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Stockroom Slave

What a dick. I'd keep giving him the silent treatment if I were you. I could almost (almost, I say) understand his trying to pass fake money somewhere like, say, Walmart, or some other big faceless corporation, but to do that to your neighbour and more importantly to a child is pretty sickening. I'm glad you gave him what for up front because now you can just not waste your time on him and he knows exactly what he did.


I say report his ass.

Sleepless Slave

Either report him for intentionally trying to pass off counterfeit money, or continue to ignore him. If he keeps trying to confront you, then report him for harassment on top of it.


I would have cussed him out good and reported his ass so freaking fast. And added a nice big middle finger to the silence and heavy metal.


Knowingly trying to pass off fake bills is a crime. I'd report him immediately, especially given his response of "no one will notice." That makes it seem he is well aware of their counterfeit status, and may be involved in their distribution, and not just the unlucky recipient of a bad bill. One phone call, and the feds will be all over him.

The Last Archimedean

Silent treatment, and a phone call to the police, is what this scum deserves.


"He demanded that I take the fake money, that the Girl Scouts make enough, and that no one will ever notice."



Bored at the Bookstore

Absolutely unreal. He's probably ditched the funny money by now (although with any luck he's made more on his home computer/copier and has a nice stockpile in the house for the law to find).

It is a federal crime to knowingly make, distribute, or pass counterfeit cash. If a store is unfortunate enough to receive any, they have to surrender it immediately, and are not reimbursed by anyone.

The guy not only committed a crime in front of two witnesses, one a minor, he compounded it by demanding that you become his accomplice and partner in crime.

I would have RUN home, bloody palms and nose and all, grabbed the phone and called the cops. He's a crook and a cheat, to be nice about it.

Here's hoping he DOES try to pass more of his fake bills - and gets caught in the act. The Treasury is extremely unforgiving.

Sales Agent Guy

Seriously, he thought nobody would notice a bill with a black mark on it? Is he blind or something?

You should report him right away. He knew that the bills were bogus, and that's a crime.

many bells down

Okay now, if I had been buying your cookies, and you told me one of my bills was counterfeit, my reactions would have been ... shock, surprise, disbelief.

I didn't see any of that. He didn't seem surprised at all. He didn't try to argue the bill must be real. He did not give a fuck.

He knows the money is fake before he hands it to you and he does not care. Call the police. Seems like he won't even bother hiding it because your clearly furious reaction didn't even make him blink.


I think you did a darn good job of keeping your cool and putting that jerk in his place! Awesome work! But, I think he also deserves to have the police pay him a visit; who knows who else he's defrauded because 'they make enough money already!' He might be involved in scams up to his eyeballs! Also, I wonder if he already collected the REAL money from the other people he was ordering for; what if he tells them he placed the orders and gave you the money but that YOU never delivered?


Report his ass and try to get the papers involved. He'll not be able to show his face in public without being known as the guy who scams Girl Scouts.

Joe the Cigar Guy

Last time I checked, knowingly passing counterfeit U.S. currency is a FEDERAL offense.
Enjoy your cookies in San Quentin, asshole!

Soft Ice Girl

Report this fuckwad. Even if it leads to nowhere, at least the cops will show up at his house and give him hell.
And the next time he approaches you, tell him that you will report him for harrassment if he continues.
I canĀ“t believe that such assholes exist!


I agree with the rest. Report him. Counterfeiting is a pretty serious crime and you don't want to look even tangentially related by having known about it and done nothing. Also, my cynical side is saying that he probably tried to pass the bills to you because he figured that Girl Scouts wouldn't check the bills where a retail outlet might. He probably knows the bills aren't even good fakes so he was looking to get rid of them easily.


Now that my husband took a new job trucking, I can't call him to come rescue me after class.

I came home this afternoon, and he was bringing in his trashcan. He told me he was sorry about the whole "money thing" and he'd appreciate my "discretion." I think he probably is involved with the fake money somehow, as you guys have said. I'm nervous about calling the police, but I do have my niece as a witness and I did call her troop leader.

