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Cherry IScream

The words "Jonas" and "rock" should never be in the same sentence, unless that sentence is "I want to hit the Jonas Brothers with a rock."


Oh!Oh!Oh! Not to long ago I bought some granola bars in an ordinary box and I was dismayed to find that the individual wrappers were emblazoned with Jonas-ocity...I felt that I was flim-flammed.


Thanks Cherry! I got my laugh for the day!


Well said, Cherry! I agree completely. :)

NC Tony

Likewise the words "Jonas" and "Superstar" should never be in the same sentence unless the words "is not a" are in between the two.


What's even funnier about this is that those aren't sugar-free and Nick Jonas is diabetic.


Here are my thohguts Funerals -vs- Weddings.Weddings are MUCH more stressful than funerals. (Unless it's an unusual tragic funeral.) Weddings require more time, effort and you always seem to make a mother-in-law-to-be mad at you. They want a wedding to be perfect and that requires rehearsals, etc. So yes, I'd choose a funeral. But that's just me.From a ministry stand point, both are great opportunities to reach out to others and open some doors.

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