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The puppies are staring them right in the face, while the sweatshop children are locked in a factory far, far away. I'm also convinced that the majority of people hate the majority of people, so it's harder to get riled up over deplorable conditions for people.

Onto your question. One of my friends works at a strip club (as a waitress) because she gets great tips. She's walked out of a four hour shift with more money than I make in a week. But there are days that she gets so much shit from the customers, her "friends", and her family that she cries. A lot of people assume she's a slut, stupid, a hooker, etc. All because she dons a tight outfit in order to pay her bills. The strippers get more shit than she does.
RHU is chock full of stories of crusties thinking retail workers are idiots. It's pretty disturbing that people show so little respect for those that help keep society running.


I get really annoyed with people walking through Primevil and declaring (while dressed head to toe in our merchandise and with a full basket of shopping) "I think it's disgusting that this place uses slave labour"
One: Not slave labour. The people who work in our factories get a fair wage, which means they can pay for essentials and have some left over for saving/luxury items etc (not much granted, but it's a start), and they are all their of their own free will. No one is forced to work there, the factories do not beat people into working, and our reps go regularly to check that basic principles are being upheld.
Two: You bitch about us, with out £2.50 t shirts, £5 skirts and £10 dresses, but have no issue with Red Herring using the same factories (we've had random items of theirs in our deliveries), or New Look, Topshop (who incidentally sued us for selling an identical scarf to them. We charged £3, they charged £13). Which is worse? We're making a lot less profit on our items, which means a greater percentage of the price is going to the 'slave labour' than most of the other high street stores.
3) if you have such a fucking problem with this, why the hell are your dressed HEAD TO TOE in our merchandise? Your shoes are £2.50, your leggings are £3 (and see through I might add), your 'cute' little denim shorts are £9 and your t shirt is £5. I can price every item you wear because we sell it. I can also describe several other items in your wardrobe because you come in every single days and screech about how you HAVE THIS ONE ISN'T IT CUUUUUUUUUTE!!!

Sorry. Rant over.


Bum. Also, apologies for the typos.
I do know which there/their/they're to use, and know that they are THERE of their own free will.
Also, 'with OUR £2.50 t shirts.'


I hate that shit it's like somewhere along the line someone forgot she is an actual person.

I have that issue whenever I take clients out into the community. Working in mental health you get to see just how much people dehumanize the people with obvious differences. Sadly most of the time it's when I take clients shopping for clothes and such.Now lets see if the puppy mill flame war starts again.

Malmart Peon

Lots of people seem to assume that I'm stupid because I work at Walmart. I'm not. :-/ In fact, most of the employees (at least on the front end) are college students, and probably are smarter than the majority of the customers.

Horse Bitch

I work with race horse at Keeneland as a groom/assistant trainer and I just don't have time to list all of the misconseptions but I'll post my favorites:

1) all thoroughbreds are fire breathing dragons- false. Of the 8 in my charge ONE of them can be kind of scary but he's not bad.

2) all race horses are abused- false. We depend on these horses for everything. Hell the horses in my care live better than I do!

3) women should never handle stallions because of the hormones- false. Stallion handling is all about just that: handling. Saying women shouldn't handle stallions is like saying men shouldn't handle mares in heat. I've worked around many stallions and none of them have ever tried to breed me... probably something to do with the fact that I HANDLE them very well.


Mostly that I should always, ALWAYS be absolutely perfectly cheerful no matter how early my daughter wakes me up or how tired I am. >.o Caffeine can only do so many wonders, folks.


Some people assume that I'm HAVING A BLAST! Yeah, taking orders from hungry grumps is soooo fun.
Also, since everyone working at my restaurant is under 25, people assume that EVERYONE is a dumb teenager. I'm 21, and one guy assumed I hadn't charged him right because I 'didn't know my math'
Suuuure. I took College Algebra and Accounting. Pretty sure I know how basic math works.


Frankly I think all people should be temporarily sterilized until every child who needs a good home is adopted into one, so you can imagine what I think of any animal breeder.


The misconceptions lately have been coming from corporate/mamagement for us lately. They seem to think that it's our fault that sales in a particular area are lower than earlier in the year (people dont buy much bedding in the summer, what can I say?) or that we're not getting enough store card signups (our last report said seventysomething percent of our custys already use the card...that's prolly why we're getting fewer signups than when the program first started!) or that we're not getting enough charity donations (uh...recession anyone?) Yes...its' ALLLLL our fault...we're just not trying hard enough! We should be out there offering sexual favors in the backroom in exchange for all these things...THAT'S how we'll up our numbers!


