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Gawds people are dumb! What good are cute, overpriced galoshes going to do you when you spent all that time on that, and none on your emergency kit and your apartment floods? Hell, serves them right. At least they'll have their boots. *rolls eyes*

NC Tony

You know these are going to be the same people who turn around when their home floods saying "I didn't have any time to get supplies!" Well, if you didn't spend all your time looking for cute boots you ditz...


"city people" as I'm sure many call them ( I say that but I've always lived in a city environment..).
The thing is, most of these people don't think anything could happen to them, nothing really bad will happen, they live in a city! like, with running water and electricity! not in the back of the woods where you have to chopup your own animals or something... someones in charge of making sure the nature doesn't temper with their life,so they turn it into an excuse just to get new boots.
Same people who would be whining and freaking out and totally lost is something actually bad happened, but since in NewYork there was ( as I last heard on the news) not much damage/problems, those will carry on to think that it was just silly really to worry that much...
( but who will most likely use it in any conversation they can "Yeah, I mean, I survived an hurricane! we even had to light candles and stuff!"


Really, people? REALLY?! THIS is what's important?! There's a fucking HURRICANE heading right for you, and you're worried about having STYLISH BOOTS?!



Ya know... from the land of tornadoes and horses (I raised them for 21 years), we had "dairy boots" for the world famous Indiana gray-clay soil that would grab your boots and suck them off, or worse yet STICK, so you ended up walking around with 200lbs of glop on your feet. Those boots cost about $20 at the farm store, lasted forever, and came in all sizes so that even the kids could help out on the farm (no excuses!).

Now you have "Evacuistas" who want a pair of rubber boots to wear for a week till the water subsides? What am I missing? If I had known, I would have driven back, bought a bunch from the farm store, marked them up to $120/pair, heat-stamped them with "I survived Hurricane Irene!", and made a freakin' fortune. Still not too late to list them on ebay, I guess...

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