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Notice that once they walk away from her, she shuts up? Sort of like a barking dog...you can ask her to be quiet, or you can walk away, and when there's no one to bark at, she'll stop barking.


Haha she looks all indignant once they stopped paying attention to her.

Malmart Peon

If she's a smart person than she's the dumbest smart person I've ever seen.

bizhub bitch

Nah, she's not crazy, she's just a self entitled spoiled little brat who has to throw around her $$ and education to make herself feel all important, because deep down she knows she's a shitty person. No, miss educated, you are not special. I love how when they wouldn't take her shit anymore she shut right up. And looked a little embarrassed if I may say...


The most idiotic people in the world are the ones who make an issue/brag about how wel educated they are. If she is such an educated woman, then maybe she could afford a town car/chauffeur instead of making everyone else on the train listen to her bitchy voice.
Kudos to the female conductor for not bitchslapping this pathetic waste of human flesh.


"i ride this train every day" so how smart was it to make yourself known as a shitbag to train staff?


I see people like her all the time. The "well educated" people, the "lawyers," the people who apparently have amnesia (no I do not know who you are, do you need me to contact a hospital for you, because apparently you have brain damage). It's hilarious how the conductor just walked away, and then she didn't know what to do, or who to bark at anymore. I wish we got to do that more often, hehe.

Queer Geek

The passenger was spoiled little bitch who felt entitled to run her mouth and brag about how educated she is. For someone educated, she lacks basic common sense. Let the conductor do her job! That is what she is paid to do! Meanwhile, sit down like a good, quiet passenger and wait until your station comes up.

Cujo, the well-educated puppy pimp

Has anybody walked around talking like her yet?
I'm totally dead serious: You have to try it. It's so much fun. You have to practice first to get that "well, I never" tone of indignation, and then from there just quote her as a default. I've been doing it since I saw this video and I can't stop. I've been telling my coworkers, my husband, even the fork that I poked with myself while I was doing dishes: "I am NOT a crazy person, I am VERY well-educated".
It hasn't gotten old yet.

But seriously, you have to try it.


I love to go through the comments on youtube and see what other people have to say. You'd be amazed what you find out. Like
her name:
her education: She went to NYU. Was a congressional intern for 3 months in 2004. Interned at ABC TV,had a gig at Estee Lauder. Most recently was an intern at BNP Parabis, with which she is no longer associated. On her LinkedIn page she says she has´╗┐ excellent mgmt and communication skills. She sure does
broadhurst157 21 hours ago
and where she is currently working. You open up your mouth like that, show up on youtube, go viral, and you are going to be found out, as the couple making out in the Vancouver riots found out. Almost nothing is scared anymore.

Maybe, just maybe, this will start being a wake-up call to the crusties out there, but I'm not holding my breath. We DID get that one girl to take down her youtube videos telling people how to treat slaves wrongly, so maybe we are making a difference slowly but surely. ROCK-ON RHU!

Pandora Bracelets

Has anybody walked around talking like her yet?

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