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I share your pain - I loathe inconsiderate people! What the hell ever happened to basic decency, consideration for others and just plain being polite?


This makes me glad I haven't visited Splish Splash all summer. In fact, I haven't gone there in years.
People like that are all over LI and it's painful. My fiancee and I were at a movie theater for the HP premiere and we hate to wait on line behind some HS kids. People that are definitely old enough to have some idea of manners. But these kids were leaving trash all over the seats. Trash like a pizza box from a nearby restaurant and IMAX glasses plastic wrap. They would hop off the line to get drinks without throwing out their trash. My fiancee had recently had an accident so he had a cane and couldn't stand for long periods of time. The kids all sat down eventually, which was fine, but their trash took up the remaining valuable sitting space. Eventually I got fed up and threw out their garbage just so my fiancee could finally sit down. Really now. If I had my way, I would have handed them the trash earlier when they were jumping off the line to get soda. "Oh hey, you must have forgotten to throw this out when you got off line."


When my family used to go to King's Island, we were fortunate enough in that there was enough staff around to keep the line jumpers at bay. This is a problem with the park, and I highly suggest you call or e-mail the park and let them know your concerns. Better yet, if you post it on FB, I'll bet you'd get a LOT of feedback from other people who have had it happen to them, and they are more likely to address it.

The trash issue... one of my pet peeves too. There are trash cans all over my apartment complex, and people throw crap all over the place here. Worse yet, they provide pet pick-up bags, and the number of people who don't pick up after their dogs boggles the mind. Goes back to what I say over and over... you have to wonder what their homes look like.


When I worked at Generic Water Park kicking people out of my lines was one of the best parts of the job. I had to watch the slides first but I'd always try and watch my line out of my peripheral vision. One slide was always to worst for cutters and they were always so painfully obvious. I always took great glee in sending both the line cutters and their companions to the back of the line to try again. If they fought me or were generally dicks then I would happily inform them they were banned from the slide either for a time period or for the rest of the day, depending on the situation. I always got lots of sputtering objections and threats that they would complain to management and get a refund. These threats just made me laugh. We were encouraged to ban troublemakers from our slides because they would probably try and do something stupid like break a slide rule, break their necks, and sue the park. The really funny thing was we regularly switched stations to keep us fresh and once I left that station the next person wouldn't know who you were to enforce the ban. No one knew this and they'd spend the rest of the day sulking on their towel. Hee hee.

Walking Wench

I live on LI and going to Splish Splash was a yearly trip for my family. I remember seeing gum on everything, like the trees and roofs next to the rides. Also one time I was in the wave pool and an adult man was swimming backwards through a pool full of people and ended up knocking we over and I got stuck underwater for a bit (this was back when I was little). People turn off their brains when they enter parks


Long ago gave up on big crowd events/ attractions. Never missed it.


I never believe line cutters who use the "Excuseme, my family is up there" line. Why aren't you up there with them then ? Oh, you had to use the bathroom ? Sorry, not a good enough excuse to cut.

I'm preparing myself for this when I go to Florida at the end of this month, when going to Disney and Universal. So I don't get stressed out while there. I'm preparing for the douchy, entitled idiots I'll come acorss.

Hellbound Alleee

While it's not a great big deal, but just because you have friends that are overweight, and claim to not care, that doesn't mean your comments on "beach whale" (it's actually "beached whale." I know, because, well, I know.) Does it make any sense to you? If you're walking around with them, and someone fat is rude, you call them out for being fat in front of your fat friend? Or how about this--you have gay friends, but you yell at assholes by calling them stupid faggots? Make sense? When you yell at a mean person by calling them fat, you're still saying it matters how fat you are.

It's alright--a lot of us have thick skin, but do your friends?

Stockroom Slave

I've never experienced anything that bad... I've had people cut in line in front of me, obviously, but I've never had someone be so entitled as to physically push past when you've already called them out for cutting in line. Like Humor_Me said, I'd contact the park and voice your concerns. If they have a rule about cutting in line, they should enforce it, especially when it's that busy.

