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Congrats on the new job!


Good luck!

Book Baby

JJ Legumes has great clothes, plus NO SUITS!Hooray for you, Joe!


I'm glad the wifi is back online just in time to read this! : - D

I LOVE J.J. Legume! I just can't afford their stuff. My son bought a backpack from them for Christmas with money my best friend sent us one year to replace his that was falling apart. He loved the "guaranteed for life" and hope it lasts that long. Five years later, its still as good as new. I have my one pair of flannel lined jeans. OMG! SO WARM! I wish they were guaranteed for life. If I ever win the lottery, I'm going to get a whole new wardrobe.


joe, i just want to say, it's nice to see another robusto man. whatcha holdin' in the picture? my buddy and i got a couple of the short fat partagas maduro torpedoes a few years ago and after more than 2 hours of smoking in earnest they still weren't finished. we finally had to pitch them because our mouths were sore from puffing so long. now those were cigars!

NC Tony

Congrats and looking forward to stories from the Legume.

Joe the Cigar Guy

If I remember correctly, that's a Perdomo. I'm a big fan of them, but my all-time favorites are the Rocky Patel Olde World Reserves.

Thanks, gang! It's good to be back!

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