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Ah, well never mind. You know, life will be hard enough on these kids. I am sure, being an illiterate nowadays is no fun.


I don't know if I would have been able to resist saying something to the adults. There should be an Asshole Clause in every job description, where retail slaves can chew out assholes.


OMG, I'm with you in the wanting to slap that entitled little bitch right across the face.

I can't wait until she ends up getting a job in retail.

Malmart Peon

I firmly believe that every retail employee should have one "bitch please!" moment per day worked.


Man, I probably would have put my foot in my mouth and said something like, "Don't bring your children back in here, ever." Bratty little girls are the WORST. I should know, my little sisters are freakazoids in public, and no amount of shaming on my part seems to make a difference. -sigh-


Wait until the little one is legal working age and gets a job (that is if she even does, with her entitled attitude...). She'll quickly learn that it really isn't other people's jobs to chase after her cleaning up her messes.

Grendus the Self Check Guy

Don't let it bother you. It's not your job to clean up after them. Your job is to clean up the department. Their job is to not leave a mess. Sounds like they failed.

Sounds like you had one of those days when you just wish you could slip a hangar in someones shirt and hang them up.

Queer Geek

As much as you want to slap the little bitch, let it go. Karma will get the she-spawn in life. I picture the brat getting preggers at 14 and ruining the rest of her life and forcing herself to work in retail to support her sorry ass so another demon spawn can make her life miserable. Just picture it!

NC Tony

I probably would have gone for the high school "scratch my nose with my middle finger" when the little bitch grinned back at me, probably while mouthing the words "I fucking hate you" with a look in my eyes that said "If it wasn't against the law I'd kick the shit out of you and your dumb ass mother". But, yeah, karma will catch up to this little shit, either like Queer Geek said (getting knocked up way too young and then being forced to get a job to support her brat when the father ditches her (or even worse turns out to be a shiftless lazy asshole who forces her to work to support his beer habit), or she pisses off the wrong person.


I like that method NC.
Seriously what is wrong with these kids, my mom drilled into me that if I didn't put things on the rack and wasn't polite my tushy would be dragged out off that store faster than I could blink (it never was, she scared me straight).


I sincerely hope that they are truly bitch slapped by karma and forced to work in a returns desk somewhere cold & dirty- and they get rotten meat returns three times per shift. And then their bitchy little act replays in their heads, on an endless loop.

bizhub bitch

Oh, I hope SO much that her bad karma and shitty little attitude backfire on her ass when she enters the workforce, and people just treat her like dirt. Hopefully, since you are awesome, you will be able to partake in giving it right back to her in the future, because she deserves it. I would not have been able to keep quiet, I don't know how you did it. There is NO excuse for that. And the mother is pathetic.

starbusters slut

If my child ever behaves like that, she wouldn't have a face anymore. I would slap it off in an instant. And then punish her. Breeding needs to have a screening process.

Arch Guy

@ starbusters slut: I agree 100000% with breeding needs a screening process. Most of the children/teenagers I see these days are extremely self-centered and entitled.

starbusters slut

@ Arch Guy: I have zero tolerance for whining, bullshit, self-centeredness, shitty attitudes and entitlement. My poor child has no chance in hell when it comes to acting out, because I'm all "tough shit....we all have to do things or follow rules we don't like, so get over yourself and shut up already" lol.

Eyescan Chick

I would like to go on record that my boys are *forced* to try things on, and show each item *on their bodies* to me before I will believe the "it doesn't fit" excuse, and I make them bring it all back out with them and hang it on the rack, or hand it to the attendant, with a "thank you".


I actually heard someone tell their child once that by putting the cart in the corral, they were taking away the work someone was being paid for... in other words, insinuating that having the basic manners to corral your cart means someone will get fired because they no longer have any work to do.

It's not like we don't have OTHER things to do.

That middle child is in for a rude reality slap in the face when she has to take a menial job and has to pick up after other pigslobs. I'm hoping it's a fast food job and a bunch of tweens think it's funny to put ketchup and mayo packets under the tray and them smash it (which totally happened to me while I was working... and yes, I had to clean it and it was disgusting.)

Projection Peon

I hate, hate, hate, the attitude of "its your job to clean up after me". Bugs the hell out of me at work when people won't throw out their trash, especially the ones that sneak in food), since you have to walk by a garbage can on your way out.

I even had some older people tell me once that they organized all their garbage together to make it easy for me. I think they thought they were being helpful, but c'mon, its not like tossing trash is going out of your way.


Personally, I think it should be legal to harpoon someone in the reproductive organs if it looks like their breeding would have a negative effect on society as a whole.


I know what store this is because i work there also i was the supervisor of the kids dept for a little while and everyday i worked thru the holidays i had to deal with the same attitudes and messes it is horrible to come into a fitting room that u had just cleaned 10 min earlier to see it trashed and i have seen karma hit one of those little brats in the head literally she was running thru the store and ran smack dab into a fixture with her head then screamed and cried for 20 min all the while i watched and laughed on the inside

mama t

Hahaha do you work at Jcpenny?cuz I've go through the same shit every day. I sware it makes me go crazy lol

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