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Sure, you weren't the typical clientele they may be used to, but you were still a legitimate customer nevertheless. Sales are meant to attract more people in who wouldn't necessarily purchase at full price. There's nothing wrong with a bargain seeker as you're paying what they're asking for.

Crustiness is stuff like stupidity, making a fuss, being deliberately rude, complaining or trying to take advantage of the store closing to attempt to haggle down the price further, nothing that you were guilty of in the slightest.


Sounds like the problem was at the slaves level, not yours.

Bored at the Bookstore

No, you were not a crusty... You didn't throw a hissy fit, demand lower-yet prices, or make outrageous demands, right?

If you can't afford to shop somewhere, you don't go there; that's a no-brainer to me. When they so "graciously" lowered their prices to an affordable range, then they will attract some folks who are new-to-the-shop. They don't then get to sneer at the new customers who, store closing or not, are offering to spend money there (and, incidentally, reduce the amount of merchandise the snobby slave will have to pick up, pack up, or otherwise remove). Some places are just like that, I guess.

There is a specific store in a local mall - Lord and Taylor, if you don't mind my subtlety - which lost my patronage forever, because their retail slaves were snooty to me the first and only time I darkened their door. Not only did I get the line, "I'm SURE we don't have anything to interest you..." but the whole (short) time I was there, I was watched like a hawk in case anything I touched found its way into my pockets or bag. I was made so uncomfortable that I didn't stay long, and spent nothing. I assume it was just their normal attitude to people-without-Coach-bags-and-Gucci-clothing. Funny thing was, I had several hundred in cash in those same suspect pockets and was shopping for gifts. Their loss, other stores' gain.


You were in no way a crusty! If anything is wrong with this picture, it's the workers being snooty. My dad's friend gets this kind of attitude from high end workers sometimes because he likes to wear things like jeans and a t shirt whether it be name brand or not. Little do they know when they treat him poorly based on dress, they just lost a millionaire for a customer. Looks can be deceiving and even if you don't normally shop in those stores and are there for the sale, it makes no difference in the kind of customer you are.


I remember when Hoarders was closing, sometimes we'd get annoyed at the sales vultures. Thing is, you weren't being a sales vulture. You didn't come in demanding to know where the 25 cent items were, nor did you complain that things weren't cheaper or demand to know when the next level of sales would start. You were just a curious shopper. The staff obviously had a snooty attitude. It was nothing you did.

The Last Archimedean

No, you were a good customer. You didn't throw a hissy fit or demand a discount or let your uncontrolled hellspawn destroy the store.

And it sounds like the slave was upset the store was closing [i'm sure they are worried about being unemployed] and took it out on you.


I don't think you were a crusty. You see, once upon a time, I worked in one of those snooty-boots 'high end' stores, in a strange little West Virginia college-city. It's the weirdest place -more millionaires than anywhere else in the state, but they tend to have made their money in things like coal, restaurants, bars and construction, as well as more spoiled college students than anywhere in the universe. (Many are from New Jersey or Northern Virginia, but a lot are plain Mountaineer kids who've discovered and completely misunderstood the concept of credit cards.) Appearances are absolutely impossible there as a means of gauging a customer's 'pocket value' (the amount they're likely to drop, and I didn't feel like drinking the store's Kool-Aid about being suspicious of young folk and the scruffy.

On the advice of my grandmother, a dear lady who worked retail back when it was considered respectable and they paid you well, I treated EVERYONE, but EVERYONE, who walked in the door as if they were red-carpet celebrities. "That is what used to make (long-closed and beloved even ritzier store,) wonderful back in the Forties," Grandma explained. "We had to assume that the act of choosing Store MEANT you were classy clientele." Her store had, of course, been a glittering place of wonders where they served tea and ladies wore little white gloves, so I used to just pretend I was working there, in the glamorous days of Grandma and the Shopgirls, instead of the late 2000s at Snootyboots.

Such rewards I found for Grandma's simple advice! I once walked over to a set of what looked like college-age label-addicted sorostitutes (the watch-them-lest-they-steal type, according to management,) and told them "My manager is a bit ageist at times and wants me to follow you around like a crazy person because he thinks all ladies our age steal. How about I show you the very latest bags and shoes instead? I know which ones we just put out, nobody else will have seen them yet and it'll look great to my boss." They found this hilarious, agreed that their bosses were just the same, asked all manner of questions about the merch, and wound up dropping something like the price of my then-car on clothes. It turned out they were new graduates looking for business attire, and after treating them like fellow members of a discriminated-against demographic, I was so trusted they let me advise on something like ten outfits each, all of which went onto giftcards from an indulgent aunt. They also got my business card and made a special point of becoming regulars who only dealt with me, even when I got moved into Electronics.

