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Backroom Bitch

As much as I'm not thrilled about a 12am opening at the Bullseye, I can say a majority of my fellow red and khakis will have a lovely Thanksgiving. Including those of us working the truck on the holiday.

At least the big box retailers close for major holidays. I feel bad for those still working in stores that don't close. This is my first job I'm not worried about working a major holiday and missing everything.


i HATE black friday. i thinks it's so stupid for stores to open on thanksgiving night and really early on friday. i think the earliest they should open is 5am on friday. even then, i wouldn't get my ass out of bed for their lame sales. it's not worth it. i don't understand the people who camp out in line overnight just to buy STUFF. it's just stuff! it's not worth it! not to mention it's completely unfair to the employees. i get it that retail employees sort of sign up for shitty schedules just by working retail (working nights/weekends/certain not-very-celebrated holidays) but this goes waaaay too far. they deserve time off for holidays too. absolutely fucking ridiculous.


ps- i signed both petitions.


After years in retail hell, I FULLY support the workers. It's bad enough they have to be dragged in at 2 or 3 am to deal with retards who are only buying crap they can't afford and don't need just because some one attached a shiny 50% off sale tag to it.

Now retailers want to beat the rush and one up each other, at the expense of what? Their employees. The ones that come up with these hair brained ideas aren't the ones having to try to go sleep at 4pm on turkey day so they can drag their behinds into work just to get a triple dose of being cussed out, screamed at, trampled, harassed and bitched at over half off crap.


I used to work at the 7 every Thanksgiving morning from 7-3. Since I no longer work there, and even before, I reguse to sgop on Black Friday. I have never understood people who camp out for ANYTHING, be it the Twitard movies or a lame sale.
A funny story from my days. The store was located in an upper-class neighborhood of snobs who normally would not shop at a 7-Eleven except when nothing else was opened.
This one Thanksgiving, my asshole co-worked never showed so by myself and the place is packed. Most people are really nice because they can see how screwed I was.
However, this one older woman comes up with a quart of milk and tells me that the milk window was dirty and needed to be cleaned. I grabbed the Windex and paper towels and handled them to her telling her to go clean it then.
She was not amused but the rest of the line was.


mjay that's a great story! Hahaha.

And I completely agree with the comments above. There is no reason for retail stores to be open on any major holiday... it's all about money to them. I've heard so many people compare this to hospital workers, police officers, firefighters, etc., who have to work every holiday and it's just not the same. Those are necessary to sustain life... retail is NOT. They knew from the start that they would have to work holidays. Retail workers were guaranteed these holidays off, and now they have to go in Thanksgiving night, too. Yes, some get holiday pay, but for the amount of work the employees actually do and things they put up with, they deserve MUCH more than minimum wage and holiday pay.

Let's spend our Thanksgiving night camping out in a parking lot just so we can get in on a midnight sale and buy crap for Christmas while we still have an entire month to shop! Woohoo!

NC Tony

They do this shit every year and then wonder why customer service and employee morale is so low. Like I keep saying, make the fat cats in corporate work Black Friday and let the rest of us stay home with our families. My wife is going to have to miss most of Thanksgiving due to Wal-Mart opening at midnight.

Fuck corporate and fuck all the people who are telling us to "suck it up". They've obviously never worked retail.

Fortune Cookie

Holiday = all stores closed. What's not to understand major decision maker assholes? >.< Black Friday might not be a holiday, but the whole craziness would go away with regular shop hours and regular prices. *shakes head* I really am majorly glad not to work in the US right now.


I always get my black friday sales online as opposed to being punched in the face by some wack job over a $130 Xbox.


Good and bad of working at a theme park: We're open 365 days a year, but thankfully there's no super crowded sales crap. Furthermore, we keep respectable hours on those days and due to the scheduling you can usually find a way to spend some time with your family, be it early or late.


I don't know when Nordstroms is opening but they will not have their holiday decorations up until the day after Thanksgiving. Thank goodness some businesses still have morals and class.


