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Geez, someone needs to put a leash on their kid.


Or teach their kid to stay by mommy or daddy's side. I never wandered, my parents taught me not to. Clearly, some parents are missing this simple task.


*headdesk* Let's hope it didn't slow down the world when this happened. My kids would NEVER have done this because:

A) the youngest one was in the cart and kept busy.

B) I NEVER would have left one on foot to get into that kind of trouble.

C) "Free-range" is for chickens and turkeys, not kids. ANY kids.


That's a tough position for the cashier. I wouldn't want to personally have to touch anybody's child, I got cussed out once before just because I gently pushed a child's hand aside and told her "No" (the mom had put her on my checkout counter and the kid kept scanning an item over and over). I'd hate to get yelled at for dragging a kid out of my counter space, but it totally looks like that kid isn't going to move easily.

I know kids can sometimes get away from their parents, but if something like this happens you'd think the parent would be mortified and be right there to take control of the situation. How the kid actually managed to get all the way in there without a parent noticing and stopping them first just boggles my mind.

Joe the Cigar Guy

Hyper spawn plus mommy's asscrack FTW!


Er yeah ok, so a kid did what kids do....big deal.

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