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... Marry me.


Customers like that I do not miss, though i still get them working at a call center. But at least it's not face to face and they're not complaining about books! (I used to work at a bookstore til recently...But Borders is gone now).

Book Baby

Because God knows, an EMPLOYEE could NEVER know where this stuff is, right? Also a book store employee has never heard of Neil Gaiman OR any of his books?

Dear Lord, I despise people like this.

Laughing Barista

I fucking love Neil Gaiman.

You're awesome.

And whenever someone is being absurdly abusive to a slave, I do speak up, but I let it be known that I am in no way affiliated with the company and that these are MY opinions, and not the slaves.


Yes, because the worker needs to know where everybook is at any given time from memory, god forbid they *gasp* use the computer inventory and take five seconds to look it up. Not that she would have heard the answer.

Stupid bitch shouldn't be allowed near Neil's books, especially if she actually meant Sandman (I guess she could possibly mean Anansi Boys, but two books a series does not make amd even then the books just share one character).

Nice splinter cell move! You rock! Karma is such a bitch.

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