I'll keep you guys posted.


He asked you to keep quiet? That's aiding and abetting, is it not? Report that motherfucker right now before he gets you in trouble too.


Gods and little fishes, report that fuckhead! If he's asking you to keep quiet about it, you could potentially end up in jail with him, even if all you were doing was minding your own business.


I'm sure the Secret Service--who, while better known as "the guys who protect the President," are actually "the Treasury police"--would be very interested in this "gentleman".


Half way though this thread I was thinking "maybe she should talk to clear it up" but now I see that nothing needs clearing up. Report his butt.

Incidentally, I want to say something about anger: it's a tool like any other emotion. Attempting to deny anger or treating yourself badly because you felt anger is unhealthy. Anger is a powerful motivator when allowed out in a controlled manner. Yes you cracked a crown, but displaying strong but obviously controlled anger is a great way to motivate other people to listen to you.

More to the point, attempting to bottle up anger is a great way to break your body. Think of it as a flow of water. If you let it flow, and simply guide its direction, then it can't do very much damage and can be put to use in a positive and purposeful way. If you dam it up by attempting to suppress your anger or telling yourself that getting angry is a failure, eventually the dam you create will burst and all the anger will come out at once.

Stockroom Slave

Report. Right the fuck now. It would be far worse to get in trouble further down the line for having kept quiet seemingly at his request, compared with the lesser risk of whatever he might try if you do report him - you can make a point to mention the fact that you're worried about making the report as you think he will know it was you.


I agree, report him. If he'd acted in any way surprised you might possibly have been able to give him a pass, he's shocked at what happened and is hoping to not have to lose that money, figuring the Girl Scouts could absorb the loss better than him, it's an almost understandable kneejerk reaction (the Girl Scouts is really big, and may seem to be almost a 'faceless corporation' to those without children who don't understand where the cookie money goes). But not being surprised at all, DEMANDING that you take the money even AFTER you have made it quite clear that you will not and why, that is beyond suspicious. Yes, I think he was fully aware that the money was fake before handing it to you, and may even be involved in their production. Even if his acquisition of them WAS completely innocent, at the very least he needs to talk to the police so they can find out where he got them and shut down the original counterfeiters so that other people don't innocently acquire false bills and have to take the loss out of their pockets.


We went and we filed a police report, and they will contact the Secret Service. My sister-in-law will have to take my niece after school for a statement. We'll see where this takes us.


Was just gonna say "report it, report it, report it," but I'll switch that to, "Good for you!" You did the right thing.

As far as the anger goes, you may've cracked a crown, but righteous anger is nothing to be ashamed of.

The Last Archimedean

Keep us posted. You did exactly the right thing. Hopefully this scum gets a *very* close look from the Treasury Department.


Good job, Dev! It can take a lot of courage to do something like that. Way to model good behavior for your niece.


Wow...that's...that is just shocking. Trying to give a little kid FAKE MONEY? Then trying to get you to keep quiet? What a skeevie ass hat. I am glad you where able to report what happened, and I can only imagine the police report was one that got talked about. I am very interested to see how this ends, and hope that you played a part in bringing down this guy.

Just Jess

Keep us posted! I am fascinated with the secret service when it comes to fake money. That's a VERY serious crime and not something to be taken lightly. I'm sure youll be seeing some strange cars on your street soon!


Way to go, Dev! I would not blame you if you had vented more at the guy, rather than hurting yourself trying to not scream his head off. I admire your restraint.

But honestly, what a creep he is, and I hope he learns his lesson about trying to manipulate you. "Discretion"?? What in the world was he thinking?

I'm so glad you contacted the authorities. Yeah, maybe Wal-Mart is big enough to just eat the loss (although I still think it is wrong to knowingly pass bad cash to anyone) but once the cash gets into circulation, it could be unknowingly passed to someone who cannot afford to eat the loss. Does he even care a tiny bit about the possibility that some child won't get dinner when mom finds out her bill is fake?