My store is opening at midnight...but I'm closing. I think if the higher ups want us to open that early...they should dispense other higher ups to work along side with us. But that never happens. They'll have a better christmas than well ever have. Le sadface


I have worked plenty of holidays but now that I get holidays off...I don't shop I enjoy time with family at home. I drink some wine and I take a nap. I will not support any retail establishment on a holiday. Not sure that just me makes a difference but I have to hope there are others like me. Hope you all get family time over the holidays.


My new place of employment opens at Midnight. Why on earth would anyone want to shop at a bath store at that hour?! Thankfully, I don't have to be there until 6am.


Wait, my main competitor is open at 6am? Who needs craft supplies at 6am?! What the fuck do you need to paint before the sun is up?


Along the lines of the people saying that Hospital workers/PD/FD having to work those holidays...There's a lot of times that they have the OPTION of working those holidays, and usually people who don't have family things going on volunteer to take those shifts, or in the case of the PD/FD a lot of them will simply be on-call for the holiday, that they can be with their family unless they get a call, and then once that call is resolved, they can go back to the family.
Retail people don't get a choice of if they get to work on the holiday or not and there's certianly no on-call option.


My family does it, so I'm likely to get dragged out, and unfortunately, the 9PM is likely to attract them because then they won't have to stay up so late. But I'm slipping the cashier a $20. Least I can do.

Queer Geek

I've already signed the petition as well!


I just found out today that I'm opening at 6 am all the animal apartments, and we're opening at 7am. Who needs pet supplies AT 7 IN THE MORNING! I'm stocking up on the caffeine.


To paraphrase Terry Pratchett:- Some people just can't sleep from the worry of all the money they aren't making!

I kinda miss the days when shops closed lunchtime Saturday, and NOTHING was open on Sunday or Holidays... (Yeah OK, I'm old... :P).

Captain No-Babies

I had to work the overnight shift on Black Friday, and quite honestly, it worked quite well for me. While I wish that corporate gave me some extra pay for sitting in an empty baby store at 2 am rather than sleeping, I honestly think that the overnight shift worked out really well for me. I was able to use it as an excuse to avoid being around my parents who are mid-divorce and selectively chose when I hung out with them. Also, I only had to deal with busyness from about midnight until 1:30 am, until it was completely empty (except for Santa who came to give us candy!) until 9 am.

I think that the hours are getting a little bit ridiculous, but at the same time, if corporate wants to keep pushing, then they need to be fair about it. Obviously there is holiday pay for Thanksgiving, but the overnight shift is just as bad, if not worse, for people not accustomed to working overnight. If people working from 12am to 9am (or whatever time the business usually opens) received time and a half, everyone would be a little better off. Yes, it wouldn't be the same as spending that time with family, but for those struggling, working overnight could be a really great option to help pay for the extra expenses of the holidays. Also, my store rotates which manager works which shift (and tries to rotate associates as well) so that no one works the same shift two years in a row unless they request it. So, Manager A opens at 10 pm on Thanksgiving, Manager B comes in at 4 am to provide relief, Manager C comes in around 10 am, and Manager D comes in around 4pm. The next year, Manager C would open, D would provide early morning relief, A would work the morning shift and B would close. For our small store, it's really worked and made everyone as happy as possible...

crankie cashier

Where i work we have to be in a 6 every day anyway to having to be there at 5 is not that big of a deal. Not to mention my supervisor was super awesome and let us all say whether we wanted to open or close. I think the whole Black Friday thing is retarded to i just refuse to shop on that day.

Green Grin

@Framer-Fatal The sunrise, obviously. ;)

I live in Canada, so no Black Friday. They still like to fuck with our hours though. My grocery store is going to open until midnight for the days leading up to Christmas, although we will still close at 6pm on Christmas Eve. Busier stores are going 24 hours. The few 24 hour stores will just roll their eyes and continue on as per usual.

It's pretty fucking ridiculous. Do they really think there is going to be a rush on grocery stores on the two weeks leading up to Christmas? Our store is usually completely and utterly dead at night. Between 7 and 8pm all of the customers fuck off and go home. I've gone 20 minutes without a customer on closing shifts. Having to endure that boredom for an extra 2 hours is going to be maddening.

