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Supermarket Soap

I once had a guy come in and ask me if I could charge his mobile phone whilst he went to a not that nearby city to pick up a friend.


During a midnight shift a guy asked to charge his phone. WE'RE not even allowed to charge our phones at work! NO! And of course his buddy was a major jackass as well...


Suddenly the custys who demand we hold their other shopping bags behind the counter don't seem so bad anymore.

Bar Bitch

Used to get people coming up to the bar all the time asking questions like 'Do you have the charger for a Motorola? XYZ I can use? Can you just keep it behind the bar?'

HUIFSBNDSJNFJKSFD Yeah sure I keep a stash of phone chargers for ALL the models and makes right here in this handy basket marked GTFO...


yep. get it all the time. people want me to watch their shoes, clothes, bag, etc. No, GTFO. quit being cheap and rent a locker.

Cherry IScream

We get people who's kids come in with scooters and then are SHOCKED when we say they can't take them into the screens. So of course, we have to put them behind the counter. Because apparently it's not common knowledge that they best thing to do while watching a film is sit down. Apparently they're called Movies because your kids need to move around during them!


I thought we had it bad with the questions of "I've already paid but can I leave my stuff here while I use the bathroom?" and "Oh, I'm not done shopping but let me leave my stuff spread all over your counter cause you won't need to ring anyone else up"!


I've had people do that to me, especially when I'm sitting somewhere like at a bookstore or a library. The most common thing I get is people who have their cell phone or laptops plugged in and ask me to watch it when they go to the bathroom. Or hold seats for them. I lie and say I will, then completely ignore their item. If it's my parents, I'll gladly do it, but a complete stranger? Hell no.

Cujo, the puppy pimp

I routinel have to tell people to disengage their chargers from outlets... ...If someone asks I would never deny them, but no one has ever asked. They just assume that I don't mind sharing my electricity.

The last time someone asked to leave something in my store it was an off-duty mall employee that threw a fit until my manager agreed. It was a gigantic shopping bag and a plastic bag with a styrofoam take-out container containing terriaki chicken.
I didn't even know it was behind the counter... ...until the dogs got into it. It ended up everywhere.
She actually expected me to buy her a new one too. I had to laugh because what would you expect when you leave food in a pet store?
Duh, dogs like chicken??


My resturant is in a strip mall that also contains a grocery store so every once in a while we'll get a family after their shopping trip and they ask us to put their groceries in our walk in( if it's milk or ice cream or something) and we do as long as it's not a lot.

Miz Jill

I totally feel Trekkiebabe's pain. People think that the registers are a holding place for stuff they haven't bought yet. They just toss it on the counter, walk away, and then the store manager comes over and yells at us for having a bunch of crap on the counter. What's even worse is when they leave it on the counter, not tell anyone, and then fly into a rage when we put it back.

Oh, and I've had customers get mad at me when they want to leave their kid with me while they use the bathroom or make a phone call. Yeah, I'm not doing anything, I'll be glad to watch your screaming 3 month old while you take off for 20 minutes. *facepalm*

NC Tony

Never had anything like that happen to me, but I do think Joe missed the perfect opportunity for a comeback to "Because the car is parked on the other side of the mall! Like a MILE away! DUH!"

The reply? Simple, really: "That's not my problem."

Burger Bitch

I've been asked to watch someone's kids before while they went home to get their wallet.

Nope, sorry, I'm not a babysitter, take your little curtain-crawlers with you.


Um so if i go into a store and ask if i can leave my purse behind the counter (or back pack) is that rude? I just don't want to bump into anything with a back pack. Especially if it's a higher end store with some breakables.

Joe the Cigar Guy

My main concern is that, if I DO accept somebody's stuff for safekeeping, they'll come back and swear on a stack of Bibles that their keys/wallet/Oscillation Overthruster are missing!

And antics, as they say, will ensue...


I don't think there's anything wrong with people asking to leave their bags of merchandise behind the counter while they run to the washroom and/or forgot to pick something up such as milk. Ya a purse would be bad because people can complain there was something in there that no longer is, or expecting you to watch their kids that's wrong too, but the bags behind the counter I don't mind if they are quick, better than taking them back into the store.

