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Malmart Peon

Some people just like to complain. I would have been rather tempted to reply: "Don't you just hate it when you try to help someone and all they do is complain about it?" A big, bright smile is mandatory during your delivery of the above remark.


Well, they still had a valid complaint. The register was indeed opened once it was almost her turn, rather than when it would've actually benefitted her.


Except the manager was busy, he saw her waiting and decided to open the register. He clearly didn't have to since there were only to custys in line.

Svantus, the Wageslave Avenger

What is this? "Send in the trolls"
Look, thise site is mainly for wageslaves that have to deal with the incompetent. These are people, not the mightily omnipotent that can cater to every ridiculous demand. Two people in line, normally not a big deal for one person and not usually considered a big enough problem by management to have to open another drawer. When it becomes an issue to simply wait a few minutes for your turn, the issue is not with the employees, the issue is with you.

Popcorn Pit Slave

If you don't have time to wait in line, you don't have time to go shopping, in my opinion. There is no need to be impatient and rude. I too have been on the receiving end of impatient custys' (custies'?) complaints. Woman, if you are really "in a hurry", you don't need a bunch of t-shirts right now.
I also had a similar experience in a clothing store where a customer complained that our store had "THE WORST SERVICE EVER" after at least two associates offered her help and she declined. If you say no to help, you won't get any unless you make a point to ask. Augugughghghhgh.

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