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Welcome back Joe. We missed you.


Glad you're enjoying your new job.

I'd be a bit annoyed by the co-worker who said "Eww" to your lunch because I hate when people comment on what I'm eating. Mind your own business!

The comment from the old guy reminds me of a moment at the Baby Store when on inventory night. It was about 11:30 PM and everyone was a little loopy because we'd been scanning and counting since the store closed at 6. Two people were waiting for the ladder which, at the time, I was on top of since, as one of the taller people, I got stuck scanning the packed full and perpetually messy clearance rack. My manager did a sweep through asking everyone if they were done and the summed it up with, "Okay so we're just waiting for the ladder? Waiting to get high?"

*Cue 12 women giggling simultaneously*


Ditto on missing you Joe. Glad to see your alien mug posting again.

Queer Geek

Congrats on the new job. I'm sure there will be plenty of interesting tales to share!


YAY! Alien Joe is back! I have had both good and bad luck with Legume, most of it good. My best friend sent my son and me some money for Christmas a few years ago when we were completely strapped. One thing he really needed was a new backpack so we bought him a Legume pack. Its still in great shape 5 years later! Definitely worth the investment.

I hear you on those preservatives... if I could drink BHA and BHT straight knowing it would keep me alive a little while longer, I'd probably be doing it.

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