Here's one: All male flight attendants are gay.

Well, the ones on Delta sure as hell seem to be.

Which is dandy for me, cuz when I flirt with them, they flirt back. And then I get free alcohol and we each get self-esteem boosties. :)

Maybe one day, I'll get lucky and bag a flight attendant and a lucky flight attendant can bag a passenger. :D

Hey, I can dream, can't I?


The one I enjoy is the misconception that the Big Red Star is a high end department store on the level of Nordstroms, Bloomies and Saks.

Yeah, maybe in their heyday they were, but now they have positioned themselves more as a competitor to Sears and Pennies. So please stop telling me how far downhill they've gone. I know they have. It was on purpose. If you want to shop at Bloomies or Nordstroms, drive your arse to a Bloomies or Nordstroms.

BackHole Whore

Common misconception of fast food slaves: That we are all high school drop outs who do not want to further ourselves. Actually about 75% of my staff is in school or planning in the near future for the next semester to apply to. Some of them actually are deadbeats but not all. I'm just waiting for my husband to go get his CDL in 6 months (gotta pay $4,000 in cash for that for the good school) and while he's on the road I'm going to school. Just the logical thing to do so both of us aren't out of a job and can pay bills.

Angel Kitten

I work in a somewhat different world, I work for an animal rescue. You want crazy assumptions ? Spend a day here. I have been asked at adoption events if we drug the cats we have in cages because they are so calm. Uh no, they are older cats, this is a new place, and they are nervous. Of course they are just going to lay in their beds and sleep till it's over. We are a no-kill shelter, the animals will live their whole lives here if they arent adopted. Yet I get asked once a week how long we keep the cats before we put them down. We are full right now, because we are no kill and the economy still sucks, we aren't doing a lot of adoptions, but we get over 100 calls a week from people wanting to dump their pets on us. I love getting screamed at and told the cat will die because we can't take it. People assume that we have unlimited space, or that their situation is more important than the 20 other people I already turned down. I do so love the old "im moving/having a baby/getting married/whatever the fuck else excuse and just cant keep my beloved pet". I know there are sometimes situations where you truly can't keep your pet, but most of the people I talk to could keep it, but it's become and inconvenience for them. We have FIV and leukemia positive cats here, and I can't count the number of people that tell me it's cruel that we allow them to live because they have a disease that is eventually fatal. Uh...so they would rather we put them down while they are still healthy and happy because they will eventually die? Everything will eventually die, that's kinda how life works. I have tons more, I will have to post some of my more bizzare stories with our form of custies, crazy potential adopters, and worse, crazy cat ladies.

Queer Geek

The next time an idiot custy tries to go against store procedures, you should tell them it because of company policy and have them call corporate to complain to them about what custy rights are.

"What are some of the common beliefs or misconceptions about the place that you work (or the nature of the work that you do for a living) and how do they affect you?"

This by far has been an urban legend of sorts since I've worked in retail department stores that carry these two name brands. Tommy Hilfiger and Liz Clairborne. According to some stupid internet rumor, I get this alot from custys. Tommy Hilfiger is a racist and originally did not market his clothes to the urban population because he wanted to make his stuff more high end but somehow it became more popular with the hip hop community and he relunctantly agreed. The other on Liz Clairborne was that she was involved in a Satanic worshipping coven cult who sold her soul to the Satan to make her stuff successful.

All of which are untrue of course. Even Oprah denounced the Hilfiger rumor on her show. However, a few custys would come in trying to argue that these stories were true.

Hellbound Alleee

People assume that just because I work at Target, I get affordable health care. They couldn't be more wrong.

Beauty Bitch

A lot of people assume that because I work at Walgreens, I must be stupid and uneducated. I can't even remember the number of people I've shocked by telling them that I've got a degree, and that I got it 4 years ago! But every one of them asks me what I'm doing working there if I could work somewhere "better". Um, bad economy, no jobs here, and I want to keep my benefits?

Lab Rat

I work as an intern in a lab (not retail, I know, but we still get stereotyped and we have our moments with other companies being rude/incompetent). And boy, if I had a nickel for every time somebody accuses me of murdering cute little mice, I'd be richer than Bill Gates. Well... maybe not quite THAT rich. But still, I've gotten a lot of people who assume you have to hate animals (or be a coldhearted bitch) to work in a lab. It's not that way at all- actually, it's better for people who love animals to work with them, because it ensures they're treated gently and humanely. And when the time comes to put them to sleep, it's done quickly and painlessly. I don't LIKE sacrificing the cute little mice, but it's part of the job, and it will help people in the long run.


