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*applauds* You go, Marc! I can only dream of dish out such verbal ingenuity.


*dishing out

That's what I get for posting when half asleep. ^^;;



Joe the Cigar Guy

My late mother-in-law used to drive me crazy with her "creative" parking. Her excuse: "I'm OLD! Nothing will happen."
When she did get a ticket for parking in a fire lane, she was furious.

Alyssa Autopsy

I'm glad i'm not the only one who sees this idiocy!

If i'd had my camera the other day, i'd have 3 nearly-identical photos... all on the same day... all at the same time. 3 Cars, in a row, parked on the fucking sidewalk/fire lane.

But I live in New Jersey, idiot drivers are the rule, not the exception xD

Zelda Valentine

You should take that picture and report it to whoever you need to to make sure he gets a ticket anyway. It'll teach the old bastard a lesson.

Burger Bitch

That mall looks a lot like the one 20 minutes from me, but I don't think it has a deli.

My grandma parks like that all the time, but she's a complete dumbass, I'm surprised my mom came out intelligent.


That is awesome! I'll have to take a picture of the people who do that in front of where I work sometime.


Amazing how the entitled always get annoyed when you tell them they're not.

NC Tony

I personally love the people that basically say "I know I did something wrong, but I don't want to get in trouble for doing it." I probably would have fucked with him though, and told him that I already sent the picture to my father/uncle/cousin (whichever popped into my head first) who was a police officer just to watch the old fart run out.


I need to memorize this, and at least mime taking pictures of people parked in fire lanes. xD


I wish AZ had front license plates. There is a car that parks in the handicapped spot almost EVERY night at our apartment complex. I can't get a picture with my cell phone camera because its too dark, and I'd have to order batteries off the internet for my digital camera because the ones I have are completely shot. Its a thorn in my side that just won't go away.


Being a graphics/photoshop nerd, I once made an EXACT copy of the local Parking Ticket with two exceptions. A) On the front: it was only for parking in a handicap spot, fine $500 and included instructions to pay at the downtown traffic bureau AND B) it said clearly on the back in the fine print "This is not a real ticket, but if it had been in my power to do so, you would have received two for being a jerk and an idiot. Next time this may be real."

I had a bunch in my glove box and I used them regularly whenever I saw someone parking in a handicapped spot without proper signage. I heard through the grapevine that a couple people actually took them down to the traffic bureau to pay the fine and got laughed at by everyone there. (I also heard that if they found me, I'd get in trouble, so I stopped, but it sure was fun for a while.)


lol, personally I think you sound like a bit of a twosser.

Punky Brewster

I wouldn't have bothered with the long speech, though that is impressive. When people try to give me shit at work for something I did off the clock I just smile sweetly and say something along the lines of: "Everyone has a personal life, and what I do with my free time has nothing to do with my job"
If they keep at it, I just smile sweetly and give them the most sickeningly pleasant customer service EVER. I'd love to have them contact HQ about it sometime.

HQ rep: HI how may I help you?

Crusty: I'm calling to make a complaint!

HQ rep: Okay sir, what seems to be the problem?

Crusty: I was at the grocery store and I skipped a girl in line and she told me she wouldn't let me...and then I was at the mall and she was there and I yelled at her for being a bitch at the grocery store, and then she was TOO nice to me and told me to have a nice day and YOU SHOULDNT HIRE PEOPLE LIKE HER!!!

HQ rep: ...........................

It makes me chuckle just to imagine it.

Book Baby

I lived and worked in the wealthiest town in my state for years. Some of those folks were the world's nicest people. The others could teach classes on self-entitlement.

I remember seeing one fool park his Porsche nose IN at the front door (it was nearly touching the entrance mat!) and hop out IN TENNIS WHITES (we were near the lcoal fitness club) and go trotting in the store. I was speechless!

We also had folks who regularly parked in the fire lanes too.

Book Baby

I am on antibiotics and it's fried my brain. he parked nose in at the local grocery store. Please ignore the woman behind the curtain! LOL


I LOVE the social contract part! I wish I could come up with stuff like that on the spot.

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