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Stepford, i had some like that a couple weeks ago. They left their bratty hellspawn to run around the restaurant, screaming and shouting, they wouldn't do anything about it, even when one of the spawn picked up a cast iron bar stool. All i could think was 'please don't drop it and break your foot, i'll get the blame'

Joe the Cigar Guy

A friend of a friend never said "NO" to her kid.
The result? He now has all the social skills of a steaming turd and an impressive arrest record.


Wow this is why having children should require taking a course in child care and development.


My kids NEVER touched the machine or anything else for that matter. They knew what "No", "Not yours", "Keep your hands to yourself", and "Quiet down or you'll go sit in the car until you CAN be quiet" meant. Yeah, we had a couple of bumps in school, but no arrest record in sight. Why do parents think they are doing their kids a favor by being their kid's FRIEND?

NC Tony

When my son was that young, I made sure he always had one of his toys to keep him occupied and not grabbing shit and getting into trouble. Heck, to this day (and he's 10), I still make sure he has something to keep him occupied, so he's not getting all huffy and impatient and grabbing at everything. I guess some people don't realize that being a parent requires you to be an ADULT and make decisions that your kid will not always like. I don't like to punish my son when he does something wrong, but I will just to let him know that first and foremost I am his father, and I make the rules.


The point where Sneauxflayke (love it!) started hammering the machine and screaming would have been where I would have given him my sweetest smile and said in my most syrupy voice, "Now, sweetie, please be careful with that. It's very expensive and fragile!"

When addressed right, most of the time it just embarrasses the parents but they don't get mad at me (thankfully!) Working at a pet store, I've learned to master the art of guilt-fully correcting children when they're banging on the glass, shrieking at the birds, or sticking their fingers in the turtle tank.

Dairy Daze

heh I was always told "not yours, don't touch!" that included things at the store. The only things I were allowed to touch were items we were going to buy... If i touched something not allowed: my hand got slapped hard enough it stung a bit longer... I learned quickly.... I really wish people would treat their kids the way I was treated.


Oh gosh, Dairy Daze, nowadays if people slapped a kid's hand like that they'd get CPS called on them before they can say "Don't touch that!"

Green Grin

I second snuzzle. I am very sweet and polite and bribe the children with stamps but I will ask them to stop being unholy terrors. So far no one has gotten upset that I am stifling Sneauxflayke's self expression. I also seem to grab my pen out of babies' hands quite often. Sometimes the parents even thank me for stopping their infant from stabbing themselves in the eye. Maybe it's the child manipulation skills I picked up working in my Mom's daycare.


Oh, but telling Sneauxflayke "No" will just CRUSH HIS SPIRIT!


Parenting licenses, we can haz dem?

Oy Veh

Joe the Cigar Guy - Right there with you. I know several such Speshcul Sneauxflaykes and all of them are borderline sociopaths now.

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