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Some of those who donated have actually turned into crusties for DEMANDING their money back from the charity because Bioware isn't changing the ending.


I've read that Bioware is, in fact, changing the ending (or at least adding onto it with some DLC) due to these people. Sure, they are giving their money to a good cause, but seriously, do you know how many games I've played that didn't live up to my expectations? To demand that a gaming company change the ending (even though I agree the ending is stupid) is extremely crusty behavior. And the worst part is, they're getting their way, opening doors to more petitions made by whiny, butthurt "fans". I mean, what would have happened if Harry Potter fans had demanded that the filmmakers go back and re-do parts of the films (or entire films) that were "wrong" in their opinion? Would Warner Brothers have caved in? We get it, you're upset, go cry sum moar. What's done is done - or, at least, that used to be the case. Bioware and EA Games need to grow some spines.

Former Farmer


It's not just the ending was bad; that's par for the course in video games. What people are so upset about is that Bioware made specific promises about the ending that were directly contradicted by the ending itself. We were told that the ending would change depending on the choices we'd made throughout the series and that it wouldn't be your typical "pick A, B, or C" ending. However, the ending we got was the exact opposite.

Not only was it pick A, B, or C, but the choices we'd made though the game had no bearing on the ending at all. On top of that, the ending rendered almost the entire game up to that point meaningless because no matter what you've done, no matter who you've helped, no matter how high you're "preparedness" bar is, and no matter what choice you make, the entire galaxy and every character you've grown to care about is f*cked.

Angry Joe from ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com put together a video showcasing why the ending has gotten so much hate.



whoa, double brainless crusties then, because even I, who discovered all this just now and read half of what is said know that the petition and the charity is not linked.

and quite frankly, after having watched Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix last night, if there was any chance to have WB re-film it there would have been a huge protest for them to do it - the movie sucks.


@Former Farmer: I actually have watched the Angry Joe video, and frankly, I agreed with him, even though I've never played a Mass Effect game. I understand, it sucks, and you're out $60, but still. Using a more appropriate example, I suppose, than Harry Potter, I have played every Fable game. I was promised certain things, and very few of them were delivered. I was dismally let down by Fable 3's ending. Does that mean I'm going to go on a tirade, berating Peter Molyneux and Lionhead, asking - no, demanding - that they amend the game's ending with DLC, or even going back into the game itself and changing what I didn't like? No. I have been a gamer for a good part of my life, and if a game sucked, it sucked and I learned to live with it. Sure, I may have bitched about it being too hard or certain technical aspects being not up to snuff, but never once have I actually signed a petition or donated money to a "Take Back [Game]" cause. As you yourself said, bad endings, etc. are par for the course. I may be making myself sound old here, but what happened to the days when you bought a game and if you didn't like it, you simply never played it again or got rid of it in some way?

Oh, and Carotte, if you thought Order of the Phoenix was bad, wait until you see Half-Blood Prince. OotP is one of my personal favorites of the HP films, but my God is HBP a shit-fest. It's so much worse than Goblet of Fire (my previous bottom-of-the-list) because not only did they leave numerous plot points out, it's not even entertaining as a film like Goblet was. BUT, as upset as I was with it, I'm not about to go running off and starting a "Take Back Half-Blood Prince" protest demanding that WB re-make it.


I'm puzzled as to why there's press right, left and center about the bad ending in Mass Effect 3, but I'm seeing very little about another problem with the game - the face import bug. If you're not familiar with the game, the entire Mass Effect series is actually one continuous story, divided into three major chapters. This means that, if you play all three games, you start by creating a character in Mass Effect 1, play through it, import that character into Mass Effect 2, play through that, then import that character into Mass Effect 3 to finish the story - or, at least, that's what's supposed to happen. However, when you get to ME3, you get told that your character's face cannot be imported. In addition, because of the changes that have been made to the character creator between the three games, it's often also impossible to recreate that face. Because of this, it's also the case that sometimes a face created in ME2 does import, but inaccurately, causing the character to look quite radically different.

This means the fans who are most loyal to the series, those who started playing in the first game, are presented with a game that opens with an error message, and even those who only started playing in ME2 get presented with their character suddenly looking very different - you know, as if they'd decided to replace Daniel Radcliffe with Haley Joel Osmont for the last 2 or 3 Harry Potter movies.

Retail Pirate

The reason the face import bug isn't getting as much flak as the ending is because specific promises about the nature of the ending were made and not kept. For example, it was said before launch that the ending would not be a simple choice between A, B, or C. In the end, that's exactly what it was. It completely invalidated the hundreds of variables that could be factored into an imported save, because it gives so few possibilities.

You can have a red explosion. You can also have a blue explosion. If you're really good and eat all of your vegetables, you can even get a green explosion.

The fans are absolutely right to demand that this be addressed, although I Doubt Bioware's going to be able to correct this easily.

Bitch Boy

I constantly donate to Child's Play Charity. I've also been picking up the Humble Bundles (the bundle out now is the second one that also has Android versions of the games) since they began. It's my favorite charity.

I started gaming with the Atari 2600 (yes, I'm old) and have been playing ever since. Of course, the amount of game time I get a week has become a fraction of what it used to be.

As for games with bad endings. Hey, people, it's a game. If you don't like the ending, don't buy from that developer next time. As for communicating your dislike for the game, feel free to contact them (it is easier now than it has been).

As for the press: really? Don't you people have something better to do like cover the politicans that are trying to take away the rights of the US citizens?


I for one love Bioware and will continue to buy their games, because stuff like Mass Effect and Dragon Age just really outdoes everything else on the market for me. But I was heartbroken with the lack of closure in ME3 and, like many fans who feel heavily invested in Shepard as a character, would like, if not puppies and rainbows, at least a better sense of how everyone's doing after the final battle. I don't feel like that's a demand, I feel like it's a valid critique paired with a request. Just, hey guys, we really loved your story, we'd like to give you a chance to work the ending so we're all on the same page.

Anyways I also love PA and while I agree with the sentiment behind Retake Mass Effect, I think it's kind of shitty to try and co-opt Child's Play to get publicity. Yeah, donations are good and great, but Child's Play is its own awesome thing and doesn't need to be politicized.


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