Queer Geek

Because my company has a little concierge service, it is not uncommon to hold packages for custys. They just leave their name and contact info and let them know what our store hours are to pick it up. We have from time to time turned down people like a homeless person wanted us to leave their shopping cart of stuff with us or the ones that request to use our store as a storage facility.


There's a difference between someone asking you to watch their purchases from the store while they run to the bathroom, and someone asking you to watch their purse/bag/children/stroller/etc. If its something they just bought, and you know its been paid for, there's not a problem; it BECOMES a problem when crusties attempt to take advantage of someone's good nature to use them as an accomplice for whatever they're doing rudely or illegally.


There are stores in my town that do require you to leave your purse or bag with the cashier, I guess to prevent shop lifting, and I must have just gotten in that habit.


OH I almost forgot to point out that I would only ask for that (having my purse behind the counter) is if I intended to shop in that store for a good amount of time.

Custard Chick

I've had customers before come up to the counter, realize they've forgotten their wallet, and ask if I can watch their kids while they run to grab it from the car. Normally, I wouldn't have a problem with it, but I've had parents before leave toddlers to grab their wallet. I'm talking 2 year olds, standing in line to hold their parents place, surrounded by strange adults and crying themselves hoarse. That's what upsets me. I don't mind watching peoples things or belongings, but when it comes to their flesh and blood, it bothers me to see some of the attitudes parents have when it comes to their children (such as leaving them in a store with strange people to watch them...)


It sure is fun to be a cosplayer. /snort/ I apologize on behalf of those in my hobby.


I work at a food cart outside a museum and people always ask to leave their knives with me (weapons aren't allowed in the museum). The swiss army knives are ok, but I've had people point hunting knives at me. Who the hell carries a gigantic knife when touring the Smithsonian?!


I once had a guest ask me to watch their huge stuffed Scooby Doo while they went on the ride across from our store. I agreed but I decorated him with a hat and a few of our other items to make him themed. The owners laughed for a good five minutes and even took a picture.


In my shop, we've had a couple of instances where people needed to correct their work before giving it to us, and if they have small children with them and it's not busy, we'll offer to keep an eye on the buggy (I don't know how to deal with toddlers at all though!). On one occasion we had an adorable little boy being fussed over by most of the staff, and another time we had a pair of twin girls that we kept an eye on while their dad fixed up his wife's submission (which meant rocking their pram back and forth and making funny faces at them).

It was fun and the kids were good, but both times the parents were in the shop, and when you walk in, you can see all the family pictures the staff have stuck up around the place, so it is obvious that a lot of people in there have kids of their own. We certainly wouldn't hold onto someone's kid if they were leaving the shop (I think the little boy's dad popped out to his car for a minute, which was parked right outside, to get a bag, but that's not the same as going off shopping for something else) and we've never encountered a customer who expected us to. Also, the majority of our custys who bring kids into the shop keep them under control and are usually apologetic if the kids are fussy, so we've had some good experiences.

The only downside is that whenever I hold a baby (usually a coworker's little relative), everyone keeps saying how good I look with one. I usually hand them to someone else pretty quickly after that!


I remember I had this lady leave her purse behind my counter while she shopped and asked if I could watch it. I told her I couldn't but nobody would bother it. As a rule, I am not allowed to behind the counter unless I'm ringing. She had the nerve to get mad at me for not babysitting her stupid purse.


Well, I actually don't mind if people leave their shopping bags from other stores at the counter while they shop, or if they leave a large item up front while they go back and get more stuff.

But a few times, they've actually ran back to get "just one more item" and left their purse or wallet up front with me. I appreciate the trust but it's more than a little awkward when they do so. And Custard Chick, I've had people do that with their kids too! More than that are dogs. People are just fine with handing me their dog's leash and saying "I'll be right back." Now I'm stuck there holding onto someone's dog that I don't know his demeanor and I can't go help anyone else because I can't bring your stupid dog with me. GRRR!

The Kid

As long as people are polite, I don't mind sticking something behind the counter as they shop or go grab something, but kids? No way, get away from me.
How can some parents be so dumb?

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