The older ladies and scruffy gentlemen loved my attitude as well. I once spent some twenty minutes demonstrating a netbook computer for a man I assumed must be homeless (you've never seen such dirt and he did have a bit of a scent to him,) only for him to pull out his wallet to order FIVE of them for the children of his office staff. (He figured new laptops would let them do their homework, so their moms could just get them off the bus, return to work and not have to pay for daycare, since they were in third grade or up now -clearly, an awesome boss.)

He ran a local construction company, it turned out, and he LOVED coming straight from work when he felt like shopping, to see who'd treat him decently. In the weeks following, he bought televisions for three bars, his home and both of his cabins, a bunch of projectors and computers for the office, plus a ridiculous number of iPod-dock boomboxes "so my guys can pick their music and skip the commercials like they do, but without those headphones. Suckers are dangerous! They can just take turns plugging in their maxi-pad thingies on the jobsite."

Except then it turned out that not every worker had one, so Construction Boss decided to make them a reward for good work, walking into my store and yelling "Kuroneko, I need about twenty of them maxi-pads quick FOR MAH BOYS!" in front of God, man and about five little old ladies who were picking out a TV for their senior center. I knew instantly what he meant and asked him "Touch or nano?" "Biggest." "Touch then, and what internal capacity would you like?" "...Whatever's biggest and best for mah boys. I don't think they believe I'm going to give 'em out, but I said EVERY man who made count and didn't miss any work or come in late." "And twenty of them did? Oh, very good, let me get the keys to the iPod cabinet. Would you excuse me, ladies, this seems to be a business emergency, I'll just get this gentleman squared away, if you'd like to look at the TVs for a moment." I looked at them and they were all, to a woman, DYING with suppressed laughter.

Twenty iPod Touches later, Construction Guy walked out happily to an enormous crew-cab truck, telling all and sundry that this was the best damn department store, where a man could get twenty maxi-pads quick as a cheeseburger. I got SO many weird looks, until the commission achievement sheet came out that afternoon and then 'maxi-pads' became retail-slave argot for 'unlikely-looking custy with money to burn.'

So yeah, the workers were the ones in the wrong there. For all they knew, you were a Construction Boss Guy in disguise, and a bit of nicer treatment might have persuaded you to visit their new location.


I'm a BJD owner as well. I have seven of them and have had my share of foibles.

A couple of things caught my attention here. First, that it was a high-end store and that you felt as though the staff looked down on you after you told them you hadn't been there.

I've been to several BJD-oriented shops, mostly in Japan, and I discovered there that snobbiness amongst BJD store staff is rather common. The Volks stores were the absolute worst.

On the flip side, at least, the A-Zone store in Tokyo absolutely rocked. They didn't care one bit that I brought in a Dollzone doll and a DoD doll to get clothes for. They were excited that I was there at all and we had a great time doing dress-up. As a result, I spent a good $400 there. :)

No excuse at all for the snobbiness you experienced. How would they know why you hadn't been there? Maybe you were new to the area. Maybe you didn't know about the store before. They don't know. They just assume. Assuming only causes problems.

BTW, I'm always looking to connect with more doll owners on DeviantArt. My DA ID is shuichiboy. :)


Yeah, it was the store's problem, not yours.

I went to A&F to get a gift card for my niece's sweet 16 (I have 7 nieces and nephews.) Between my mom, my aunt, my grandmom, and I, we had saved $1000. I'm looking at jeans, and a sales clerk goes to me, "We don't have anything here for you... you should go to Lane Bryant on the other side of the mall." I was... shocked and humiliated. Yes, I'm a big girl, but seriously? Her attitude noticeably changed when I told her I was going to get a gift card for my niece, and she tried to coax me over to the register. I started to go over, now just wanting the experience done, when I said, "No, you're right. There isn't anything here for me or my niece!" And I walked out. We decided to take my niece shopping with the money instead.


I don't think you were a crusty or a vulture at all.

Personally, I will NEVER set foot in a Nordstrom's again. Ever. I went there once with my ex-husband looking at winter coats because they had them on sale near the mall entrance. The woman working behind the cosmetics counter took one look at us, sniffed, and said, "We don't carry *Raider's* jackets here." (My ex, at the time was about 6 ft, mid-200's, and is half-Hispanic, but totally gets his looks from the Hispanic side (dark hair/eyes and brown skinned).