There wont be a dirty fixture left in the store though; we usually break out the cleaning supplies when we're really bored and desperate so we can talk without getting in trouble.

Book Baby

My DH has to work the day after Thanksgiving. He's an automotive tech and most of the parts houses are CLOSED that day. We won't even mention the fact that the only cars people give up this day are dead in the water. At least he gets to work his regular shift!

I refuse to be part of the anytime-a.m. lunacy. I sleep in and wander out about 1 p.m. Yes, you heard me right, THE AFTERNOON.


Rather than convincing the oh-so-altruistic companies to change their ways, retail workers would be better served organizing a nationwide walkout/call-in on Black Friday. If you got enough people to do it, they could not possibly afford to fire them all.


With my sensory processing issues and my anxiety, Black Friday is a Bad Idea for me.

Hey, if y'all wanna get up at the ass-crack of dawn and deal with hordes of shoppers (from either side of the checkout), that's fine. But you won't catch me there -- I hate crowds, I hate shopping in meatspace, and I have no tolerance for listening to elebenty-thousand different versions of the same six songs. Thank Ceiling Cat (nip be upon him) for online shopping!


We don't have Thanksgiving or Black Friday in Australia. But there are 12 public holidays spread throughout the year. Anyone working on a gazetted public holiday gets double time and a half (or double time and 3/4 if you are a casual). This year because xmas is on a Sunday you can spend xmas day with your family then go to work on the Monday and Tuesday (the gazetted public holidays for xmas and boxing day) and be paid 2 and 1/2 times your normal pay - gotta love that!!

Bored at the Bookstore

Massachusetts is causing a minor furor among store management. Thanks to the infamous Blue Laws, stores cannot open until at least 12:01 a.m. - can't even have employees in the place before that time! So, the stores are howling for exceptions to the law, so they can open way-too-darn-early like their colleagues in nearby states. First time I've seen the Blue Laws as a a plus!


My bulls eye will be getting a truck Thanksgiving morning. We will also be arriving at 10p Wed night in order to get all the sale signs up, end caps set, and store pretty. So if you think about it, if you work 10p-6:30a Wed into Thursday, then have to be back at 11pm Thurs night for black Friday... there is NO THANKSGIVING!

Honestly, I see an eventuality where there are no holidays for retail employees. "Don't like your gifts on christmas? Stores will be open, so return them!"


During my days in big box retail, I could never understand why so many of my co-workers, from fellow slaves all the way up to managers, were robbing the place blind. Morale was in the toilet due to stuff like early BF openings, low pay, and other issues. I wouldn't partake in the theft myself, but I guess now at least I understand why they were so angry and bitter. I can't believe the leaders of these companies don't understand that treating your employees like your personal slave corps doesn't do the company any good, and even causes some employees to turn rogue.


BanzaiBoB: You must be my age. I remember when the stores were closed on Sundays and holidays. You might find a mom and pop store/pharmacy that had a half-day so you could pick up emergency ingredients/medications, but the malls and big box stores were closed and everybody stayed home and enjoyed their families. I think restaurants were still open on a volunteer basis "Denny's: We never close!" but the waitresses got great holiday pay and the patrons tipped like crazy on those days.


Oh gods, the Black Friday nonsense has passed the moral event horizon. My Office Ghetto is opening at 6:00 am, (which I think is bad enough, but I am not a morning person), but 3:00 am? Midnight? Thanksgiving evening?! Why! We retail slaves get to spend little enough time with the people we love as it is. Why cut into a holiday we'd like to spend together, eating delicious food and listening to Alice's Restaurant?

As for the shoppers who condone this insanity...what on Earth could you possibly need that badly that you'd go risk your life in a raving mob in the middle of the night? I wish everyone would boycott these sales and teach the corporate slimeballs setting these hours a lesson, but you know people won't. =/

I'm so sorry guys, for any of you who have to work these ridiculous shifts. I hope you'll all be safe. If I didn't have to work Black Friday, I wouldn't even leave my house.

