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Since you handle the fitting room nightmares, perhaps FitFashionista would work? lol


I've been waiting for an opportunity like this.
Slab Bulkhead
Fridge Largemeat
Punt Speedchunk
Butch Deadlift
Bold Bigflank

Splint Chesthair
Flint Ironstag
Bolt Vanderhuge
Thick McRunfast
Blast Hardcheese

Buff Drinklots
Trunk Slamchest
Fist Rockbone
Stump Beefgnaw
Smash Lampjaw

Punch Rockgroin
Buck Plankchest
Stump Chunkman
Dirk Hardpeck
Rip Steakface

Slate Slabrock
Crud Bonemeal
Brick Hardmeat
Rip Sidecheek
Punch Sideiron

Gristle McThornBody
Slake Fistcrunch
Buff Hardback
Bob Johnson
Blast Thickneck

Crunch Buttsteak
Slab Squatthrust
Lump Beefrock
Touch Rustrod
Reef Blastbody

Big McLargeHuge
Smoke Manmuscle
Beat Punchbeef
Pack Blowfist
Roll Fizzlebeef


@Aoirann: rofl

I would go with Fitting Room Bitch :P


I have a few for you.

"If the Room Fits"
"Roomical Fitness"
"I Feel Fitty"
"Awkward Fit"
"In the Fitter"
"Fit to Be Roomed"

OK, that's it, I'm all punned out... for now!


You may recall Kevin Federline's nickname in the media being K-Fed for a while.

Well, you are Kerry Fittingroom, so I suggest K-Fit.


I was going to suggest Bitch Fits, because of the delicious triple pun. You work in a fitting room, the piggy customers throw fits when you "mistreat" them, and when you see the mess they finally leave behind, it gives one fits :)


Sparkleshine Candypants?
The Lady McAwesomehat?

Misanthropic Barista

I like K-Fit. Bitch Fits is good too.




@Aoirann HAHAHAHAHA. Each one made me laugh harder than the last!

NC Tony

Khol Miner?

The Writer/Photographer Formerly Known As Kerry

Haha thanks guys! My favorites so far are Roomical Fitness, K-Fit, and Bitch Fits. If there are more, keep em comin! I'll have to decide which one I like best!

The Writer/Photographer Formerly Known As Kerry

McCrezil, haha I just found out what that means. It also fits me well. =P

The Writer/Photographer Formerly Known As Kerry

MrCreazil* sorry >.<


Fitting room fiend

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