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Burger Bitch

I love how they think that you can wiggle your nose and make everything happen.

"You should get more garnishings."

Grendus the Self Check Guy

"You need to hire more cashiers"
"Lady, I am a cashier. I don't get to hire people."


"Why aren't there any tables and chairs?"
"You need to have tables and chairs."
"You need to put in tables and chairs for us old folk."

Got this about a million times a fucking day when the store (Timmie's) opened in the mall. We have a bar with bar stools, but that's it. The size and shape of the store meant that any tables would end up halfway out into the mall and we needed a permit. What I think happened was that someone finally realized that if we put in tables and chairs, it'd be the same deal as all the benches in the mall: NO ONE WOULD EVER LEAVE. Old people come in and sit on those benches all goddamn day and no one else can use them. And guess who kept whining about us not having tables and chairs? Right.


Oh, god. SO. Between ChickenNuggetPlace and IceCreamPlace where I work, there's a little hallway that leads to a door to go backstage (aka out of the guest areas.) It's an important door because it's an emergency exit, it's one of the big doors that our PARAMEDICS use, and it also happens to be used quite frequently as an onstage/offstage point for any/all of the characters that do meet and greets in the area. The door is shunted in between the lines for the registers for ice cream place and the small amount of seating set up for chickennuggetplace. IT'S CONSTANTLY BLOCKED. I CONSTANTLY HAVE TO TELL PEOPLE TO MOVE. And EVERY single person that bitches complains that I need to put more seats with shade up. *eye roll* I can't change where the roofs are, how the sun moves, etc. Either deal with eating outdoors, OR DON'T BUY FROM THE FOOD LOCATIONS THAT DON'T HAVE SHADED SEATING.

Seriously. I had one lady tell me this. Now, I usually do get people saying we need more seating for the area (which we do, I might add) when all the tables are full, but when they aren't full? Tough it out. Being in the sun for a little while will NOT, I repeat NOT kill you. And again, if it's that big of a deal, THERE'S A RESTAURANT JUST ACROSS THE WAY THAT'S INDOORS AND HAS PIZZA AND CHICKEN NUGGETS. Eat there and leave me alone. >.o

Malmart Peon

My favorite response (in my head as I need my job) is "Yes, because as a cashier I clearly [make the schedule/am responsible for hiring/order products/set the prices]. It's not like we have a bunch of people that get paid eight or nine times (at least) my yearly salary to ponder those decisions for us. Oh wait, we do! Talk to them, because they might actually care."

NC Tony

Custy: You should [insert stupidity here].

What I usually say: Well, as much as I would like to, that decision is not up to me, I'm just a lowly peon, but I will pass the suggestion on to management. (And yes I do say that to try and get a laugh out of people. And no, I don't bother passing the message on to management.)

What I want to say: Sure, lemme just pull that out of my ass.


Stones work but I usually have Jello Biafra's version of Take This Job and Shove It going through my brain meat.

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