Coffee Slinger

So my job is opening at midnight like all the other asshats out there. The memo that they sent out explaining it made me want to stab something, saying that they wanted to be kind to their staff at this family holiday and would try to be as accommodating as possible. Accommodating my ass! How is gods' name did you think it's a good idea to open at f****** midnight just because everyone else is doing it? At least they are being considerate with not only providing breakfast at around 4:30 am, but also lunch and about 6 24 packs of energy drinks. I already have approval to bring in my own case of mountain dew to keep at my station so i can stay awake and fucntion.


This makes me glad we don't have Black Friday in Canada (or at least where I live anyway).

Hellbound Alleee

I'm hoping for a future where people stay home and shop online exclusively for their black friday deals.

Hellbound Alleee

...on another note, I have always found it to be...squicky...that my store thought they were being so kind as to provide us with sugar and energy drinks.

Nobody else thought it gross that they were drugging us so we could actually make it through the grueling shift? If a normal human being cannot do something without having massive amounts of caffeine, why require it at all? Are we lab rats? (As a diabetic and one with high blood pressure, I had to do without, anyway).


I've signed the petitions with the only threat I can really issue - if you open your stores before 5 am on Black Friday, I won't do any holiday shopping with you. (I absolutely hate Black Friday, as I don't do well with crowds and I like to ruminate on my purchases for a bit before actually plopping down my hard-earned cash.)

At the moment, it looks like I'm going to be making homemade apple butter for friends and colleagues, with gifts for close friends and family being purchased from. . . urm. . . Office Depot, Staples, Half Price Books, Office Max. . . um. . . yay, JoAnn's doesn't open until 6 am! I can make them stuff using supplies from JoAnn's!
Fucking hell. It looks like any purchased gifts will have to be books, tech stuff, handmade clothes, or crafts. I guess I should start knitting now?

Damn you Black Friday! You're ruining everything!

Green Grin

I grew up in a small to medium town where the only things open on Christmas were 7-11 and Shopper's Hell Mart. I never understood why Shopper's Hell Mart was open until I chatted up one of their employees. Apparently they never closed because then there wouldn't be an available pharmacy for the town. I thought that was pretty interesting, although it is unfortunate for people working in the photo and beauty departments.


I am traveling to be with family on Thanksgiving. My Bullseye is opening at midnight, but they gave me a 4am, which is what I would work if I picked up a planogram shift in the summer so no biggie on the hour I have to be there because I've done it before. Multiple times. The only issue is that I have to leave dinner early to drive back up here in order to sleep for a few hours before I have to go in. I'm not even visiting my family, my friend is hosting dinner because my family is traveling 6 hours away and I (once again) can't go. This is year #4 that I haven't had Thanksgiving with my family, but at least I get to have a little bit of it and spend it with people I care about.

Next year there will be no Thanksgiving, there will only be Zuul.


I only work a grand total of three hours Black Friday, and it's a closing shift. Thank goodness I work for a motorcycle shop: no one buys bikes this late in the year. But I'm sure Motorclothes and such will be swamped. I've already had people ask. We're not opening early that day, either, thank goodness.

They ARE making me work three hours Christmas Eve, though, same shift, but the difference is that I help my grandmother cook all Christmas Eve so we can have a huge dinner that night. I'll be cutting it close getting home, so I'm not too happy, but of course all the other receptionists already took off. Nothing I can do.

Book Wench

Wastings' is, in fact, open on Thanksgiving. In the middle of the day.
Although I wasn't scheduled for Thanksgiving Day, I foresee being called in anyway, thanks to the "three strikes" policy on no-call no-shows and the "if you aren't scheduled but get called in, YOU MUST COME IN" policy.
Essentially, I'd get in less trouble if I was scheduled and didn't show than if I wasn't scheduled and refused to cover someone else. HOW FUN.
I feel another full post coming on.

Green Grin

Simple Book Wench. You were out for the holidays and forgot your cell phone at home or in the car. What a silly mistake! Oh well, guess you can't answer their calls now.

