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YES! AWESOME MANAGER! Hell, give him a high five for me!

The Last Archimedean

There is still hope for humanity!

This manager's brains and backbone should be duplicated and transferred into every retail manager at every store on the planet.

NC Tony

Gotta love the "But it's JUST FOOD." line. Yes, ANAT it is just food. Food you have to PAY FOR!

*sigh* Some people's children.


"My siblings are starving! So starving they went back on the rides with the receipt that my dad gave to my sister for some reason even though he paid for the food and i can't get him because."

Yes, excellent try, NAT. Also I'm sure you were truly starving.


Nice going! I am glad to know managers with backbones in huge corporations like the big mouse are not a myth! It's almost sad that such people are deemed a rarity since so often people have to bend to the will of crustys to satisfy the company, even if it means getting horribly ripped off.

It annoys me when people use the word starving for something as shallow as trying to scam free food from an amusement park. Speaking as someone who has actually starved due to poverty via having young, homeless, & jobless parents, if things were so bad she needed to scam for food, what the hell was she doing in the house of mouse?! Certainly the money used for admission for her, siblings, and Daddy dearest could easily have been spent on a month's worth of cheap food. 5 bucks it was just some pampered brat who blew all her money on useless goodies from the over priced shops and forgot to save some of it for food.


I agree completely but a small part of me does think hey it's Disney - they'd probably rather be scammed out of the 35 cents it cost then to make that food than piss off a customer. At the end of the day what do you, your manager or anyone working there care if the company puts in policies which let people scam.

But THEN I think screw em - people have this horrible sense of entitlement these days and just maybe a little bit of backbone and saying no to these horrible people will stop them from being whiny pissy bitches who ruin things for the rest of us.

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