folks like that. We got some great tickets, and I got to talk to Aaron Carter on the phone once. (I was young!) She said most of the celebrities are really nice, and the lesser known ones were douchier.


I met Robin Williams and Pierce Brosnan on a movie shoot when I was an extra. Robin dresses like a slob off-set but is very approachable. Pierce just lost his wife and pretty much stayed away from the fans.


I sold a watch to Shirley Jones (Mrs. Patridge) and didn't even realize it was her.

I got served food by Jim Kelly (Bills) and didn't even realize it was him.

Watched the Mayor of Buffalo (@1995) do the damn macarena, oy.

But I did speak to Judge Judy on the phone when she called my dad when he was in hospice. They had been colleagues in family court way back in the day, and still kinda kept in touch. Damn nice of her to call to say goodbye. Thank you, Judy.


Riva, I am so jealous!

I met Lil Wayne once at college, and damn is he really as stupid as I thought.


I've mentioned it before, but Danny Glover is a semi regular at the station. My mom said he once told her our station is the only one he goes to when he's in Seattle. I think he likes that we don't make a big deal that he's famouse. The last time he came in on my shift, I gave him his change and said, "have a good day, sir." He paused and looked at me and gave me a big grin. AND he prepays! I keep saying that the next person who gripes to me about prepaying, I'm going to say,"if Hollywood actor Danny Glover can prepay... SO CAN YOU!"

My fav bit involving Mr. Glover was when he had just left. The guy behind him said, "that guy kinda looked like Danny Glover."

Me: "that's cus it was Danny Glover."

Self Scan Queen

The most famous guy I ever met is a local. He played Dredger in the 2009 version of Sherlock Holmes, was a wrestler, was in 300. This guy is huge. It was a Sunday evening last summer, during the two hours where our store is dead, and we were all just chilling when he came into buy a movie. One of the GM guys was out front when he saw him come in, and ran to tell us at the front end. Really nice guy, was so polite, and I think he was glad that we tried to avoid gawking.


I just remembered a whole bunch more. I once held Craig Charles jacket for him, that was kinda cool. I also chatted with aerosmith at the airport once, everyone but Steven Tyler who is apparently too famous to stand by the language carousel and pick up his bags. If we're going to list everyone that we've ever seen then that list is going to be very long. I used to live in a town that attracted loads of big names so I'd see celebs all over the place. Some of the bigger names include George Clooney, Arnie whose last name I won't even attempt to spell correctly, Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas, and several royals. One of my friends used to work in a swanky hotel so she knew when they were all in town because she was serving them dinner. On her first shift ever she accidentally spilled peas all over Prince Andrew, now that's a celeb encounter worth sharing! Thankfully he was a real sweetheart about it and even remembered her every time he came back. He would tease her about the carrots every time.


The closest we've come to a celebrity/famous person at my store was Aunt Jodi of "Jon and Kate Plus 8" (I live in the same town as Jon and Kate). I didn't actually see her because I was off that day, but my friend rang her out and told me about it. So there's my store's claim to fame...Kate Gosselin's sister-in-law.


The store where i work has had it's share of celebs. A few years ago, the Dixie Chicks had an album (CD?) signing event at our store. A couple of pro wrestlers came through when there was an event in town, Ozzy Ozborne was in the store and several others who were part of OzFest came in too. That was years ago, and I "sort of" know who Ozzy was...but the rest of them I had no clue..except to remember that the one guy was covered with a lot of tattoos.
The only celeb I ever MET was when was in college (back in the 1980's) I worked in the county courthouse, and shared an elevator with Muhammed Ali, who was in town visiting friends. He was really nice and at the time, I honestly didn't realize he was famous...he was just a guy in the elevator who talked to me. Later co-workers came up and asked me what he was like and then I realized he didn't just "look like" someone famous...he was that person.

Queer Geek

I had a friend who worked at one of the big high end stores and the K-sisters known for their reality whore fame wanted to shop there. They asked the store to close it down so they wouldn't have to deal with the photographers and mobs of fans. Talk about being entitled. Of course, the company said no and the girls were pissed they had to be treated like regular folk. As far as I'm concerned, their lame ass boutique looks sucky and their clothes overpriced.


Okay, I've been trying to figure out who the actress is in the post and I can't. Can I have another hint?


When I was working for the Mouse one day, I clocked in and heard that the Jonas Brothers had been on my ride an hour before I got there.

Nowadays, the closest thing I've gotten to meeting a celebrity is the mayor or a local news anchor.

Mouse Mastered

Best I got is most of the TNA wrestlers from when I worked at Universal, Drew McIntyre (WWE) and Ron Jeremy.


Growing up and working in and around NYC I met a lot of people that would be considered celebrities. By far Howard Stern was the nicest followed by Billy Crystal and Eddie Murphy. Kind, courteous and very generous tippers.

Worst was Joan Rivers. She expected far too much and was too full of herself. I remember her stealing a cab away from a woman with a baby in a pram. Bitch.


