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I... I just have to know how the guy took it when you told him you wouldnt be returning his coat of many... fabrics. That sounds like a potential movie plot.


twenty years? what was the original price back then anyway?!?

Queer Geek

Poor Joe. It's seems as we get close to X-mas people lose their damn mind.


20 year-old jacket? I would be hard-pressed not to tell him if he needed cash that bad he could go donate plasma. No one tries to return something like that unless the REALLY need the money for one dumb reason or another.

grateful mom

Totally, Framer! I'll bet the Plasma Palace has special holiday hours just for people like him!
Express line for $80 donations for those who need just a little rotgut to get through the day.


Holy crap! The shit the meatheads people won't pull to try and get money back (or an exchange)! It makes me sad to be part of the human race sometimes.

Joe the Cigar Guy

Y'know, I understand returning merchandise at Christmas time to get some money to buy presents for the kids. What pisses me off are the crackheads and tweakers looking for their next bag.


I had a lady bring in a NOOK still half wrapped in wrapping paper and the bow, wanting to exchange it! I so wanted to ask "What, did you jump right up after tearing this open, make some excuse and race out here to get what you really wanted? Seriously?"

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