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Congratulations on your job... no your CAREER! Because retail is a job, something to get you from day to day without starving. What you've got now is a CAREER where you enjoy it and feel fulfilled and meaningful.

So go you! You deserve it.

Token Female


Congratulations on your new career as a teacher of ASL - not only do you get what you deserve, it sounds like the kids who are in your new classes get what they deserve as well and actually have a competent teacher that they'll probably like way more than the crazy bitch they had previously. Best of luck with it!


Splee! Huzzah for thou! I got a little misty eyed reading that, I was so happy for you.

Michelle C

Congratulations!! It sounds like you've worked so hard to deserve this chance, and I wish you the best of luck in it. Retail is good for teaching us that there is both good and bad in all walks of life, whether you work or shop, manage or clean...rich, poor, middle-class- it doesn't matter. What you've learned in the past 6 years, you will never forget. Bonne chance!


Congrats on getting a better job! It must be really heartening that you don't have to deal with crusties anymore.

Care Plan Pimp


Although I kinda want detail about this crazy teacher.


Congrats, K-Fit!!!


Awesome! Congrats! I also want details about this crazy teacher!


Congrats K-Fit ! :)

bizhub bitch

CONGRATS!!!! :) Good for you sweetie. Now, mind you, sometimes teaching can have it's own special little hell to, when it comes to kids, but it will be FAR better than dealing with the ridiculous disgusting pigs that seem to horde our society. Maybe you would be able to put a flea in their ear here and there about manners and shopping! ;) Again, very proud of you, and good luck!


Awww, Spritzy, thanks!
Thanks so much everyone!! After only two days I already love it! It feels amazing! =)
As for info on the crazy teacher, I'm not sure I can really disclose that information on the web, despite names and places being hidden. I don't want to jeopardize this job already!


Ooh, congratulations!! As much as I love reading the hellish stories, it's good to know some of us make it out of the trenches.

highend slave

congratulations. i really want to finish school, but i get scared that it wont happen. im not even in school right now, i'm working at a crappy store.


Congrats!! I've been teaching for three years now and can't think of doing anything else. While I've had days that drove me insane and students/parents/coworkers I wanted to punch, in the end, having that one parent be nice to you, that one student come up and thank you, or that one coworker tell you your lesson was interesting and they want to try it makes it all worthwhile!! Good luck and enjoy!!!!

NC Tony

Congrats! I bet it's nice to see that light at the end of the retail tunnel.


Godspeed good person!


WOW, congrats!! I am sooo happy for you!

After 6 longs years of everything you just described, I'm graduating this weekend with 2 BA's! I've had all my coursework done since December though and have spent the last 6 months applying for a bunch of career-like jobs with no success, the ones I wanted the most (and went to school for) I haven't even gotten interviews for. =( I finally had to apply for a job in the same customer service industry I thought I had left for good, and have been back in that hell for a month now. I hope one of these days I have a story like yours!



Crazy Lady makes me think of Peggy Hill teaching Spanish from King of the Hill. Did she happen to have size 16 feet?

Does this mean you'll now be Ms. K-Fit?


I'm a third year education student becoming a high school teacher..god I hope i don't have to spend six years out of school working not in my field :((((


@Jordie: I wouldn't worry. In the next few years, there's going to be a MAJOR teacher shortage due to the older teachers deciding to retire and there not being enough teachers to replace them. And you never know when something will come through. My first job was one that I cold contacted. The day they offered me a job, I got four more calls. If you can't find a teaching job, subbing is a great way to get experience, build contacts, and get your foot in the door! You'll make it, just keep swimming!!


Congrats K-Fit this is fantastic news! I would have liked to email you personally but will have to settle for this more public forum. I just returned to school after relieving all afternoon (and studying before that) and decided to flick through RHU before getting back to study. I have been feeling more stressed than ever before and was seriously wondering how in the heck I'd keep up. Then I read your story. That bit at the end completely made my day and makes me feel like I actually have a snowballs chance in hell at finishing this degree (I'm at the post-graduate stage now not long to go!) So sincerely, and from the very bottom of my heart; THANK YOU.

Erich H

i hope there's one last story about encountering some entitled shitbag and being able to tell him/her to get fucked since she's outta there anyway


:'D CONGRATS K-Fit! You've definitely earned your freedom! <3 Good luck with the teaching career!! <3


What an awesome story! I bet you'll be a great teacher, and the students will really appreciate you if they have any sense at all. I'm also going to be a teacher someday, but not for a subject as cool as yours.


Again, thank you so much for your congrats and kind words everyone! It means a lot.

highend slave: Don't let your fear hold you back. I was scared too, but I kept going and did what I had to do, always trying to think about the end result and keeping my ultimate goal in mind. You can do it.

Mrs Wolf: Don't give up! I may be in the same boat for the next school year depending on how my interview goes on Thursday, but right now I'm focusing on all the positives that have happened lately. Although it may take a while, it will happen for you. I have faith. You should too. And congrats on graduating too!

KS: Haha, I don't watch King of the Hill, so I'm not sure how the two would correlate. But she doesn't have a size 16 shoe! And only my students have to add the "Ms." in front of my name. ;-)

Jordie: I agree with EnglishSlave. Teachers will be retiring, and since I took over for this teacher who only had two classes at this school, I'm also on as a sub for the rest of the day. You can always get your foot in the door that way.

MastersJuggler: Awww, thank you so much! You made me tear up! I'm glad I could brighten your day and motivate you to continue to achieve your goals! As stressful as it is, it's all worth it in the end when you accomplish what you set out to do. It's a great feeling, and although I don't think it's fully hit me yet (maybe it will at graduation), it's amazing. You'll get there. Keep your head up, don't give up, and stay motivated. You can do it! If you want to talk more personally, I give Freddy my permission to give you my email and you can contact me. =) Hang in there!

Erich H: I hope so too! Maybe all that pent up anger will come out in my last days. =P

AnotherNoName: I love it so far, and the students seem to feel the same! I've only been there three days now, and so far once a day I've heard at least one of them say, "I think we learn more in one day than we have the entire year!" And yesterday at the end of the lesson (I always do this), I ask if they have any questions and if they're okay so far, and one girl said, "Yeah we're great, we love you!" It's really cute, and makes me feel great as a teacher!
P.S. You need to change your nickname! There's no reason for you to be NoName or anonymous or faceless person in the crowd, especially if you're a teacher. You're capable of making great and meaningful impacts on students' lives, and I bet you will do just that as long as you stay with it and persevere. =)

Again, everyone, thank you so much! I really appreciate your well wishes. You're all amazing!


K-Fit, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I looked into ASL at one point, but it didn't work out for me... personal reasons. I'm so glad you were finally able to get get the career you always wanted. Students that are motivated and want to learn are the most pleasant to work with. I hope things go stellar for you :-D

My daughter who has been working as a nanny just found out that the twin boys she's been watching will be starting full time pre-school. With the baby and her bf's schedule, she decided it was probably a really good idea to finally get her teacher's license. She just ordered the study guide. I'm sure hoping that the cost for the upper grades test isn't any more expensive than it is for the elementary grades. YIKES! You'd have to take out another student loan!

We know you won't disappear completely. You still have to go shopping! <3

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