If Liz sold her soul tO the devil I would expect better designs from her...

I'm a bit torn here. We all have to make a living so we grin and bare it while we do things we may not agree with or enjoy.
Personally I never cared for name brand clothing (I prefer design to name- I am not a walking billboard). I have met and interviewed a woman who escaped a sweatshop in Siapan, who was employed by Gap, and heard of the horrific conditions in which they were treated. Yes, they decided to work their on their own free will- but once employed were not treated with human respect or dignity- all for pennies a day...
It may not be every company that does it but we can't assume that because one doesn't they all don't. Same with pet stores. Not all get their animals from puppymills. Sone do. Others find other ways to buy them. My local pet store (used to be stores but all the small indis were wiped out by petsmart) brings in dogs and cats from the animal rescue group to be adopted. I give high merits to a corporation for doing this.


This may not be strictly what you're looking for, but I used to teach in private high schools. A lot of people assume (a) it's an 8 - 3 job with summer's off and (b) we get paid just oodles of money.

With respect to:

(a) Class started at 8:15. I was typically at school by 6:30. The place doesn't open itself, and I had labs to set up for the day, things that I simply couldn't leave out overnight. (Sodium hydroxide on a table with janitors and wet things wandering around... *shudder*) I was never out before 5, what with meeting with students and parents, grading, cleaning up from labs, and other miscellaneous nonsense. During Drama Week (I coached Drama for three years and helped out for about five more) it wasn't unusual for me not to leave before 11PM. As for the summer, it typically took a week after school let out to finish straightening up, putting things in order, and placing orders for consumables or new equipment for next year. Then, I'd be back in school about 20 hours a week for the six weeks before it officially started, unpacking things, stocking shelves, fixing the stuff that randomly breaks when no one is looking at it, and generally getting the place in shape for the kids. Add into that updating lesson plans, revising curricula, and catering to the whims of moronic principals, and you have an interesting "vacation". We do get more time off than the average worker, but it's hardly the cake walk most people seem to think.

(b) Private school teachers in fact make about 2/3 what public school teachers make. Less in some cases. We don't have the endless deep pockets of the government on which to draw. I started teaching in 1987 at a public school, at a salary of $32K. I moved to a private school the next year, and my paycheck dropped to ~$19K. There were reasons, and I made the move by choice, but no one sane goes into teaching, especially at private schools, expecting to get rich.

Custard Chick

I usually work fast food (not at the moment but once fall semester hits, I'll be back behind the register), and everyone assumes that I'm a sophomore in high school. Now just because I have a baby face, I automatically get 5 years of my life cut off and I'm just an irresponsible teenager who has no idea what the hell they are talking about.

No sir, I'm actually a junior and in college. And yes, that is a wedding band on a my finger. No sir, there is no other manager here. I'm the only one. Yes sir, I may be young, but I know my stuff.

I hate that just because I LOOK younger, I MUST act younger and cower before angry custys. Since I usually work by myself and I'm literally the only acting manager on duty, what I say goes. Custys don't like it when a young whipper snapper like me refuses to bend over backwards for them. It also doesn't help that my entire work crew is all high school kids, so therefore, I must be a high school age too. >.<

Burger Bitch

First of all, I love you, but that goes without saying.

Since I work at a fast food restaurant I always get "Oh, so you were a drop-out then?" Uhm. Nope. Graduated on the Honour Roll, trying to save up for college and pay my bills.

bizhub bitch

Out of desperation from getting ripped off by my ex boyfriend for over $10,000, I had to take the first avialable job I got offered, that has me doing the most menial office tasks, including answering the phone, and pays about$8,000 a year less than I usually get paid. I have 22 years of various office work, and have not been a 'receptionist' in about 15 of those years. But when people call in they instantly feel they can yell, berate, or disrespect me. I do NOT let them talk to me like that. Just because someone is answering a phone, does NOT mean they are an idiot with no life or job experience.


Custard Chick I feel ya! I look younger then 26 and being small in stature customers don't take me seriously when I'm dealing with them as 'manager'. I've worked at my store for seven years- there is only two other people there who have worked a little lOnger. I KNOW what I'm talking about *huffs*

Grease Monkey

People assume that everyone in the automotive industry is just there to rip them off. I can't tell you the number of times that I have had a customer come in with something wrong with their car (they always think it's the cheapest thing) and when I tell them the problem is more serious and thus will cost more to fix, they call me a liar and go off on me.

