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Marten Kemp

Here in Florida the cops will slap a $250 ticket on any car illegally in a handicap spot. Try calling the non-emergency police number.


Ditto about the calling the police. A warning sticker does nothing. A REAL ticket will make a permanent impression on them via their pocketbook.

Mama Zoe

^Ditto. Also, your place needs to get a new towing company that's willing to ACTUALLY DO ITS' JOB!

Writer With A Day Job

Completely off topic, but is your dog's name (I'm assuming it's a dog since you were walking it) a Sandman reference?


I wish stores would take more time to enforce this kind of thing as well, since calling the cops or tow truck would be pointless as they will likely be too late in getting there. My wife uses a wheelchair when we go out, as walking a mall or supercentre is too much on her, and I don't know how many times we've had to circle to find a handicap spot open, only to find two or three of them occupied by non-tagged vehicles. One day, in the winter, I had the opportunity to write a short but nasty note in the snow on someone's hood about it. Made me feel good, at least. :)

Another one that bothers me is parking right in front of the store, under the 'Fire lane, do not park' signs. Most places have sections off to the side marked for picking up people and large items, if that's why you're there. I love walking by when people are still sitting in there car, the 'Do not park' sign reflecting in their windshield, and musing loudly how a firetruck will literally run them over if it had to, or something along the lines of 'I guess the NO PARKING signs only apply to people who can READ.'

I want to make up a pad of paper that looks official, with PARKING VIOLATION at the top and a list of offences like No handicap tag, parked in fire lane, occupying more than one space, etc, and at the bottom put something like 'If this were real, you'd be out $250.' Or just use the www.youparklikeanasshole.com slips.


I was at our local mall last Monday. Because I use a wheelchair, my van has a ramp that lowers so I can get in and out. I have a big sticker/sign on the ramp door warning to please leave room for the ramp to come down.

When I got there, I was lucky enough to find a van accessible spot near the elevator. Joys!

Of course, that joy was short lived when my fiance and I came out and found someone parked just enough over the lines so that the ramp had room to come down, but there was barely any room for me to maneuver my chair. Of course, no plate or placard on the other car either. Why would there be, right?

Now, a bit of back story - I'm in an electric wheelchair. My van has been specially equipped so that I'm the only one who can drive it - there's not even a driver's seat!

So when some ass parks too close to my van for me to get in, it's not like I can have my fiance or anyone I'm with move the van back enough.

After a moment of waiting, my fiance suggested that I try to get on the ramp anyway - he would lift my tire over the side of the ramp. It worked, and to my great satisfaction, I left a nice scratch on the other car in the process.

The lines are there for a reason, douche. I even have a noticeable sign warning to keep away. I only wish they would have been coming out when it happened.

I need to get me some of those stickers.

NC Tony

I happened to have a pen and a couple of index cards in my car one day when I saw someone parked in two spots (just enough over the line that no one could park next to the car). So I pulled out an index card and wrote "Learn to park you asshole!" and stuck it under the windshield wiper. When I came back to my car later, the car was gone and the note was on the ground ripped up. Since I had to park a few spots away, there's no way for the asshole in question to know who put the sign on their car. I did wish I had one of the slips from youparklikeanasshole.com though.


Unfortunately, the police here won't ticket on private property. All that can happen is that management can tag the vehicle offering them a chance to move it before they call the tow company. Getting the tow company to do it's fucking job seems to be the trouble.

@Writer With A Day Job: Endless is named because of her deformed tail. It is only 6" long and has a kink at the top that means she can't raise it, but she wags it sideways just fine! She has the be one of the happiest dogs I've ever owned! It works out great because I never close it in a car door. I accidentally did that once to my first service dog (a German Shorthaired Pointer with a full tail) and I felt horrible. :'-(


Private property or not, the handicap parking stall is in response to the Americans with Disabilities Act which makes screwing with it a federal crime.

Call the FBI. When they get tired of dealing with it, they can come down the local cops to step up.

If you're going to use stickers, at least get some really strong glue ;-)


Humor-Me, I believe you suggested your own solution to the problem way back when - dog shit under the door handles.


LOL Riferious! As much as I would LOVE to do that at this point, I have been such a squeaky wheel that it would be like signing a confession. If you want to hear the rest of the story, you can catch it on my blog. There's some really heavy shit going on right now indirectly related to this incident. I'd best lay low for a little while and just stick to the warning stickers provided by the complex. As long as I can keep getting the courtesy patrol to keep making a record that there are cars parking there without proper identification, then I can keep it all within proper protocol.


Woo Hoo! Look what's new at http://youparklikeanasshole.com/ !!!



As a person with disabilities, it grinds my gears when no one has a handicapped license plate or placard. It's extremely disrespectful. I've been approached for parking, with my placard, when I appeared to have no disibility. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean nothing is there. I would punch you in the face, but alas, my arm does not move! I live in an entitled neighborhood and can't stand the lexus's and porches parked in the handicapped spaces without their plates or placards.

Su Chan

Thanks for the update and good luck with getting the douches to fall into line!


I was at the dr's today and just as the cab was getting ready to pull away to take me home, what do I see, but a USPS truck pull into a handicapped spot! BOY WAS I PISSED! If it weren't for the fact that for cab drivers, time really IS money, I would have had him wait while I reamed the shit out of the postal worker. Instead, I wrote the number of the truck down, looked up the number on the computer when I got home, and called USPS customer service. Instead, his boss can give him an ass-reaming! Just remember you lazy assholes... sooner or later, you WILL get caught!


I used to work for a supermarket on weekends while at school. Being a young strong lad, I was given the dubious honour of shifting the shopping trolleys from the car park back to the front door.

However, since that took me past the disabled parking bays, I could keep an eye on people parking there when not entitled. I was given a big stack of bright orange, A4 stickers with a message along the lines of "don't be a prick, park properly or we'll ban you from the store".

These stickers were the type that would *never* peel off intact, leaving adhesive and paper streaked across the driver's side window. I never once saw one peeled off successfully.

And being just the kid that shifted trolleys, I was never suspected of being the guy that stuck them on. I was always conveniently nearby to watch the red mist descend on the perpetrators!

Great blog, btw.


(Sorry for the length of the post, btw)


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