One time I was walking into work at Red Lobster and passed by some drunk guy walking out and thought, "He kinda looks like David Hasselhoff." Turns out it was...he was having lunch there and got a little wasted with a buddy...at like 3 in the afternoon.

Master P lives reeeeeally close by to the hotel I work at now, and he's always coming by with his friends and eating in the hotel restaurant and then coming to the front desk for cookies, lol.

Bitch Boy

When I worked for Worst Try I got to meet Robert Matthew Van Winkle (Vanilla Ice) in the late 90's. He was playing a local gig in Springfield, VA.

No, he didn't have the extreme hair, he had entered his grunge stage at that point.


I sold tickets to Rowan Atkinson once - he was really nice and shockingly normal.


Back when I worked at a diner in B-town, we had John Cougar Mellencamp come in. He had us close off half our seating area (which wasn't very large to begin with) and he was VERY rude. Cursed out the staff and stiffed his server.

My older sister also served Snoop Dogg when her visted her bar. She said that he was full of himself, but pretty nice overall.


I met Eddie Izzard outside the fruit and veg shop in the shopping centre my pharmacy is in which is in a middle of nowhere suburb of Glasgow which was failry random. I had been sent out to buy the tea things and the only paper I had was a receipt for scones which he very politely signed!

The Scottish TV presenter Carol Smillie used to come in from time to time but I've not seen her recently and she seemed kind of a bitch (yelling at her elderly wheelchair bound father to hurry up!)


I got to meet Josh Groban once. He's extremely polite.
A lot of movies are being filmed where I live, so we tend to see a lot of celebrities in our town.


i got cut in line by Tracy Morgan in NYC's airport last summer.


Not to speak ill of the dead, but my mother met Chrisopher Reeve once and was not impressed. She did ask for an autograph, but instead of just saying "no not right now sorry", he pretty much told her to fuck off.

She also met Jackie Mason, and they sorta dated for a while. I still have the answering machine tape where he left a message at our house.

NC Tony

In three of the restaurant jobs I've had I met Ric Flair, Muggsy Bogues (sp?), Tammy Fae Bakker, and one guy who was a local news anchor (that last one was in South Carolina, I didn't watch the news so I had no idea who he was). Several (former) members of the Carolina Panthers have accounts at the same credit union as me. Celebrities I've met in general (non work related), Paul Stanley of Kiss, Andy Richter (back when Conan was still on NBC after Jay Leno), Neil Patrick Harris (in the middle of Times Square), Tempestt Bledsoe (from the Cosby Show), Rob Zombie (back when White Zombie was starting out), members of several different rock bands (Warrant, Circus Of Power, Testament, Pantera, Suicidal Tendencies, Slaughter, Warrior Soul, Mr. Big, Extreme, Peter Steele (my wife STILL hates me for this since Type O was/is one of her favorite bands) and those are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head.


How I hate it when people say "biatch" instead of "bitch". Is this supposed to make it sound bitchier or what? To me, it sounds like a redneck talking...


I aw Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady) all the time at my old job. he was sweet to me, and I loved to help her shop (I worked at an antique store and we helped with personal shopping a well).

Dick Van Dyke is also the nicest guy. He worked with my high school choir every year for years so i got to see quite a bit of him. =)


I met Jared Leto once... if he counts as a celebrity anyway. That's as close as I'll ever get to a celeb I think, considering I live in the backwoods of New England, lol. Drove several hours to Boston Mass to see his band in concert... he's such an asshole! He showed up at the meet and greet (that you had to pay to get into by buying merch) wearing medical mask and nitrile gloves, and didn't look up from the table once. Didn't acknowledge a single person in front of him. I don't like him OR his band anymore after that...

I've actually met a LOT of rock bands... all of the ones I've met have been simply amazing people (except for the above). The nicest two though have to be the members of Anberlin, they're a rock/alt rock group out of Florida; and Sick Puppies, a rock group originally from Australia, now based in LA. Both groups are insanely nice... they take time to talk to their fans like actual human beings, they don't have that "I am better than you because I'm famous!" attitude.


I had Michael Carrick (plays football for Manchester United and England) come through my till back when he played for West Ham. He was quite quiet and very polite. As soon as he'd left, the guys from the chiller cabinet came over asking questions xD I have to say I was really pleased when he signed for Manchester Utd, as I'm a red devil fan!

The only other "famous" person I've had through my till is the oldest woman in Britain to conceive through IVF, although I think she's since been overtaken. Her little girl was a pain in the arse, leaving sticky hand prints on our freshly cleaned mirrors and throwing temper tantrums, but the mother was nice enough.

Bitchy Barista

I was serenaded once by Train (my favorite song by them at the time was "Hey Soul Sister"). I saw them at the table next to me at a restaurant in Columbus and got caught singing their song (I didn't really recognize them... just thought they were another group of guys) and they offered to sing it to me... it was kinda awesome : )

Tutor Stupor

My wife once got chewed out by a Bengal's player for not giving the rich fuck a discount on a $3 pretzel. She hold him to fuck himself.


