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All I can say is; HOLY FUCKMUFFINS! (8 - O That's scary! I sure hope she isn't spreading whatever that is, and she is getting to a dr soon. I'm still freaked out about that one. YEESH!

I do miss your posts! They always keep me entertained : - )

Queer Geek

Well Joe at least someone had the common sense to tell this woman to see her doctor. Seriously when your toes turning black, I think that this a tell tale sign that you need some medical treatment!


How could that not be incredibly painfull?

Bored at the Bookstore



Or she could have worn black shoes or socks and gotten her feet wet and had the dye transfer. But really.....ewwwwwww.

Drug Store Diva

I get that a lot at Hellgreens. People come to me at the cash register looking for medical advice. Sorry, but if I were an Md, I would NOT be working the register at Hellgreens.


If you're a runner you get black toe nails. It is not painful and your nails fall off. It's normal if you run everyday and at a high mileage.


"What causes that?"

"I dunno, mistaking a retail slave for a freaking doctor?"


It's NORMAL to have your toenails fall off if you are a runner? I will be sure and ask my podiatrist about that this week. I'm not so sure he would agree with you but we'll see just to be sure. I didn't see any pictures on his wall that said "Runner's Nail", so that leaves me to be a little suspect.


While you're here Joe, I've been having this pain in my backside lately. . .

The Last Archimedean

I ran regularly for 4 years in high school and my tonenails didn't fall off. I highly doubt it's "normal".


I meant it normally happens when you run often and at a high mileage. Not that its normal in general or for cross country runners either. When I was in cross country I never knew anyone to have black toes but our couch.


Halian, you are still missing Joe's point. He said "toes" and not "toenails". As in the flesh itself. *shudder* I really hope that lady took his advice and went to the doctor ASAP.

Lotus Petal

... I hope this doesn't mean the smell of mildew you had at your old job is going to be replaced by the stench of smelly feet at this new one, if a bunch of other custys do the same type of thing. Congratulations on your new position, by the way!

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