You deserve tons of credit for handling this so well, and personally, I admire you for it.


If I were your niece, I would have told him this:
"Mister, if I wanted fake money, they sell big playsets of it at the toy shop!" But I could see how that'd be a bit brattish.
Good for you for first telling her to go wait elsewhere while you had this little chat with this ignorant asshole, too.
This really appalls me, because I used to BE a Girl Scout, sashes and skirts and everything. We LOVED selling our cookies. It made us feel important, and that we were actively doing something to raise money for things we needed. How the hell did he think it was right at ALL to try and hand off fake cash to your poor niece?
Do keep us updated. I'd like to know what becomes of this.


@ Shannah

It's not just wrong to pass bad cash. It's felony wrong.


I'd report him to the feds. What an ass, trying to rip off Girl Scouts. I think if that had happened when I was a Brownie, I think my mom would have completely went psycho.


I'm with the others on being glad that you reported him, and I love that you got your niece out of there. As mad as you were, you were calm and collected enough to realize that she didn't need to see that. (How many stories on here involve parents screaming in front of their children?)


Palms bleeding, crown cracked, nose bleeding ????? Seriously ? I think you set the wrong example for your niece when she did see you, what psycho ! Calm down lady and handle things like an adult next time. Go home and write it off as a crappy neighbor and let go go the grudge before you have a stroke....

Hotel Whore

@ Eric...

Let's go back to kindergarten...


(You could replace 'nice' in the above statement with 'appropriate', 'relevant', or even 'worthwhile'.)

Have a lovely day!


As a Girl Scout Service Unit Manager (which means that I have my own troop to look after, plus I coordinate the 40+ troops in my neighborhood) I congratulate you. If you were in my service unit I would make sure to nominate you for a volunteer award from council.

Every Council varies a bit on their cookies amount, but most troops earn $.50 to $.70 a box they sell, the rest goes to the council to do as you describe, create programs for the girls, up keep for any property the council owns (like camps or girl scout houses) and most councils has scholarship for girls who can not afford uniforms, books and/or camp fees. Some councils will also offer college scholarships for girls too. So Every penny of the money earned goes to a good cause. And NO WAY DOES GIRL SCOUTS EVER EARN ENOUGH.

This year, I don't know if it was do to weather (it rained at a lot of booths here and was hot) Or if it has been due to the whole smear campaign that conservatives are running against the Girl Scouts, but sales in our area has been horrible. I know my own troop's sales are down about 20% from last year. And we are saving to go on a trip to Savannah Georgia--about a $6,000 trip. So we need every penny we earn. As it is now we are going to have to do extra money earning projects like car washes and yard sales to make up for the cookie sales.

Anyways, I agree with those who are saying to report him.

The Last Archimedean


Why would anyone run a smear campaign against the Girl Scouts? That's like saying you don't like motherhood and apple pie! Why, that's unpatriotic and anyone who says they don't like the Girl Scouts isn't a real American and should be kicked out of the country immediately!


@ Last Archimedean--if you google 100 questions for girl scouts or keep girl scouts honest or just google smear campaign and girl scouts and you will see it.

We try to stay neutral as possible on most controversial issues like abortion and homosexuality; thought occasionally we are forced to make a comment one way or another. We try to be as diplomatic as possible because we have girls from all sorts of back grounds (Just my own troop alone I have girls who come from upper class to blue collar, Jewish, Christian, Non-religious and one family who is Hindu)

But since we have not come out in support of conservative values and only conservative values, they have targeted us. We had on leader tell me that a person approached her booth (she has 5th graders) with this flyer that stop short of saying that money from girl scouts went to fund abortions. She was harassing the leader wanting to know why Girl Scouts were pro-homo and pro-abortions--In front of 5th grader mind you--the leader asked to her leave. She left, but then the leader had to inform the parents about what happen so the parents had the joy of explaining what an abortion is to their 10 year old. UGH!


@Eric: Since you're the only condescending voice, I think I'll ignore you.

