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Wow. Props to your manager and Truck. Bravo!


Truck and manager guy, into the cloning machine now! You are needed everywhere...


I think I may be in love with your manager and Truck. They are the shit.


Your manager and Truck sound awesome! I wish we had about a million more of them in the world.

I remember people like that at my Hoarders too. Wanting 40% off on their $1.99 book. It always made me just shake my head.

(We also had couponers come in and think of the brilliant idea of getting two of the buy-one-get-one half off books, and then pulling out a 40% off coupon to use on the full-priced book. They thought they were a genius! Oh, the shitstorms when instead it just made their 50% off book go to 40% off instead.)

You could always tell which were the REAL regulars and which were the "regulars" because the real ones were happy to pay whatever price for their beloved new bit of reading. The fakers just seemed to get some weird high off of using their coupons on cheap stuff. I wonder if they even read the books they got...

The Last Archimedean

Way to go, manager. And we need a Truck at every store!

I love books and have never understood the mentality of scrapping for every last bit off, especially when you've been told "No, it can't be done" repeatedly. Sure, if I happen to find a book that catches my eye in the clearance section, I'll gladly take the lower price. But I won't try and force the issue. if the book I really want costs $25, I'll either wait to buy it in a used book store for $10 or I'll cough up the dough without a fuss.

NC Tony

Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results. And then Truck will tell you "No."


Asshole crustyness is repeating the same thing OVER AGAIN AND LOUDER because that always works.

And then Truck will eat your head. :D

Drug Store Diva

I get those kind of people at Hellgreens all the time. They'll bring in a coupon saying $1.00 off something, and find a product in that line that is less than $1.00 and try to use the coupon...which our system will kick out because we won't accept a coupon that results in a free item unless it's a free coupon. Or they'll find an item that is on sale for less than the coupon and think they'll get it free (or we'll pay them to buy it). Commence fit when they are denied and told they can't take $1.00 off when they haven't spent $1.00.


Coupons can be the bane of my existence at work. We are required to ask everyone, no matter what they are buying, if they have any coupons. It is suppose to be a friendly little reminder to get your coupons out if you have any. But so many people act like I am suppose to have coupons ready and waiting for them. Our store mails out coupon books every month. Usually there are some pretty good deals in it. But the customer is suppose to bring the coupons with him or her. Not wait till they get to the store, find out they forgot the coupons, and then bitch me out because I can not give them the price with the coupon. UGH!!!


Please let Truck know that I will gladly be his sex slave if he comes and stands at my register and stare down the bad coupon abusers for me.


Truck should hire himself out... wonder if he works for food?

Creative Slave

i'd have to fight you for him Greenie!!! =D
and that's exactly why i don't ask my custys if they have a coupon. they ask anyway. sigh.


I think I know where Greenie works b/c I did a holiday stint there (and then I didn't get kept in favor of the manager's mani/pedi buddy) and I know exactly what she means. Same issue as Snears, people expecting us to have ads with coupons in the cashwrap. Worst of all was when the Sea Cow SM would print out coupons and leave stacks at the register: they never scanned, sometimes were duplicates, and definitely just kept feeding the "but I know you have some" mentality. And I love people who think REPEATING THEMSELVES will get them anything. I have OCD that causes me to occasionally repeat, reread, or relisten when something "hooks" into my brain. I'm sometimes tempted to ask the customer if they suffer from the same issue? (Of course in a total "oh, hon, I'm so sorry, I know what OCD can be like! Tell me, do you overuse the REPEAT button on your car stereo like this?" ROFL


>Anything else I should know about rnnuing my own website?yeah the completely unrelated polls are getting a bit much. when i see a new item has appeared in the RSS feed, i get all excited about it, click on it, and its just a poll about the af grand final, or computer games or what is the best type of sandwich.and its hard to read those useless polls too. ~but it is your site, so whatever.


let's fight for drugs!!!oh wait, you guys talkin about jobs? phhht fuck that i got my mom for that what? YOU'RE KICKING ME OUT?!?!

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