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you have nothing to apologize for. you're right that you didn't have anything to do with his firing so why should you feel bad? one of my crappy do-nothing co-workers got fired last year and i most definitely did not feel bad about it. so go ahead and be happy about your new position!


Be happy you deserve it. You had nothing to do with his termination. Congrats!


Fuck the haters, be happy.


Unless you did a neener-neener dance around him, complete with backup singers and professional choreography, then no, you don't owe anyone an apology.

If you did, any chance you could post the video?


Oh PLEASE. Why should you apologize? You did nothing wrong. If those guys ever tell you to apologize, remind them he wasn't a great person, you did nothing o get him fired, he got fired on his own and that Karma is a bitch that will occasionally fuck up the ass.


Haters gonna hate. Ignore 'em and be happy! :'D


I'm with the majority. If you did nothing to orchestrate his removal and ur experience qualifies you for the position, then feel free to sing it to the mountains.

Congratulations on your new position :)


Um, would the complainer not be happy if he/she had gotten a promotion? I mean, seriously? Or are they just jealous of you, and can't stand you being cheerful about it?

If you feel like you want to get along with the complainer, I guess you could tone it down around them, but honestly, I don't think you have a thing to apologize for. What an awful life they must lead if a little happiness on the part of a coworker makes them so unhappy.

Fortune Cookie

Apologize to who exactly? The bitch-boy? Most certainly not! Karma is a bitch, but she seems to like you ^-^ Have fun with your new job and GREAT ACHIEVEMENT!!!


Should you feel bad about getting a promotion? No. However being happy about someone getting fired is not really a good thing. I mean, if he was a bad worker who didn't do his job properly then it's fine, but if he was a good worker then I wouldn't cheer his firing.


Be happy he was a dick. Ignore those hyper-sensitive wouldn't-say-they-were-happy-even-when-bin-laddn-died people.


You've got nothing to apologize for. I'm always happy when crappy coworkers get sacked, though I like things better if they're given the warning and chance to improve. You earned that spot on your own merit; be happy in that. :)

Duke of URL

Apologize to him? Why? It's not like you rubbed it in his face. Apologize to them? Why? It's not like it's any of their business, they're neither him nor you.


Apologize to whom? Him for having been fired because of his own poor performance? How would that go: "I'm sorry you're such a screwup you lost your job?" At this nay-sayer who might be a friend of his: "I'm sorry your friend was such a jerk" Nope. Short of your taking out a full page ad in the paper saying "Ha Ha, John XYZ was fired from ABX store and I've got his job now!", very little you could do would be all that bad.


I think you actually should've done an in-your-face dance, karma actually came through with a delicious ironic flair.


Apologize for what, being a better worker?


Hehe, I think the crowd has spoken.

It's possible they're upset because they liked the guy and think you're gonna be poopy to work with, or they're upset cause they wanted the job and you got it. Or they're upset cause he told them a different reason why he got fired (like that the managers 'had it in' for him or something).

Whatever reason, it's in their own silly heads and you've absolutely nothing to apologize for. Shine on.

Svantus, the Wageslave Avenger

You should do the Leonardo di Caprio (spelling?) strut as you walk into work the next time you go in.

"One does not simply just walk into Mor-"
"Ah, shit"


Yeah, you have nothing to apologize for. I guess you probably shouldn't rub it in, not that I'm saying you did, but you might want to avoid being too happy about it around anyone you know was a friend of his because they might get mad at you. Unless you don't give a fuck if they do, in which case go right ahead.

Bitch Boy

@Fortune Cookie: "Apologize to who exactly? The bitch-boy?"

Why would anyone apologize to me?...

Just kidding folks! I'll be here all day, try the veal!

Joking aside, just enjoy your promotion.


This is the time when delicious cupcakes might smooth things over for you. Everyone wants to eat them! I'm not saying it's impossible to be bitchy to someone who gives you a cupcake... but you at least have to shut your talk-hole long enough to eat the cupcake.


Well due to circumstances, I am no longer employed their either. Good riddence I say because I didn't really enjoy being there.


^What the hell happened?!


@Diane/Svantus...MADE OF WIN.


shamaldeolekar1 Posted on @xylem369 Speak for ur self cause OTHERS rlaley enjoyed it! If u hate it, why did u even come here? 2 watch it? or y even bother posting a comment?

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