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Well, Least they were nice enough to fold them. Always look for the positives :)


Am I the only one here who HATES having customers put stuff back themselves? I mean, I appreciate the thought... but I appreciate less finding girls' large shirts in the middle of ladies' plus pants, and jeans hung up backwards and etc. We actually put a sign in our dressing room asking people to PLEASE not put the clothes back themselves, just leave them on the rack beside the dressing rooms.

Grendus the Self Check Guy

It's nice if they put them back right. My sister does that, but then, between me and my mom we'd kill her and bury her in a shallow grave if she left a mess. I find myself unconsciously zoning aisles that are messy now. Yea, I think hellmart has effected my brain.


One step at a time and be thankful for small miracles. There wasn't a pile of shit under it or on top of it, and they didn't switch it out for their old jeans. Much better than some of the pictures we have seen and better than some of the stories we have heard. Small miracle. Be HAPPY! :-D

NC Tony

I gotta agree with Humor Me here. Take what little good comes in retail. They could have left them scattered all over the floor, or left garbage or other crap under it, or used the mess to cover the fact that they stole something.


Oh I've definitely found my share of disgusting things in my fitting room. Just pointing out that they took the energy to fold it, but not bring it three feet out of the dressing room, in the direction they were going anyway. And a couple of those jeans were originally on hangers, not all folded. Why can't they just put them back on hangers?

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