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You seemed to be pretty freaked that he used his hands to handle foods but Florida has no law mandating gloves to be used when handling RTE food. Many restaurants don't require it either.


There isn't a law, but it's disney policy that we wear gloves WHENEVER we handle RTE food. Furthermore, he's been here a while and KNOWS this. That's what I'm more upset about. If he can't remember something he's been doing for months, how on earth does he get by at his normal job?

Token Female

Even if there isn't a law mandating the wearing of gloves with RTE food, I'm sure the vast majority of customers would really appreciate it if the people handling their food wore gloves when handling it. I'm not really a germaphobe, but I'd feel a lot better if my food was handled with gloves - I don't know where your hands have been on your break or what you've touched since the last time you washed them...


Yeah, I stopped eating at a certain fast food hamburger chain after seeing *one* employee in a store in the middle of nowhere handling food without gloves. I like the illusion of cleanliness at the least.


So this guy is going to touch this food trolley with his gloves on, then touch the food? Cross contamination.

This guy is going to touch his face with his gloves on, and then touch the food? Cross contamination.

This guy touches the gloves in the box with dirty hands? All the gloves are now contaminated.

Good hand hygiene is essential in any food work and gloves are no substitute for it - the big chefs of the world (and indeed, many smaller ones), do not wear gloves when preparing food

Die Die My Darling

Just a note - though I'll agree that if your regulations say he's supposed to, and he's done it before, etc, he's completely wrong and an idiot - but the Arches I work at don't require the grill folks to wear gloves because 'they get as dirty, as quickly, and if anything cause more germs to accumulate in an area'. So... you know, just saying.


Eww eww. I went to the local creepy king fast food place the other day, and it took 20 minutes to get my food. So while I was standing there, something was bothering me. I finally figured it out; the 2 guys preparing the food were not wearing gloves.
I'm sorry but that grosses me out. I don't know what they've touched or what's under their fingernails. =/ Bleh.


Hats off to wohveer wrote this up and posted it.

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