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When people are holding a hand full of change looking confused I will ask them for specific coins. They are always shocked and amazed that I managed to figure out a way to get them fewer coins in their change. I'm always shocked and amazed that these people never learned how to count money.

Also, I thought he was trying to give you 4 cents less than his total at first. I fucking hate that. I don't care if it is only a penny, you aren't getting your shit until that penny is in my hands.

Soft Ice Girl

Always remember: There are and always will be stupid rude douchebags in the world, and they exist in every town and establishment. So if someone is rude to you, it is ok to be angry, but do not take it personally. Their stupidity leaks out constantly and you just were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Bar Bitch

I had a woman tell me an entrée is a main the other day. Pointed out that in Britain, Australia, and everywhere else I'm aware of, entrée is a starter. Accept it? I laugh. I hate people trying to make you look like a dumbass when they are blatently wrong. However, it becomes a little more difficult when you show them the heading on the menu: 'Starters and Entrees'. No tip, totally worth it.


@Bar Bitch

I actually didn't know that either and I'm glad to have read your post so I won't make the same mistake as that woman.

Its good that I am willing to learn things also instead of insisting I am right, hope that counts for something.

expat steph

@Bar Bitch

You are totally right, an entrée IS a starter! But I'm pretty sure that in the United States people use it to mean the main dish. It just irks me that my country misuses so much French and always pronounces the words and phrases incorrectly! I can't even pronounce place names in american anymore... I have to say them with correct French pronunciation (I'm fluent, I can't help it!). But then no one knows what I'm talking about. Des Moines... Boise... Don't even get me started on the misuse of accents! It's probably worse because I live in France and of course I see correct French all the time, then at home in the US it's a mess! I'm just glad that the UK, Australia and other places have a much better sense of how to use borrowed foreign words!


Oh I would have given him back his 96 cents without another word and let him figure out what he did wrong.

NC Tony

I think this is the custys passive-aggressive way of telling us "the customer is always right", which we all know is bullshit. It's why I tell my co-workers I could never work on the sales floor and would NEVER work POS. Because I know, with my short temper, I'd tell a rude/entitled/condescending custy exactly what to do with their attitude and probably get fired.


Looked it up in my 1974 Websters.

1. Entrance
2. The principle dish of a meal in the U.S.

Yep, we've been weird for so long it even spells it out in the dictionary.

Notice there are no other alternate meanings.

Here's an explanation from The Straight Dope that shows why calling starters "entree's" is not correct either:

By the late 1800s, a typical formal dinner in the UK ran to about six courses: soup, fish, entree, roast (or "joint" - no giggling), maybe another savory course (often a pudding), and dessert. As you'll notice, the entree wasn't the opening act. It was generally a "made" or highly prepared dish - possibly meat and vegetables, maybe sweetbreads or liver - as opposed to the more unadorned roast, but this distinction could be blurry; in the earliest use of entree cited by the Oxford English Dictionary, from 1759, the dish described is a roasted ham. So while one could argue that the entree was the last of the preliminaries, it seems equally defensible to see it as the entrance into a series of what we'd now call main courses. Under main course, in fact, the OED has "one of a number of substantial dishes in a large menu," and in most cases the entree was clearly substantial enough to qualify.

This interpretation prevailed in the U.S., where British conventions held sway, but as American menus became more streamlined in the early 20th century (old-school chefs were already griping about graceless, hurried modern dining as of 1905) some courses got the ax. The roast lost its automatic spot (possibly due in part to WWI meat rationing), the additional savory dish fell away, and soon enough the entree had gone from one of several main dishes to the last main dish standing.

Bar Bitch

I've heard before that an entree can mean a main in some places, so when people from the US order I usualy clarify with them whether they mean a starter or a main (I work in a tourist oriented pub, so this is the stuff it pays to know!), but that clarification is literally where the argument came from, it was amazing! The cracker was her turning to her husband just as I was getting the menu out for her and saying 'Did I not specifically ask for an ENTREE?' Look on her face was priceless when I pointed to the heading and just asked again whether she wanted the starter or the main version of what she had ordered.

I don't care when someone is wrong or confused or just has different lingo, gentle correction or a question to clarify and life goes on. But I do care when they try to make me look like I'm the idiot, and then can't take it when it turns out that I am actually correct, and continue to try to argue it. Silly silly custies.

Malmart Peon

This seriously pisses me off. I work in a college town, and like most of the Cashiers at my Walmart, I'm a student (seriously, 90% of the front-end are students) and I'm NOT AN IDIOT. Hopefully soon I'll be going to graduate school (master's and doctorate plz) but it doesn't matter, because anyone who works in retail is OBVIOUSLY an idiot. :-/ When people pull this shit I just want to start throwing things, preferably heavy, at their heads.


I see the litfee hate patrol has shown up in full force. Keep it up. All you are proving is that you litfees are hate filled, venomous malcontents that should be ignored as mentally ill children.

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