Card Creature

I remember when I was about 11 and went to a water park with my dad and a few friends. This group of kids tried to pass us to the front, and my dad wasn't having any of it. He's 6'4 and ex-military, so he can be quite intimidating if he wants to. He held out his arms and said "if you want to go down the slide, you have to wait in line like everyone else". They pouted, and said they were meeting their friends, but he didn't budge. He told them "too bad," and those fuckers waited.

Soft Ice Girl

I´d never had such a bad situation. If people were trying to cut in line (and if it wasn´t a small kid searching for its family) and claiming that they were going to their family/friends, I never let them through and told them that their friends should come to them (and let a few people in front of them) instead of having them cut in line.
Although, once in a park, there were two men with each a child, and one of them snuck past my friends, and the other man was behind me. Short before going on the ride (which was in groups of two, so the "first position" in the line consisted of 10x2 people), the man behind me asked if he could go before so that he could ride with his friend. I let him because it was not worth arguing, but jeez, what an asshole! And he is teaching his child that cheating your way to convenience is the right thing to do.

Misanthropic Barista


Misanthropic Barista

Pardon my "test" comment. I was having a freaky issue where my comments refused to appear, whether I tried posting from my phone or my laptop. I wanted to see if it was gonna work if I signed in with TypePad. Which it did, yay for me!

Anyway...WOW. I knew people in general are rude motherfuckers, but WOW. Good for you and your bf for at least speaking up, even if it did no good. Half the rude bullshit assholes like this get away with is because everyone else is lazy and complacent and won't speak up for what's right.

I DETEST line-cutters. It's fucking childish and obnoxious. Hell, my eight-year-old is too mature to cut in line. Anytime I see someone cut in a line, even if it's not a line I'm personally standing in, it makes me SO damn angry. I start to feel punchy and stabby. I guess it's a pet peeve of mine. I mean, there are MANY rude, entitled behaviors out there, and us retail slaves see them all. But to me, line cutting is just such a blatant FUCK YOU to the people already in line...it's almost like walking right up to each line-waiter's face, slapping their cheek, spitting in their eye, and saying "YOU'RE A PIECE OF SHIT, I'M BETTER THAN YOU, FUCK OFF." Grrrrrrr!

Oh, and Card Creature, I seriously <3 your dad. That is AWESOME.


This is why I HATE going to theme, water, or amusement parks. There are always annoying little hoodlums lurking about that have no respect or manners, to say the least.


When I was in elementary and middle school, everyone believed that if you asked a friend in line if you could skip in front of them, you could, even if there were twenty people behind that one. At some point, I started saying "No" when a kid asked a friend who was in front of me if she could skip, because I was there, too. I would get looked at like I was out of my mind.

Slave with No Name

k-fit, i know exactly how you felt. a bunch of my friends and i went to splish splash a couple of weeks ago and the same thing happened to us when we went on alien invasion AND on a ride that required tubs, we had seriously about 6 people cut us in line, hitting us with their tubs and everything -_-

Slave with No Name

opps, tube*

Laughing Barista

I actually went to Stony Brook University for undergrad and all of my LI friends tried to convince me to go there. I always refused because of the stories I heard about how rude people were there. Glad to see I made a good decision.


I feel so bad for you. I never even visit any parks anymore because I can't stand crowds.

The 1st one was just rude, it's always annoying to be crashed by someone. And no apologize wtf?!

The 2nd one - oh well, I've screamed at bees... I think I was 16 when I realized it's no good. It's just a reaction. Leaving trah behind isn't.

3rd... shit, dunno what to say... I mean I guess some people have their friend/family waiting in the line, but even that does not give you the right to cut. We've all waited without a break, and then some ass comes and cuts the line. Well fuck them. >:(

Eyescan Chick

I grew up on LI, and that's the only water park there silly! I had never been there though so on a trip back home a couple years ago, we decided to try it out. I hated every minute of it! The lines were long, you had to pay to do every little thing, and their parking lot was ridiculously far away from the actual park, (And yes, you had to pay for a shuttle, me the hunchback, and my mom the geriatric...) I stick with Knoebels. They rock! I've never waited longer than 20 minutes for any ride, and *most* of the other guests are friendly and considerate.


