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Creative Slave

Rude sucks.

I had an older couple come in today looking at the People magazine. She and her husband were looking at the Sexiest Man Alive cover and she said to him 'they just dont know about you yet honey. you're the sexiest man alive!' lol i thought that was the cutest thing. It made me smile.

Cherry IScream

Just out of curiosity, did you volunteer to have your hours increased or were you simply told it was happening?

If you didn't have a choice in the matter, I would check your contract. In the UK, no employee's hours should add up to more than 48 hours a week unless they specifically signed a statement saying they were willing to take more hours. And if you were already working 5 days a week and you're now also working weekends, it seems likely that you're going to be over 48 hours.


I love when couples are like that, sweet and give compliements to each other!


Cherry, I think it's 40 hours here (also, holla at my British brethren!) I guess I won't know what my hours will be until the dude leaves.

Michael Chandra

Here's what I'd do: "Uhm... I need you to help me with something for a sec. Did someone spike my drink, or is that actual purple? Purple? Whoa. O_O Awesome!"

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