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T-Shirt Sponge

Don't you hate it when its just piles and you feel like you're doing someone's nasty laundry??

The Dukenator

Remind me to not ask you to do mine.

heavy melvanova

I've had that happen, but instead of clothes, it was books, boxes, mail, etc. I went on vacay for a few days and came back to nothing done. My replacement couldn't even route in the reserve books, so they were piled up all over my desk. Looked like the damn grand canyon.

Grendus the Self Check Guy

I feel your pain. Before we replaced the left half of the aisle with seasonal candy and 5 hour energy shots, our "as seen on TV" aisle was an absolute disaster. I used to joke that a tornado could go through there and leave it cleaner than it found it. It's a little better now, though there's still three battery racks and registers 11&12 to keep my nightmare quotient high. Oh well.


I couldn't even blame it on shitty coworkers this time. However, I can and will rightfully so blame it on horrific scheduling skills. Saturday was apparently crazy busy all day, and that's why I walked into the mess for my closing shift. Two of my coworkers who are actually competent were scheduled back to back before me, but both of them were alone for the entirety of their shifts. Um... HELLO?? WHY DOESN'T MY DEPARTMENT EVER HAVE COVERAGE WHEN NEEDED? This crap happens ALL THE TIME. We got out at midnight that night. And the next day it was slower, and not only were there overlaps in the scheduling in my department, but cashiers were being sent to help clean because it wasn't busy in the front. WTF?! That couldn't have been done the day before?! Everything is assbackward in my store. I really can't take it anymore.
P.S. Since I am one of the few without an RHU nickname and have been around these good ol' parts since the beginning, I am requesting suggestions from the rest of the RHU slaves! =)

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