I helped Kim Cattrall in my little outlet mall store a couple of years ago. She was very kind, but she looked terrible, almost like she had been ill. She definitely wasn't as glamorous as her SATC character, Samantha :) The guy I was working with was oblivious as to who she was, and asked her for her zip code and email when he was ringing her up- quite hilarious when I filled him in after she left!

Another craft store slave......

I met Rudy Tomjanovich, who was the head coach of the Houston Rockets at the time at the Texas Renaissance Festival. Dad pointed and said "Hey, look...who do you see?" I'm a huge Rockets fan, so it made my day. Mom told me to go introduce myself and I thought he'd be mad. So she approached him herself and he came and took a pic with me. He teased me about being only 5 foot tall at the time and was generally an awesome guy. I came up to just above his waist, I swear! Calvin Murphy, former Rocket, posed for a pic for me in one of his awesome way-out-there suits.


Also, my bf went to the same high school as John Goodman (altho a few years later, JG still came by often)and he still hates him to this day. the bf said he was a massive dickwad. Rob once chucked a water balloon at the back of his head one time at a school carnival and intentionally ran into him every chance he got telling him he needed to drop a few pounds. I still laugh when he talks about it.


Slinky-san reminded me that although I never had the "pleasure" of meeting Mr. Mellencamp, I did have the pleasure of meeting his guard dog once when I worked at a kennel near Bloomington, IN. A HUGE German Shepherd. Actually, the dog wasn't that bad to deal with since it wasn't at home protecting it's property.

I did hear a very funny story about the dog though that I have to share. Apparently the dog got into the kitchen trash and spread it all over the kitchen floor shortly after it arrived. Mellencamp called the training company furious. The trainer told him to make the dog pick everything back up and put it back in the trash can... which he did. The dog never got into the trash can again!

Burger Bitch

I've never met a celebrity.

Though my dad met Jeff Healey in a bar a while back, he's one of my dad's idols so my dad got really emotional and Jeff gave him a hug and an autograph. He was amazing.

And Davey Havok smiled at me at an AFI concert in 2009, because my boyfriend and I were at the corner of the stage and when he came over to sign he smiled and waved xD

Book Bitch

There was a local boy from my town that was on American Idol- after he was voted off the show, he came into my bookstore once or twice. The second time, he ordered a drink from me and I said nada. Treated him with kindness like everyone else- I recognized him right away.
Rang up, made his drink and sent him on his way. As he was walking out the door, a coworker walked up next to me and said, "That looks like so and so."
I replied, "That's because it was him." She went into fan-girl mode and I looked at her and said, "And you are EXACTLY the reason I didn't say anything. Leave the kid alone."
She was pissed at me for the rest of the night but I didn't care.


Hey Bitch_Boy:
I used to live very near Springfield, and my husband's band opened for Vanilla Ice (when he went all hardcore).
He was a TOTAL DOUCHEBAG. We were hanging out at the bar (Jax) and VI walked thru. Someone from another band said "Hey!" and he answered "Hello Fan." and kept on walking.
He also took up every channel on the soundboard, so all of the other band's mixes sounded like shit.

Popcorn Junkie

Michael Cera comes into my theatre occasionally, he's always very polite and really quiet.


Orlando Bloom was the nicest, sweetest guy in the world when he was filming in my area not a lot of years ago. He stuck around past when he was supposed to leave just because people had been waiting to see him. That said, his assistant was smokin' hot and a total fun guy. I had way more fun with him. I think somewhere along the lines I failed...

When I worked in a very upscale resort/spa, we had celebrities come in all the time. They frequently gave pseudonyms, but come on, how many people look like Reese Witherspoon? (She's a sweetheart too). My idiotic coworker went up to her and said, "You look like Reese Witherspoon!" to which she laughed and said she got that a lot. No shit, Sherlock...

In my experience there, the ones that didn't give fake names were the douchiest. Like LOOK AT ME! WORSHIP ME! (Ahem, John Mayer.)

Billy Bob Thornton almost ran me off the road once. Can't say I've ever liked him much, but he has an ego the size of Texas.

There have been more, but those stand out.


I'm sure no one except for the person who posted under "me" (mentioned Jim Kelly and Mayor of Buffalo - were you served by Jim Kelly at his restaurant? Remember when he had a restaurant?!) but when I worked at a tanning salon, we'd get players for the Buffalo Sabres in. They were generally okay but ALWAYS asked for free sessions. It wouldn't have been such a huge deal if they didn't come in every single day. I think it's ridiculous to ask me for things for free when the car you pulled up in could put me through college. There was one player who was SUCH a jerk whenever I refused him. He liked to hit on (and sleep with and then ignore) all of the employees hoping that they'd comp him sessions. When I didn't, he pretty much told me I was ugly. I let him know I felt the same about him.

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