It works the other way, too. Sometimes people will THINK they have a problem and want us to check it out. We do and report back to them that nothing is wrong. Cue custy going off on me and my techs, accusing us of being lazy and just not wanting to do the work.

We work on commission. Of course I want you to drop $900 on a set of tires. But I am not going to try and get you to buy something you don't need. I like being able to sleep at night.

Also, people assume that the other sales person is my boss, because he is older than me, and because I am a girl who looks much younger. In fact, I am in charge of him (and everyone else when my boss isn't in). And I am MUCH more knowledgable about cars than that guy will ever be.

Gamer Cat

Working in a store that primarily sells stereotypically 'male' forms of entertainment, such as comic books, trading card games, and video games, you would not believe how ignorant people can be.

I can't count the number of times I've answered a customer's question to have them say something like, "Okay, then," and then promptly wander to the other side of the store and ask one of my male coworkers. Who, of course, says exactly what I just said.

I've also been looked up and down and then immediately passed over, not even getting the initial question entirely! I may be a tiny blonde, but I know my stuff! And if I don't, it's not like I'm going to lie...


Diane- You took the words right out of my mouth! I don't work in a private school, but the idea is still the same!

I was a public school teacher in WI this year and boy was that fun, hearing people talk about how lazy we teachers are and how we shouldn't get paid for those summer months because we're not working and that our salaries should be cut to make up for that. (never mind the fact that most teachers in my district chose to spread their salaries out over 12 months instead of the 9 like was common a few years ago).

Hell, we had parents accusing us of brainwashing their children! (I don't know about you guys, but I thought it was more important to teach my students to think for themselves and to properly evaluate all sides of a situation before forming an opinion).

In the summer/on weekends I'm a cashier. I work in a very good area where customers are usually fantastic, so when you get a bad one, they stick out. I was bagging a woman's purchases for her and apparently I didn't do it to her specifications (that I was magically supposed to know, of course) so she turned to her young son and told him, in Spanish "She's just a cashier, she doesn't know anything" while fixing the bagging. I responded in Spanish and told her she should be careful about what she assumes.

Fender the Toy Store Bitch

People assume that working in a toy store is just so much FUN! It's not. People also assume that "toy store" equals "free babysitting service" while they go into the grocery store next to us.

Also, for some reason, some folks assume that everyone who works in our toy store is gay (a few employees are, just not everyone), and the custies like to spew their epic hatred of gay people at every opportunity while they push Little Susie or Johnny around in the cart. I just want to say to them, "Look, you big hate-monger, if you dislike gay people so much, don't bring your kids to a toy store that is situated on the same parcel as a gay bar with the filthiest name ever, the hippie grocery store, and a sandwich chain famous for being a lesbian hot-spot." I personally love where we are located 'cause after work I can go to the gay bar and play pool with the handsome blokes. :D

Music Girl

I'm sure this is common in other retail stores as well, but people assume that since I work at Petshart, I must know EVERYTHING about EVERY SINGLE KIND OF ANIMAL.

No. Sorry. I don't know how your cat will react to you trying to put plastic nail covers on it. And no, I don't know anything at all about caring for lizards. That's why I'll direct you to someone who works in Pet Care who knows more about that than I do.

Pharmacy Minion

I work in a pharmacy, and a LOT of people assume that all I have to do is "throw some pills in a bottle". They want me to take their prescription and immediately hand them the meds. Let me tell you... there is a lot more to my job than throwing some pills in a bottle! Bastards.


My boyfriend, we'll call him bio-carnie, gets it the worst!

during the summer he works for his uncle running a booth at county fairs. people treat him (and me when i help out) like total shit because we are lowly "carnies". Bio-carnie graduated from college and is in grad school to become a marine biologist and is also looking at applying for his doctorate as soon as he graduates. he has more education that 99.9999999% f these miserable fuckers. Because you know, anyone who works blank job is a moron. He makes more from one summer of road work than i did at my last job!

Queer Geek

RockerChic and Diane,

I completely sympathize. I worked as an educator in the public school system (that is what I went to school for)approximately year and 1/2 as a sub hopiong to land a long team position at a school. No such luck! Then the government standards and requirements changed forcing me to jump even more hoops and having to retest me on everything. I finally got fed up and took a Sabbatical working odd jobs eventually landing in retail to survive. Now friends and collegues in the profession are being laid off and being let go from school districts. I'm glad I never went back! It's sad what is happening to our teachers!


