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I work at the Golden Arches, and we have a couple managers that will panic at the barest hint of a line and put down five baskets of fries. Most of the time we wind up wasting almost all of those fries. It pisses me off the most when I'm the one working the fry station. I can tell when we're going to need more fries! Quit trying to do my job! It's annoying, but at least we're not wasting entire orders like you were, that would have grated on my nerves so bad.


All the friggin time. At hellmart we sell rotisserie chickens. Recently we've been able to start selling them chilled as well. Management has been freaking that they want the hot full, the chilled full, and a ton of backups ready to go out. This would make sense and not be so bad, if they weren't pushing an oven full every hour, which means so many backups that chickens get thrown out of the cooler without ever getting to reach the floor.

grateful mom

LadyBelle, at least tell me the chickens get recycled as Food Rescue?
Look at the nice woman there, all ready to feed empty bellies and starving souls!
In the old days, food boxes had food in them {duh!}, but in these enlightened times the FFLC people know that people can't buy toilet paper {and other shit} with EBT $, so they're tucking in things like TP and laundry detergent and other essential non-comestibles.
I'm still trying to line up a Volunteer Paradise gig for my post-stroke OT. Hope I can get a spot with FFLC: They want people a couple of hours per week to sit at a big table to portion out and label the rescued noms into their giant freezer bags. Sounds perfect for me: Sitting down deals with the post-stroke wobblies, so they can accept a walker user {the univ library wouldn't accept me for that reason} and sitting with others should lead to beneficial chatting IRL ~~ just what my doctor ordered. {Not that chatting with RHU isn't beneficial, but you know how some people think IRL is always preferable to on-line!}


A girl I know said she saw Neil Patrick Harris at Disney World the other day! I wasn't sure whether to believe her, but now I know it's true! :)

grateful mom

Can't you at least donate the food to a food bank? Bugs me when that isn't an option.


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