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NC Tony

Toofesses? Seriously? I used to say that to my son when he was younger because it sounded silly, but that's the only time I've actually used the word. However your story made me think of something the late, great George Carlin once said "I think if I only had one tooth, I would brush it for a long, long time."

Timekeeper's Twit

Welcome KISS!

I loved your CL rant! Keep 'em commin'

And yeah, teef teefsies toothsies is what I tell my 1 year old Punk. She only has two!





welcome to hell kid!!! but thats ok because THIS is a GOOD hell!

Joe the Cigar Guy

Reminds me of an encounter I had at the local 24-hour diner. I sat down and the counter guy asked me,"Chasummdrnk?" Maybe it was the fact that he had a toothpick in his mouth, but it took several more tries before I understood:
"What'll you have? Something to drink?"

But seriously,"tooofesses"?


Second paragraph: Somebody SAW. Not seen. Annoyingly bad grammar.


Yes, thank you Trixie! I can't stand when people do that

Joe the Cigar Guy

An afterthought: what do women have then? Breastesses?


Haha Breastessessss!

Welcome, KISS! Your CL rant was awesome. ;-)


Well welcome to RHU...when I saw your post on the Flint CL I thought you might be one of my co-workers, but i guess you work at one of the Ms...i work at one of the Ks lol


I had a simmilar incident with a custy walking up to me and asking where the "toupae's" were....I coulda sworn that he was refering to a men's wig....I even asked him if he meant fake hairpieces. and he repeated..."NO! Tooo-paaaaesss!" like for cleanin yo teesh!"
"You mean toothpaste?"
"Yah das wha ah sayd"
"Isle 12"
"Now whas dat so haaad?"
*thinking* "yes, yes it was"


Ugh, I hate people who cannot seem to realize that if we don't know what you're saying, USE DIFFERENT WORDS!

If I don't know what a "thingiemajig" is, I won't know no matter how many times you repeat it or how loudly you scream.

I actually had a customer who did this right tonight, though! They were looking for "ping pong" fish and after a few questions, we were able to figure out that what they wanted were pearlscale goldfish. If they had kept repeating "ping pong fish!" louder and louder, it would have just frustrated everyone.

Some people have no one to blame for the "poor service" they get but themselves.


YAY! Hi KISS! Glad to see you made it to Hell okay :-D

My ex told me a story he heard from a co-worker when he went to a fast food restaurant:

FFR: Wha kina sauce you wan?
CW: What are my choices?
FFR: [names choices]
CW: I'll have the mustard sauce.
FFR: Ho ow moi?
CW: Pardon me?
FFR: Ho ow moi.
CW: I'm sorry, I don't understand.
CW: I'm sorry can you get someone else.
Manager: Did you want hot or mild sauce with that?

A little enunciation, please?


To Trixie and Ash...I'm sorry that my grammar wasn't perfect for you. That must of happened when my monocle fell away from my eye as I was reaching for another spot of tea. The next time I post something, I will be sure to have my tea and crumpets BEFORE I write anything and to have my monocle firmly in place. How awful it must of been for you to read my post, I am so ashamed!(Have you noted any sarcasm yet?) Sheesh, I thought I only had to deal with yackity schmackities from no-wheres-ville at work, now I have to deal with them here too. Here's a helpful hint: removing the stick from your ass may help you relax a little.


KISS, don't feed the grammar trolls. Everyone makes grammatical errors, even grammar nazis know that. They just want attention.

Don't give it to them :)


Thanks PunkyBrewster for the info. It was just a natural reaction kind of thing, second nature when dealing with fuck-sticks.

Art & Amaretto

Okay, I speak semi-fluent toddler, and I think I would have had just as much trouble understanding this custy as KISS did. Wow..."teefeeses." Pretty sure my brain would have turned that into "feces."


I completely understand making grammar errors but SO many people actually say "seen" instead of "saw" in everyday conversation.


It should also be noted that Trixie used an incomplete sentence and ash left the period off of the end of the sentence. If you are going to be a grammar nazi, you have to be right. You'll have a lot more fun on the internet if you realize that you are not going to fix the world and just let it go.

Pandora Bracelets

Thanks PunkyBrewster for the info. It was just a natural reaction kind of thing, second nature when dealing with fuck-sticks.

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