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Perhaps if the cops set up a radar trap at the bottom of a steep hill after cutting your brake line.

Also, my immediate reaction.


my park always set up corporate inspections on the fuckshitbusy discount admission days XD

Fellow Slave

Wow, hope there isn't a poor employee buried under the pile. Occasional nightmare I have (especially with holiday seasons) being buried alive by clothes/boxes at work.


What the fuck happened? I thought they were loading it on an assembly belt and some fucktard just let it reach the top and fall into a big pile like a gravel pit! Reminds me of the results after a tornado. Somebody is going to be very busy cleaning up. Have fun guys! *shakes head slowly*


What the hell? I hope they called in extra help..


If my back room looked like that when the honchos came in, it would get us reamed up our asses sideways. That's pretty bad,not to mention a huge fire hazard.


Serious fire hazard, not to mention it's going to take twice as long to wade through the mess to get it all out where it belongs. I hope someone at corporate gets reamed for this instead of you all.

It looks less like a stock room and more like my grandmother's basement D:

Bitch Boy

Looks to me like someone is being setup to fail so corporate won't have to give any a pay raise (meaning they get to keep their third house and second yacht).

Joe the Cigar Guy

@Bitch Boy
I think you hit the nail on the head! No surprise: we failed the audit. Then we slaves were lectured on how "WE" need to work harder.
I thought, "THIS half of we WAS working hard! I didn't see YOUR half of we anywhere!"


@Bitch Boy
Wouldn't surprise me. Where I work, we're being told that, because of the 'tough economy', not only did we not get any pay rise, at all, last year, our pay bonus scheme is being suspended for the next three months. Meanwhile, all the high-level execs are getting large bonuses and pay rises, with the CEO getting a pay rise of about 50%.


@Tony: That's what's going on at my place, too. Did we fall through a hole in the time-space continuium and end up in 1911 with the robber-barons?!

@Joe: My jaw made an audible popping noise, it dropped open so far at the sight of that mess. Go, have a drink. Or 10.

Dog Food Slinger

Shit, and I thought the 4 double stacked skids of new dog/cat food we had sitting in our warehouse for 3 weeks was bad (though, it would have been ironic to have been crushed to death under 900 pounds of "Wellness" brand food), but that is just crazy. Not even enough time to flatten the boxes?


@Tony And Art&Amaretto: It sounds like exactly what put the US into the depression its in right now. First the financial industry runs a MASSIVE fucking 'Ponzi Scheme' on the entire banking and loans system then proceeds to give themselves massive bonus checks. So it wouldn't surprise me if CEO's of most companies are starting to do the same thing. Screw the company over write huge check to self.

Craft Grunt

If you guys actually did manage to get this all out and in the proper place before the inspection, you would ALL be getting written up for unsafe work practices or some other bullshit like that, because apparently, that is what you would've had to do to get all that freight out on time. They're setting you guys up. The only way it would be any more obvious is if corporate came right as the trucks did and ream you for not having it all out on the floor before the trucks even docked.

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