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Drug Store Diva

I used to get people like the Posterbitch all the time when I was working in the photolab at Osco. They would scan their pictures, play around with the colors and brightness (when they had a perfectly good picture to start with), then wonder why it didn't print like they thought it would. Or we'd get the digital customers who would get upset that their picture didn't look like it did on their home computer. Sorry, but our system is programmed and maintained by Kodak, there's not anything we can do about it...but if you start with a perfectly good picture, don't spend hours playing with the color and brightness settings because you will end up getting something that looks like grandma just ate kryptonite.


I'm sure most people understood the first story but I need to mention that a zip drive is not the same thing as whats commonly refereed to as a thumb drive, usb drive, or flash drive.


@ BKExcuse (and everyone else) Yeah, I was referring to a flash/USB drive. I heard them called zip drives when I was younger and never kicked the habit. >.< Sorry if it was confusing. She might've actually called it a flash drive too and my mind just substituted "zip" into the retelling. My fault. /derp

Card Creature

Sounds like you been at the OD as long as I have, BookAce. I started about 3 months ago and I actually enjoy it. I guess I've been lucky, because I've only encountered a handful of bad customers. My best advice is to just remain polite. They can get mad all they want, but if you remain civil, it sometimes cools them down.


The only time that files will get corrupted on a flash drive is if you pull it out WHILE it's transferring something. I've almost never used the "safely eject" feature on Windows and never had a problem.

Su Chan

Even in a windows environment, you do not normally need to Eject Drive. Even if yanked while the file was transferring, the filesystem should not be corrupted (not that I've actually tried this), just that file.

As someone who's tried to recover people's ONLY COPY of their uni thesis, 10 years worth of financial data, irreplaceable family photos, etc from their defective flash drives...

Please, please, please, use your flash drive _only_ for transferring data from one computer system to another. You should _never_ entrust your valuable data to a flash drive. They can break, be corrupted, lost or stolen incredibly easily.

/end PSA.


My 2nd spawn works in the the deposit at the copy center. I never get to hear stories though. Just the ones about copyright infringement. People still don't get why you can't just stick any character from any cartoon on a poster and everything is just hunky-dory.

Sparkle Slut

Most customers think they are computer experts... and I probably would have reacted the same way to the crazy zip drive lady. I'm sure she's so crazy that if she ever loses her USB drive she'll come back into the store to yell at you. Because it's everyone else's fault.

Stay strong!

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