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Music Girl

Umm... did anyone else completely miss the customer's side of the interaction, or was it just me??

Book Diver

Well, the customer isn't always polite when the server is. I recently a phone customer service job and had had a guy call who was upset because he found out he owed my company more money. He mocked my 'please' and 'sir' and finished off the call with 'Screw you'. After the call, I wasn't certain if 'No, thanks' or 'And f you very much, sir' would have been more fun as a response. (I'm leaning towards 'No, thanks'.)

Bagel Bat

I agree, sometimes I get customers who are in such a hurry to get their coffees that they cut me off in the middle of my mandatory schpeel, give me serious attitude and act like I'm holding up their whole day just by doing my job. It's not like the majority of us want to be doing what we're doing, it's just a stepping stone.


Erm...I'm not exactly sure what happened. So he through his card at you, and called you, just out of the blue, a fucking idiot?
I'm a bit confused


Good to read that I was not the only one to not follow this story. I sometimes think the retail balls awards are given out as sloppily as the you played on the Little League team so come get aa trophy.

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