Girl, you're in my neck of the woods! I'm right down the street to that park ( which is one of the reasons I don't go). I am willing to travel to Six Flags than go there just from all the bad press I hear about it. I feel for any amusement park slave that has to deal with that crowd.


I'm glad I'm not the only one, though we all shouldn't have to deal with this crap! People are such assholes. In my experience Six Flags has always been better than Splish Splash, though when I went to SS about two years ago, it wasn't this bad. I also never went to Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags, either. Related to Tony's post the other day, it seems a lot of LI people are worse than Manhattan; there are a lot of jerks and entitled idiots.

@Hellbound Alleee - I see your point, but that's not what I meant. I would not do that to my friends. What I meant by my frustration will come out in whatever form it chooses, I meant ranting about here, later on. I didn't say anything to the girl about her weight, just the fact that she ran into me like that without apologizing is what pissed me off, which is why I yelled what I did about not saying she was sorry. It does not matter to me at all what a person looks like; I am friends with all types of people -- overweight, gay, all different races, etc. What matters to me is their character. That girl being so rude and not apologizing showed HER character, which is why I got angry. And no, I do not gossip about people behind their backs, either. Writing about it here is simply a rant because I was pissed off at the situation, just like all the other stories we have all written.

NC Tony

Regarding the line cutters, I don't know how you and your boyfriend managed not to beat the crap out of some people. If someone rudely pushed past me after I told them I wasn't putting up with their shit, there would be a fight. Like I stated in my post the other day, when I was at the zoo and the aquarium on vacation, people would be rudely pushing and shoving to get pictures of the animals, with no regard for the fact that everyone else was trying to get pictures of the animals. After a while I got sick of it, and would push back. Like I said, at one point I decided to get rude myself and hold a spot for my son so he could get close enough to get pictures. People kept getting in front of him and preventing him from getting to me, I held a spot and reached for him, cutting off people from getting in front of him ignoring the dirty looks I got. I started saying things like "It'd be a lot easier to take pictures if people could say excuse me, but nobody seems to know that friggin word!" and "Jeez, I hate rude people! They just bump right into you like you're not even there!" and I said these things loud enough that I hope the people they were directed at heard them.

As unfortunate as it is, sometimes you gotta fight fire with fire. No matter where you go, no matter what you do, there will always be assholes who don't care about anybody but themselves, and fuck you if you have a problem with it.


Those fucking line cutters knew that there was nothing you could do without starting an all-out brawl (because they weren't afraid to get physical, as they demonstrated by physically pushing you aside) so you were basically powerless. I agree with whoever said above that you should complain to the company, especially if they have a Facebook page you can publicly post on.


It's Long Island... unfortunately most of the people I've met here have more money than sense.


Nowadays when people tell me they are trying to get to their friends/family, I tell them to call them and have them turn around first. It's amazing how in 2010 (the last time I went to a theme park) not many people had a cell phone. Tough luck, stay behind me.

Burger Bitch

I'm not a huge fan of any type of theme parks, I hate big crowds. Even when I went to Canada's Wonderland last year, everyone was a pushy, rude cunt.

The bee thing though. Bees are my worst fear and I generally scream when one comes near me, I don't mean to, but I get so freaked out.


lesson of the story; people are worthless pigs so avoid them as best as possible. Go when no one else is going, like when there's a light overcast or it's a regular work day for most (like a Tuesday) and avoid going on a holiday like the park is full of infectious zombies


"Past". "Past". The word is "past". I know they're homophones, but they are different words. "Passed" is a past-tense verb and doesn't make any sense the way you used it at least twice in there.

Mostest Hostess

Ugh, I hate line jumpers. Actually got shoved into a barrier by a line jumper once, so I'm not too keen on them whatsoever.

Honestly, your family/friends/casual acquaintances/fuck buddies can wait for you if you fall behind. Why yes, it is quite the clever notion, so glad I came up with it. :P

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