Try finding a job if you're disabled. I'm not college educated (Vet tech programs hadn't been invented until after my first child was born and then it was on-campus, so we decided to wait until later. Later never came because I became disabled) and nobody is hiring because of the economy. Add into that no personal vehicle, a service dog (which they aren't *supposed* to discriminate against), and being "older", and I have a lot of cards stacked against me.

When I was working as Pharmacy_psycho, I got the assumption that because I was disabled and used a service dog that I must be blind or having trouble seeing. And why do people who think other people can't see YELL AT US? I hear just fine!

Mostest Hostess

A lot of people who come into Lake Park assume that we're all just a bunch of college/international students working for the summer, until I seat them at a table where their server is a middle-aged local who work two other jobs (one in another dept., one at a store off-park) in addition to this gig.


Supported employment at Goodwill. SO many misconceptions.

Obviously, people in supported employment jobs are incompetent and can't do a day's work; so we're being babysat during the day because otherwise we'd be out... I dunno, drooling on something, or whatever we're supposed to do because we're Not Normal. We're obviously on the government dole, so they're giving us money for nothing.

In reality? Supported employment is offered to people who are disabled, period. If you can't work a normal job, you're part of that potential group. Not people who can't put in a full day's work--just people who don't fit into the jobs that non-disabled people can get so easily. And we work every bit as hard as anybody else--for much less money. It's legal to pay very, very little--fifty cents a week, in one case; more common is about five dollars. Yes, you're also on disability payments; but that's much less than you'd get on minimum wage.

So yeah. We are not lazy people being babysat for by people who let us pretend to work. We're actual workers in our own right, thank you very much.

So yeah. I don't do that anymore. I'm trying to get a college degree now, so I have a better chance of actually having people realize I'm doing real work. Thankfully the college I'm going to is willing to provide some pretty intensive support and has experience with autistic students.

Book Baby

I work in a library. No, we are not all ladies who wear orthopedic shoes, have buns and say, "Shhh!" all the time!

If I had a nickle for every time someone says, "Oh, you work in a library? It must be nice to do nothing but read all day!" or "It must be nice to work in a library where it's quiet all day!". Riiigggght.

The only things I have time to read at work is your record when it's up (when I am checking your items out) or the cover of a magazine when I am processing it.

As for quiet? It is quieter in rush hour traffic than in here! I have actually been in the local grocery store and it's quieter THERE than at my work. Story time's aftermath is so loud, I have to take phone calls in the work room because I can't hear over all the moms chatting with each other or yelling at their children!

Also, libraries are NOT free. They are paid for by various taxes, just like police, fire, teachers, public works etc. Our library is funded solely by CITY property taxes. If you live OUTSIDE our city, you don't contribute to the library's budget. This is why we have an over the counter fee you must pay in order to check out items. It is waaay less than I,as a homeowner, pay--less than HALF, in my case.

Book Baby

Lord, the Lousy Typist strikes again! It's NICKEL. Sorry, folks!

Also, it would be helpful if I finished my sentence that starts, "If I had a nickel". It should end thus: "I would be richer than an oil sheik!"


That the only customer a sales planner has is the one who calls every five seconds. : > Nopesoap.


I work in a tacky little store frequented by tacky little old ladies. You know the ones - they stink of Vick's Vapodrops and they like telling you all about the UTI they had last week.


In fact, only this morning an elderly woman told me her "Stools were a little runny" and did I think she should go see her doctor? Well, let me think, it might b- NO, HANG ON, I DON'T FUCKING WANT TO THINK ABOUT YOUR RUNNY STOOLS, LADY, I'M NOT A DOCTOR. GO FIND SOMEONE WHO CAN STAND THE SMELL OF YOU. PLEASE. RIGHT NOW, OFF YOU GO, BUH-BYE NOW. *Gag*


UGH! Poor KitchBitch! When I was working at the K, I was right back by the layaway, and got to know a couple of the girls because I had to do the fronting and price changes, etc. right there a lot. One of them told me about a layaway regular that was telling her about a recent surgery she had to have a small tumor removed... from her breast.... and proceeded to WHIP IT OUT AND THROW IT ON THE COUNTER to show her the scar!!!! AAAAACK! *shudder!* *GAG!*


I also hate the situations where the customer not only treats you like you're stupid, but should also be a mind reader.

