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I've been inside a Hollister it's bloody stupid how dark it is, seriously it's dark enough to make you squint when you leave.


Lighting + clothing store = disaster. Especially if it's so dark that you can't see a thing.
It always drives me crazy when the color of [whatever-piece-you-like] is totally different in the store and outside. I think the best way would be to make huuuuge windows, so that the sunlight would work its magic.

Marten Kemp

This is the reason I always carry my trusty flashlight. Works a treat for reading menus in "romantic" restaurants, too. Of course, I strive mightily to avoid such places.

Joe the Cigar Guy

Yeah, it IS a big deal when the shirt you thought was gray and $29.95 is really pink and $79.95. "Cool" must be the new "Stupid".

Bitch Boy

It sounds a lot like the downward spiral that Circuit City took...

Originally, the music/TVs were tuned to a relatively quiet level. They would be turned up if the customer wanted to hear how loud they could get. Many customers would write into CC corporate thanking them for the wonderful business atmosphere. Unfortunately, some idiot at corp. thought that walking into CC should be like walking into a "fun" "party" and changed policy to increase the volume of anything with a speaker. Needless to say, that was the very beginning of the end for CC as business continued to get worse with each policy change...


Easy solution, don't shop at trendy bullshit stores.


I wonder what their shrink is like. Must be a shoplifter's paradise.

many bells down

I went into a Gilly Hicks once (lingerie store). The whole thing was a barely-lit maze of tiny rooms. Each room would have a few thongs artistically arranged on a table. Salesladies kept coming up to me - I assume they were asking if I needed help, but the music was deafening and I couldn't hear anything any of them were saying.

I finally found the exit and have never set foot in there again.

Drug Store Diva

By me, people want to shop in the dark. When we have power outages people don't even stop shopping, they pull out their flashlights and keep going, then get upset when we won't open the coolers to get a gallon of milk (since we're trying to keep it as cold as possible until the power comes back on)


If it is dark, they are closed and should be treated as such.

Queer Geek

Simple consumer psychology. The custy is blinded in darkness and can't see that they are forking out hundreds of dollars on overpriced raggedy, poor quality, trendy clothes!


a few years ago, I had a roommate that did marketing at sears, and they decided to do a "green" week by keeping the lights at a low level. people thought the store was closed or too dark to shop in. guess how long that lasted?


Hey, now, I happen to LIKE dimly-lit stores!

Green Grin

Those pictures look like my job the day a fuse blew and we only had the emergency lights on. That day sucked. I have no idea why anyone would do something like that voluntarily.

Delusional Convenience Store Clerk

Oh man, if convenience stores would only dim the lighting too. I would set up death traps akin to bottomless pits and spike traps, and vats of acid. Fucking awesome.


Thanks for the post. I still haven't read the book, nor will I probably read the book. It hseontly doesn't sound interesting to me (and neither do any of the Bell response books). From this post it seems like Bell is being typical Bell. Its basically a book that is meant to question our assumptions by posing difficult questions. Maybe we should call Bell the new Socrates (THAT IS HERESY!!!), because Bell asks and asks and asks and never gives answers but he definitely knows where he wants us to land. I commend Bell because he gets that the gospel is lived out now here on earth, and not just later up in heaven. Finally, I would not necessarily disagree with any of those quotes, because they are so often taken out of their context. Put into the right context those quotes could be coming out of St. Augustine's mouth. On a more negative note, the only thing that frustrates me about this book (which again I have not read) is that it seems like a book in which the author is just thinking out loud. I don't want to know an author's thought process unless it contributes to their conclusion.

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