@The Last Archimedean: There is a girl that wants you to refuse to buy cookies because they are allowing transgendered girls into the girl scouts.


Gotta love it when the guys with sunglasses, suits, and flat-top haircuts show up at your door.....errrrpppp


@Hotel Whore - Sorry, I thought this was a forum and not a bunch of yes ma'am drones, wasn't aware contrary opinions were not welcome here


@ Dev, no problem since I will be ignoring your rants in the future....


@Eric Please do! And since I post regularly here, I look forward to not seeing your comments! I'm not upset about my niece seeing me afterward. I get upset/overly excited, my nose bleeds. My family is very aware of this, including her, since it's happened since I was 13 years old. It's not the first time Aunt Dev has had a bloody nose, nor will it be the last. I was more worried this would escalate to violence in front of her. She didn't see the cracked crown, either. The only thing out of the ordinary was the palms, and since a 40 something year old man was asking me, repeatedly, to defraud the Girl Scouts, I would say that me not punching him in the face the minute he asked me to do it was actually pretty good. If a guy is willing to pass counterfeit bills to a Girl Scout, you can't tell me you wouldn't be suspect of what else he might do.

I'm sure your Mr. Perfect and have never lost your temper, though.



Dude, go back to your meme sites. You either do not get the issue in this story, or simply do not understand how normal people think.


I really hope that guy gets what's coming to him. Bad money is one thing, but fraud to a minor, from an adult? Things like this blow my mind.


No, don't talk to him.

I say call in an anonymous tip to the police or the closest Secret Service field office (if you're in the USA). They may not be able to arrest him since you gave the note back, but it'd be worth a try.


@ Dev,

Sorry, didn't see that you already had reported. Good luck!

@ Greenie,

That makes me so freaking pissed! I hate the whole mind set that if you are anything less than 200% against abortion, sex education, and birth control you are the enemy! Although it's hardly surprising a conservative group is against a organization that might actually help to give confidence to females.


:) Fun note to learn. You can actually print your own money (as long as it DOESN'T look like the money printed by the Federal Reserve which btw is a private institution itself) and if a business or person accepts your money its totally legal.

A guy in San Fran actually printed his own money and he didn't get in trouble for using it.

But that guy was a dope if he thought he could fake print money like that. The paper they use is specifically made ONLY for the Federal Reserve. That is, as you noted, fraud.


@Eric You do realize it is more than an issue of a crappy neighbor but a man who wanted to defraud the girl scouts, try and force Dev and her niece to take the money making them accomplices. Furthermore she was told to exercise discretion which it seems it has to be dumbed down. That neighbor was subtlety threatening Dev with a promise of harm-emotional, physical and verbal if she did not comply. She was not at all violent and her reaction is not only due to anger but health as well--if she is one who easily gets nose bleeds in certain conditions then it's not so much an overreaction but her bodily reaponse. As to have you understand it is like Kirsten bell interview with Ellen where she explains that if she is too sad or excited she cries. It is not so much an overreaction but rather her bodily response is different. Honestly you seem the type quick to judge, claim that everyone should chill yet feel justified if you are personally riled up, or are similar to the man in the story where it would be advantageous if more people chilled out if only allowing you to continue being a pretentious douchebag.

Aussie Accent

Let me preface this by saying you should report his ass immediately to the Secret Service.

However, everyone in this thread should know that those counterfeit pens have two problems. Firstly, they only detect the absolute crappiest counterfeits. Secondly, you can have them show up if you spray a legitimate bill with spray on starch. They're unfortunately a pretty bad tool for detecting counterfeit money due to their low success rate and false positive rate.


I can't believe you'd come to a forum like this to ask what you should do!!! The first thing you should have done after assuring that your niece was OK was notify the feds. You come on here and state that you have knowledge of someone knowingly passing counterfeit money in an area with businesses owned or operated by your friends. You were quick to think of them when you needed something so be a friend in return and report this guy ASAP if you haven't already done it so they won't be victimized by him.

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