That is a completely ridiculous policy though. When people aren't scheduled they do crazy things like make plans and appointments that they can't just drop to go to work because some idiot called in hungover. Life doesn't work that way.

Empress Whatchamahcallit

I am confused. How can they do that? Just don't answer the phone. That's what I always did. I let it go to voice mail and call them back after my "weekend" was over.


I'm surprised everyone is shocked at this, last year Wal-Mart opened at 12 am December 26th.

Instead of spending Christmas Day with family, I had to stay home and be in bed by two in the afternoon. Fa-la-la.


This will be my 4th Black Friday working in a mall. My boss was surprisingly easy on me and gave me a 10 a.m start time, but some other poor bastards won't be so lucky. Our mall was originally slated to open at 4 am. At some point this past Sunday, we were informed that Macy's and a couple other department stores were opening at midnight. The mall decide that each store could either open at midnight, or at 4, the original start time. My store decided to split the difference, and will be opening at 2:30 am. Because you really need body lotion at 2:30 am -.-
The signs around our mall still say the whole shebang starts at 4...I'm wondering how long it'll be before they decide to change those..


After my experience on Black Friday last year, I'm with the guy from Sears Hardware.

Our store opened at mid-night. I had the 6am to 1pm shift. My manager weeks ahead of time talking us up for how horrible it would be saying "It's only one day. Just keep that in mind. It's only one day!"
I get in to work that morning and the place was practically deserted.
I asked the people who had been there since mid-night how things went and they said that there was the initial wave of people who were just there to be there at opening time, but then for hours after that there was no one!

Which, when you think about it, makes perfect sense. How many people who have just spent the last 24-48 hours cooking, traveling, making nice with family members, stuffing themselves with food, and watching tv want to get up at 4 am or earlier on a day that they're off work to go shopping?
Yes, there are a few who do it just for the experience of being the first in line, but the vast majority are more like normal people...they'd rather sleep in!


Oh yes, and I agree the comparison to cops, firefighters, EMTs, and hospital workers...totally not the same!
If none of those occupations worked on holidays people would die.
Does anyone die because they have to wait until a semi-decent hour the next day to push and shove and glare a retail slaves while buying overpriced crap they don't need? NO!

It's all a ploy to make money, and, as I implied in my story above, I'm not convinced it's all that effective. They have to pay workers for more hours, and the ones making them come in on Thanksgiving won't be able to weasel out of giving them holiday pay (which is usually how they do it Black Friday instead of Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve instead of Christmas, etc.)
I guess they've done their research on this but does it really make them that much more money to open earlier? I can think of strategies that might be better. Like a happy hour discount during a certain time window during the day. Bars make money that way, so why not stores as well?

Oy Veh

Don't just sign the petition - don't shop in the stores that go ahead and do it anyway (which you know they will).

Its disgusting that they can't allow employees one frigging day to enjoy a holiday. Are Mr. CEO and the board going to be working that day too?

Don't shop. Or, if you must, don't shop there.


My store is one of many that will not be changing the operating hours at ALL on Thanksgiving day. I haven't heard the hours for Black Friday yet, but I'm quite certain they'll be ridiculous, too.

I've spent the last 7 Thanksgivings behind a cash register, and I don't expect this year to be any different. The majority of the people I work with are college students, and have to travel out of town for holidays. They're given priority over those of us locals, and they're allowed to not work at all on holidays...it's just how it works - it's how it's always worked, fair or not.

It's breaking my heart this year, because I was just blessed with a beautiful new god-daughter, and I will not be able to be there for her very first holiday. I probably shouldn't hold my breath for Christmas, either. :/

Red Rider

For a while, Bullseye was even considering opening at 10pm Thanksgiving to compete with Wal-fart. They wouldn't give us our schedules until this past tuesday.

Some people have the misfortune of having to work 2 shifts on Black Friday. They come in at 11:45 on Thanksgiving, work until 6am or so, and then have to come back around 5 or 6pm to help close the store. It sucks, but there's nothing we can do. We've been told that if for some reason we can't be there Black Friday, we can pretty much count on losing our jobs.

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