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Bob,Just bought your book after fidnnig the site last week.I don't own the kind of business that would ever use a site like Groupon but, if I did I would like to think I'm good enough at math to figure out what a crushing blow it could potentially deliver, even to a healthy business.I can't help but believe the business owners who evangelize Groupon and other places like it and keep saying, May I have another? are of the same mindset as those who believe spending several million dollars of their ad budget on a 30 second Super Bowl ad is a good value. Never underestimate the stupidity of people in groups.I'd also fathom a guess that most of them really have no idea what the lifetime value of their customers might be. They may not have any idea how to even calculate it or, if they do know how, they don't have enough information on any of their customers to track it.The thought of calculating the cost of acquiring new customers vs. keeping current ones and reactivating former ones likely escapes them, as well. Perhaps some people should just work for others who have a handle on such things. Of course, you can't tell them that, at the risk of offending their fragile sensitivities.I'm a believer in Karma, at least to the extent that you get what you deserve and if you put out good, you get good in return. That is absolutely true when it comes to any business, either selling products or services. Loyalty goes to the business that provides the best products, services and experiences to its customers.I am fiercely loyal to the businesses where I am made to feel appreciated, not by being given a cut-rate price, but by being given value, service and being treated as if I am, at that moment, the most important customer they have. I go out of my way to evangelize those businesses to others.I've never bought a Groupon and never will. Even before fidnnig your site and your book, I questioned the wisdom of a business that would use such a thing. It always made me see the business as slightly desperate, having to cut their prices so much just to get people to notice them. It's actually a little bit pitiful, really.Thanks for the great site and all the good info. I'm looking forward to begin reading your book as soon as I mash the submit button! Reply

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