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NC Tony

Too much work to text the word "sale" to a five digit number? Ooh, having to hit nine buttons, ten if count the send button. How dare you try to make him do all that hard work for 20%!

Burger Bitch

That's where I'd like to see someone come over and say "I'm a black belt." And just knock the dumb right out of that fucker.


I'll bet you 50ยข that either someone had a spare coupon or they told him the same thing at the other register and *GASP!* he texted the code for the coupon and got his discount but was too embarrassed to tell you. What an asshole. I'd bet more, but I don't have it. Do you take pennies?


Text 4 numbers? But that's so much work and I might get a thumb cramp! WAAAAAAAAH! I bet you wouldn't make a WHITE customer text 4 whole numbers!


LOL, seriously? Custys are so lazy anymore, except when it suits them!

Fellow Slave

Nice to know Loss Prevention will have your back when you need it. Poor Joe. We all must attract the crustys, huh?


Poor Joe :( I wonder why the sane people attract the CRAZYYY FUCKERS?!?!?!?!?!?!?! (I can use proper grammar, but the extra Y's are a necessity in describing the fuckers ;])

Also, if he was texting already, why not just text and get the coupons???????

/I think my brain exploded from the stupidity...


"Actually he left in a minute and a huff."
I see what you did there! Good on you for not sinking to his level.

Joe the Cigar Guy

When I told a co-worker about this, she said, "I KNOW that guy! He goes from friendly to psycho in two seconds AND plays the race card every time!"

Two pats on the head to the person who can identify the "minute and a huff" reference.

Malmart Peon

And what customers like Mr. Asshole don't seem to realize is that it takes longer for them to throw a fit than it would to text for the coupon, or find their receipt, or sign the freaking paper.


I don't have anything useful to add, but Joe, I have to salute you for "a minute and a huff." Now you've got me cruising down memory lane, and I suspect my afternoon is going to be devoted to YouTube videos....

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