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Convenience Store Jockey

Id like to make a few adjustments to bring this piece in line with retail work:

1. Not a 6X8 cubicle but a 2X3 Register

2. Don't get a single break in an 8 hour shift (seriously, in two years i have received not one break.).

3. Get rewarded for good work with a slap in the face and a kick in the balls (or vice versa)

4. Security? Whats that?

5. At work you have to beg and plead to be allowed to use the toilet.

6 and 7, Spot on.

--In reference to number 2, in maine employers are not obligated to give a meal break if there are 3 or fewer employees on duty at a time. In my c-store we are alone 24 hours a day except when the manager is doing the paperwork.

Convenience Store Jockey

forgot one: me and the manager spend all day playing games and watching funny/raunchy stuff on youtube on my phone.


@ Convenience Store Jockey:) Awesome Thanks!

Drug Store Diva

If this blog had a "like" button...Jockey would get about 100 of them :)

I do get a break though...30 minute lunch two hours after I start, then it's 3 1/5 until the store closes, but if I need a short potty break, I can call the photo clerk to watch the main register. No games though, I had to get special permission to have my cell phone on me because my father is in the hospital.

Mr Creazil

Well, inmates have to work. If they are paid at all, it's far below minimum wage. Also, there's less rape and stabbing in most workplaces, and the higher-ups generally don't get a free pass on literally beating you.

Convenience Store Jockey

Mr Creazil. Im not sure what is worse, the physical beatings at the hands of prison guards, or the emotional beatings at the hands of custys and powertripping managers.

I count myself extremely blessed to have a good manager. We goof off all day and the district manager likes both of us so we can get away with it.


@CSJ, well, as a slave yo can always walk out. Sure, you may not be able to 'afford' walking out, you could end up without pay, not able to sustain yourself or your family, end up a hobo, but in the end you still have that choice, not in prison.

Now, I'm not saying most people in prison don't deserve being behind bars, and I'd have trouble not turning my eyes on a rapist or a pedophile getting beaten up by others inmates because he kinda karma-deserve it, but it's one thing turning the eye when you are a prison guard, and another to illegally beat-up someone when you are a prison guard.
It's sad that in developed countries this still exist. Some people are better left to rot away in cells, but it's stooping to their level to abuse power like that.




There's one more that's missing:

Prison: You spend your days waiting to be out from behind bars
Work: You spend your days waiting to go to bars

Hellbound Alleee

In prison, you are literally a slave, and have to do work (for cents and hour) that you would be doing out in the world. I don't know where anyone gets this "no work" idea.

And, anal rape.

Convenience Store Jockey

But in prison they cant *force* you to work. They can revoke privileges and put you in solitary, they cannot hit you.

In the retail world, custies can do whatever they feel like and you must stand there and take it and smile and thank them for bringing their concerns to you.

For those of us in retail with no other job prospects, the choices are: be abused by customers, or live in a box in the park (sometimes both, a former co-worker was living in a shelter)

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