Having been in the computer field (I'm retired now) I know that it's a grind in that you work your day, then your friends and family expect you to fix their computers on your "time off". I have a friend who runs his own game business, and he has maybe 6 hours off a week. It's ridiculous.

BORDERline Personality

Common misconception; I work at a bookstore and thus must have memorized every single book on our shelves by name, author, color, release date, and any talk show it was ever mentioned on. Uhhh, no. I know a lot of them off the top of my head but "It was on The Today Show a couple months ago and I think it was by a woman" isnt going to help much. Also that because Borders had declared bankruptcy that we are going out of business. Nooo....Bankruptcy does not equal GOofB. I have at least five people a day say to me "When is this store going to close?" When I respond saying that this wasnt one of the stores that was going to be closed their inevitable response is something along the lines of "Yes it is, you declared bankruptcy, that means the company is going away for good." Uhhhh, wtf? No, it doesnt. Idiot. And of course that because I work retail I'm a dropout. Nope, gotta pay rent, utilities, school/textbook fees somehow in order to get a better job first....

Art & Amaretto

That artists are stupid. That art is easy--even though the person implying this invariably "can't draw a straight line." That art is only for talented people. That because art is fun we should do it for free.

Ahem, sorry. Had to get those pet peeves off my chest. Daily assumptions? That I can magically produce a class for your child's age group that fits neatly into your schedule, or that I can shoehorn them into a full class. ("Full" is not a difficult concept. In our case, it means the kids have no elbow room, so no, I'm not doing it.) Also, that I have time to rattle off our entire camp/class schedule (roughly 40 different options a quarter) to you when you call me while you are driving and unsuccessfully trying to remember what other activities you have going this month.

Fast Food Bitch

people assume that because I work at mcdick's I'm fuckin stupid. I'm not. I'm a bilingual Advanced Placement students graduating soon with a good average. Just because I ask you to repeat what you said cuz you're mumbling or unclear, doesn't mean i'm retard. Kthx. lol

Book Baby

I forgot to mention one other area of work: mechanics. My husband is an ASE-certified auto technician with over twenty years experience. Most people think that since he's a mechanic, he's barely literate. Nothing could be further from the truth! He has a Bachelor's in Sociology, a Master's in Library Science and his technician certifications, which have to be updated periodically. He takes classes ON HIS OWN TIME several times a year and pays for his own tools.

People ask why he's not a librarian. I can tell you: automotive techs make more money than librarians!

Grease Monkey can back me up on this. I am making up NONE of it.


Sorry, I know the comments to Cujo were rather harsh last time, but this one too struck me as preachy and condescending. Not really complaining about customers or retail but preaching about how his store is so different and awesome and great. Anyway, I guess I just will have to skim past his posts because I'm too addicted to the rest of RHU. :P


today: actual custy quote: "You wouldn't be working here if you hadn't dropped out of high school, right?"

Me: O_o *contemplates smacking him with my college transcript, high school diploma, and scholarships


@Damien: Where did the "retail-workers-are-all-dropouts" misconception come from?? I WANT TO KNOW.


@Kat: The goddamn media. I watched Unstoppable the other day. Some guy made a stupid decision and a train full of dangerous chemicals goes speeding through Pennsylvania. At the end of the movie, they state that the guy got a job in fast food. Every time there's a fast food worker on TV, they imply s/he's an idiot. (Except Squidward. :p) After all, if they were smart they would have a cubicle already! What are they waiting for? They graduated high school yesterday, the slackers!

Cujo, the puppy pimp

Thank you, Miss Snuzzle, for electing to pass over my posts in the future. I'm not really sure how I was preachy and condescending... ...my intention was to speak about a universally ignorant behavior that affects retail slaves and to initiate a dialogue.
I'm not really certain how you interpretted that I'm trying to convey how "awesome" my store is when I myself have admitted that my job sucks. If there's anything awesome about it it's my job's ability to suck so badly without imploding on itself.

And I don't don't disagree with your observation that my job is "different." Of course it is, everyone's is and that's why I started posting. The insights into our various jobs that help demonstrate the many faces of the bad customer behavior that affect us all is what makes reading RHU interesting.
If everyone here posted about working at Walmart, what would be the fucking point?

Maybe you should contribute more postings and stories from your job.
I'm kind of curious to see what you have say. Now that I've tried both contributing and rude commenting I've come to realize that one is a lot more difficult than the other.

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