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Since there was at least one other person involved (the one taht you helped) have them confrim your story. Owning up to a mistake is a sign of true character, pretending to not EVER make a mistake? LIES!!!!!!!!


I agree call the extra person involved to prove your side of the story.

Also if I remember correctly when you say something to the managers they ignore it. Yet when little bitchface goes to them about you they are calling you both to the office. Now that's messes up. It could be from all the lies she put in there. Hmmm...


I quit one of my first jobs over shit like this. My advice would be to start carrying a small notebook w/you and document EVERYTHING Bitch 1 or 2 does along w/any witnesses, the date, time, and any further information you can think of (if it violated a rule/policy then state which one, if it took place in front of customers, ect.). After a week or two, call the manager asking for a meeting. Bring your evidence and outline for them what is going on and possible solutions. The more evidence you have on your side, the better!


This manager obviously isn't familiar with children. The one who says "I didn't do anything, she started it!" is, 7 times out of 10, the one who actually started it. The one who says "Yeah, I hit her, she stole my cookies!" is usually telling the 100% truth. Duh. The one NOT trying to save their own hide is the one you trust. So your manager is either A) a stone cold idiot, B) is too lazy to actually get involved, or C) feels pressured to take Bitch 2's side for outside reasons. Soory, that's just a world of suck.

And if any manager ever tried to tell me that "looking offputting" was a reason for a coworker to verbally abuse me and neglect their duties, I'm pretty sure there would be some words about categorizing people on things they can't change, like, oh, height or skin color. >_<

NC Tony

If she's a perfect angel I'm mother Theresa. I agree with the others, get the other person to back you up, and document everything these two little brainless bitches do. Frankly after re-reading your last post I'm amazed you were able to restrain yourself from giving each of them a knuckle sandwich, minor or not. If anyone ever spoke to me like that, I'd be doing everything I could to get them fired, or taking my frustrations out on them in any way I could without getting in trouble myself.


It doesn't amtter who started it, the sad fact is you admitted you did wrong and she did not. That right there, while it does look mature, is also by nature an admittance of wrong.... which encourages Bitch2 and gives the managers cause to side with her.

I don't like it, but that's the way a lot of people look at it in my experience.

If the others are right and you have a witness, then all the better to web Bitch2 with :)

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