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Hey :) I know this is going to be totally off-topic, but I've been meaning to ask someone this for a while--if you want to learn ASL, what's the best way to do it? I'd really like to learn, but learning a whole other language seems so intimidating to me.


Hey! Good darn job for kicking ass in your class! I'm hoping to teach in my future and though this fellow isn't an ASL teacher, he -is- a teacher and this speech makes me cry every time:


(It's safe for work and all)


Callista - Look around your area for ASL classes. Some colleges offer it for noncredit, and some even for credit. Also, if there are any Deaf schools in your area, there is a good chance they also offer classes, especially over the summer. If those aren't available, look into tutoring services and ask if anyone knows and teaches ASL for a one-on-one experience. If all that fails, you can always post a personal ad looking for an ASL teacher. Just make sure that if anyone responds, they are credible and will teaching you real ASL, not signed English. If you were near me, I'd say I'd teach you, as I teach privately as well. =P Good luck!

TechChewToy - That speech is amazing! I want to memorize it and tell anyone that when they ask, especially those who believe teachers make too much money and don't work hard enough. =)


This post made me so happy :)

I'm currently doing upgrading courses, trying to get in to nursing because I want my LPN diploma more than anything. Having crappy retail jobs where you don't feel appreciated just makes my goal seem so far away, sometimes.

But yeah, before I ramble I'll cut to the chase. This was totally inspiring and those messages your students wrote for you were awesome !



As I've stated before, my daughter has a degree in elementary literature and just took her teaching test. She should know the results in another 2 weeks. I remember her struggles going through college thinking she would never make it and at one point actually considering dropping out just 2 weeks shy of graduating. Thank heavens she talked to her professors and made it through.

When she was doing her practicum and worked with her class, she asked her class to leave her notes too. I know she still has those notes and they are very special to her. They remind her of how hard she worked and how she made a difference in their life even as a teacher's assistant.

Whenever you're having a bad day, keep those notes close and know that there are people out there better off because of YOU! ; - )


YAY for you! And good luck finding a job (keep subbing because it can lead to a job....a friend just had that happen this past year for him).

Also, teachers are massively underpaid for what they have to put up with (insanity in the classroom and parents who think teachers should parent their kids); I personally think that teachers should make close to what SLPs make due to all the craziness they have to put up with.


Congrats! I have a small stack of thank you cards from my kids over the few years that I've been teaching and I will always hold on to those!

I love your idea that you did with the kids on the last day as well! I think I'm gonna hang on to that. . .


I just finished my first year teaching and I'm glad you had such a good year! The hardest thing to remember at times is to focus on the good kids more than the bad kids. I'm a high school math teacher so I'm instantly disliked most of the time haha. Good luck on finding a job! I hope that all your classes are as good as this one. Remember "Those who know, do. Those who understand, teach."

Master Anakin

WOW... your gift for teaching seems incredible. It is absolutely amazing that you can be so good at something you have such a passion for. Wherever you end up, I'm sure you'll be a strong positive influence for a lot of kids!


i totally get you, K-Fit. i LOVE teaching. i've lived in slovakia for 7 years (my wife is slovak) and taught english in high schools for the last 3 years. it fits me like a glove and i have old students who still call me up to hang out. it's SOOOO much nicer than the year i spent in the Gap in college, or even teaching english in a private language school (which is actually another form of retail).


*sniff*sniff* I want a classroom. I went to college to become a teacher because I love working with kids, and I love learning. But the schools in my state are letting teachers go and not hiring. One school district let go 1400 teachers. I'm told now that if I want to teach I should seriously consider leaving the state. :(


Thank you for sharing! I hope I'll be as good a teacher as you, and as appreciated by the students, someday!


Awesome teachers are awesome :)

My favorite teacher was one of my english teachers a long time ago and I still miss him :) he really inspired me to read and write - and that is actually the only word I can use to describe him - inspirational. One of those older gentlemen that you can imagine sitting in a large chair with a glass of red wine, reading some great classics and then talk about them for hours with great passion.
So great teachers will be remembered. For a looong time.

And, actually, another story that this story reminded me of.
I studied spanish for 2 years with the same teacher and lemme tell ya - that lady was no teacher! She seemed like a nice person, but: was usually late for class, didn't pressure us to do our homework (you could just say "idk" and she would tell you the right answer), was OK/didn't care if someone made a mistake and. Basically was too gentle with us.

She also taught two classes in two different cities so sometimes she would cancel our class to go teach the other one! Then she would try to make it up by sending us homework via email or teaching us a little longer whenever we actually had a class.

(This was not her fault, but) Once she was out 2 WEEKS (something like 6 classes) because she had broken her foot. She lived in another city so sometimes (err... often) she couldn't make it because it was a-lot-snow-Winter and the trains were late/didn't move at all. Not her fault, but...

You can imagine how shocked a) one substitute teacher b) our 3rd year teacher was when we told them. In two years we had learned about as much as we could've in 3 months with the right teacher.


K-fit, thanks for the tip! I've e-mailed the language department at school and asked about auditing classes.


Looking for a copy of the Chicken Soul book online now ;) thanks for the heads up K-Fit and congratulations on kicking ass at your job, I'm sure this is just a beginning of a long and illustrious career!


Caper - Thank you! Never give up! I know how hard it can be and when the end result seems so distant, but it's all worth it. I feel like I was on teetering on the brink of insanity before I left retail hell, but after everything that's come about for me since then, my life is much better and I am a much happier person!

Humor_Me - I plan to keep these notes forever! I also have cards from every class of my first semester of student teaching (at the other high school in the same district). The cards plus these notes are all hanging on the outside of my closet door, where I can see them every day! =)

I plan on continuing to sub next year. Hopefully I'll see my students from this year and maybe sub some of their classes. The other ASL teacher in the district, who set up this program herself, will be teaching all the ASL classes next year, and that will boost the numbers back up. Then maybe the year after I can be the second ASL teacher again. Not to get my hopes up, but it could happen!

As for the second interview I had, I still haven't heard anything back yet, but I won't be disappointed if I don't get it, as I still have the subbing position as a back-up.

Viking - I like that saying much better!

Master Anakin - Thank you for your kind words. I hope I have a positive influence!

iwbiek- I can't imagine doing anything else!

Perky - Unfortunately, that's the gloomy position that most states and districts are in. But before you move, try applying for subbing positions. It won't be your own classroom, but it's a way to get your foot in the door.

AnotherNoName - I'm sure that you will be! As long as you are passionate about your field and your work and you persevere, I don't see why you can't be exactly the teacher that you want!

Lucy - My students told me the same thing almost every day. "I think we learn more in one day with you than we have in months before!" Felt great.

Callista - Good luck! Let me know how it turns out. Also, don't be intimidated by trying to learn a new language. Of course it can be tough, but it also depends on your determination and how much work and effort you put into it. As long as you stay motivated, it can be a great experience, and a ton of fun! Especially with ASL. I know I always have a blast with it. =)

Masters Juggler - The book is amazing! And it makes it even better because all the stories are true and submitted by real people with real inspirational memories.

THANK YOU everyone for your congrats and kind words! It means a lot to me. I hope to share more stories in the future! =)

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Though this post is so lengthy, it's really worth my time reading it. Thanks for the inspiration and for recommending the Chicken Soup thingy book. :)


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