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Grendus the Self Check Guy

Bah, fuck em. With how they've been treating... pretty much all their employees really, they deserve to crash and burn. Don't let em shout you down, give them your letter of resignation and if they start trying to talk you in to staying tell them to stick the letter where the sun don't shine and walk out.


Good luck. The only down side to all this is you are leaving Meathead all alone... Please keep us updated from his point of view.

Bitch Boy

If they are trying to hold her pay for ransom, call the local news station. Nothing like bad press.


The way I see it, you're crazy boss man has /betrayed/ you for being a horrible person.

Blow that popsicle stand ASAP, and don't look back.

Laughing Barista

I really hope this new job works out for you. Slemsations treats you like shit and you deserve much, much better.


I think I will miss all the shenanigans that you post about your Indian food job. I also think that when they hired Jimmy that the chef may have had a bonus or some side deal resting on it. Why else would Chef start treating you like shit after Jimmy quit when you had been there through thick and thin? Makes me wonder what the subplot is.... :)
Stay Strong, In solidarity!


Bonus comment story!

Last night was my first shift at Pizza Pit, and my amazing new trainer/co-worker and I basically sat around eating pizza and chatting all night. This couple came in around midnight, fresh from the bar, and ordered some pizza. I went in the back to throw the slices in the oven and I came back to them playing tonsil hockey right at the register. After they received their noms and went back to a table, the girl exclaimed "WOW! This pizza is great!.....where are we?" Then they made out again. Then they went outside to smoke a cigarette and made out whilst smoking. And two guys came in dressed like Justin Beiber and we all had a good laugh.

Oh Pizza Pit.

NC Tony

We want an update when you quit Slemsations, and I'm looking forward to stories from Pizza Pit.


You may want to try and get Darla to quit with you, if possible. Just keep one thing in mind. You don't owe them shit.

Hellmart elf

So they are not paying Darla? And they still expect her to work? What is up with that? How can they get away with that?


Withholding pay can't be legal, but I'm not too sure. When she works up the nerve, have her give two-weeks notice so if they try some "two weeks" bull she can tell them that's why she's giving them notice.


I know exactly where and who you are speaking of. And they have always and will always screw people over. That is all thy have ever EVER done to everyone who has ever walked through that place. Darla and metalhead will unfortunately learn their lesson at some point or another. You can't lick their balls enough to always make them happy.

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