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I wonder if Rude is insecure about his intelligence, so writing by an underling and a female at that gets him upset. Knitting is approved woman's work in his mind, so he doesn't get his panties all bunched up.


Knitting is easy to put down, and stop thinking about, a book manuscript isn't, even if you put it down, you are still distracted by what you were thinking about. The transition to customers and workis much harder than with knitting. As far as the three days in a row goes, maybe he thought he was doing you a favor, but just forgot to tell you? From your earlier descriptions, it does sound like like the clueless kind of thing he'd do.


I find it strange that he would allow you to knit in a place where there's food. I crochet as well, and let me tell you, those fibers can go EVERYWHERE... That sucks about not being able to travel home for the holidays. Perhaps shred some yarn in his lunch? Blech.


Damn man, I want a job like that D': My shifts are busy, even down at the quiet store front. If there's no coffee rush or trickle, we still have to clean shit all the time. At the Kiosk though, there are no breaks. And i sure as fuck don't get paid enough for the amount of work I do >.< None of us there do really.


Sounds like a perfect job to maintain those bulges :D

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