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Did I miss something? Since when does "I'll give them free shit" not end in getting your ass booted out the door?


Yay for you!
hoping this one doesn't turn into hell.
One of this days slemsation is going to call you, imploring that you come back ><
has the others quit too?

@anon, it might be approved by the boss, "free shit" could mean something 'small' like a free slice or a free soda, not a free x-large pizza.

If I was a boss in a restorant or a bar I'd be ok with a free soda every once in a while that would mean repeat-customer, over a free soda because someone bitched and was a total crusty.


Yay, have fun! Sounds like a blast.


I'll give them a free garlic knot, Anon. They cost like a quarter a piece. Calm the fuck down.


Which tattoo place is it?



The Fortunate Primate.


Ohhhhh lol. I know the one :) I go to Ink "dependence" near Ikea.


Congrats on landing a pretty rad job! As far as you asshat manager, well, things can never get too perfect, can they? Also, I so want to see your ink when it's done!


Just to mention that not ALL small business owners are pricks. Really.

Some of us are really hard-working and like to look after our staff properly. Really. Bad. Generalisation.


You need to post a picture of your ink when done! Even this old broad has one (but I'm not sharing!).

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