And to the above poster who was told to goto Lane Bryant when she went to A&F. I once went into Lane Bryant to look for headbands. (My mom suggested it because I find regular hard headbands too small and they pinch, giving me a headache. She said she NEVER had that problem with hers from LB). An associate there quietly approached me and suggested I try Charlotte Russe or Express, because I was too SMALL for their clothing.


shuichiboy: It wasn't a BJD store, it was a high end human store that I bought a dog collar in to use as a BJD belt. And btw, you have been watched and given a llama XD

Bored at the Bookstore

Gee, when someone walks into MY store and says it's their first visit, I smile pretty and say, "Welcome! I'm so glad you found us! may I show you around, or would you rather browse?" and I give them a directory, a free bookmark, and a coupon for their second visit. I'm thrilled to see a new source of income!

Ted the 'Flayer

You weren't being a crusty (although I don't need to say it at this point...) This type of situation is why I always walk around with a catheter inserted with the tube running down my pants leg so I can pee anywhere I want to...

(Note: I don't actually do that, just to be 100% clear)

The two box stores in my store are nicknamed Big Red and Big Blue (if you know what I mean...). The slaves in Big Red look down on the slaves at Big Blue, and when I jumped from Red to Blue I got verbally berated on my FB account for my choice. Funny thing is, Big Blue pays me $2 more an hour for the same job while requiring me to do less, I don't have a manager that hates me personally (Was it the time I slept with my direct supervisor? Or that time I told everyone on the walkie that I was "taking the Browns to the Superbowl"? Or could it be that time I recreated the "How would you like to suck my balls?" scene from the South Park movie, complete with megaphone to the hardlines supervisor? Who knows...), and all in all it's not really too bad at my particular store, much better than most of the retail jobs I've had over the 12 years I've been playing this game.

Buddy the Elf...What's Your Favorite Colour?

I don't think you were being a crusty...but I do know how a lot of you feel about being stereotyped (or stereotyping others). I now work in a production facility and it is hot and dirty there. I can't go one day without getting some form of oil, something akin to paint, or limestone on me and I do go straight from work to shopping (since my home is away from everything). I get evil looks even from the people at the Big Blue store Ted was talking about. *rolls eyes*

Queer Geek


I hope you talked to the store manager about that particular employee especially with that company whole thing in customer service.

I work in high end retail as did Freeman and many others at the RHU, everyone is welcome to shop no matter their socio- economic status. Yes, we do get a few snooty employees who spoil it for everyone else who works there because one custy will generalize all of us harding working slaves based on what one idiot coworker did to that person. Believe me! It sucks!

As for Numismatic, no you weren't being a crusty. Everyone shops when there's a sale going on. It's only if the crusty starts making demands like more discounts and extra free stuff they can get. I'm a bargain shopper too so I'll peruse places where I can comparatively shop. It's you money so you decide where you want to spend it!



Yeah, as much as most women would find it nice to be told that in Lane Bryant, isn't a good idea to tell anyone "we don't have anything for you here for X reason."
Better to assume that if they're in your store they have a reason to be even if they aren't your usual clientel! After all, if a woman came into Men's Warehouse would you say to her "Ma'am you might want to try Banana Republic as you are not penis-y enough for our clothing"?


This reminded me of a story from Long, Long Ago... I was in a Zayre (Similar to Large K, now long out of business) as a 12-13 year old, shopping for some somethings. I don't even remember now. I stuck something I was carrying in the top of a pocket (not hidden in, it was bright orange and stuck out over the top of the pocket) for a moment to free a hand so I could pick something else up to look at it.

This apparently caught the attention of one of the store dicks (detective) who started following me around. I looked at the thing, put it back on the shelf and went about my business. Once I realized he was following me, I started doing things to lose him just for the amusement value...I'd walk down an aisle, then dodge into a different one, run down it and into a third, then stand and examine something.Would hear him puffing and wheezing after me, then he'd come into the aisle I was in and try to act like it was an accident.

I finally lost him, then went up to the registers and paid for my stuff. He shows up as I'm walking out and wants to bust me for shoplifting. "Shoplifting what?" "This? (shows him the bag) And here's my receipt."

Disbeliving look, then 'Why were you running around like that if you weren't stealing anything?'

"Some old pervert was following me."

And definitely, you were not a crusty. They were just peens


Blarg, my habit of using brokets gets me again. That should be
"Shoplifting what?"
(describes the item I'd just bought)
"This? (shows him the bag) And here's my receipt."


Vulture crusties aren't as polite as you were :)

on a slightly related note, I'm not a doll person but that doll is beautiful. Looks like a character from a Dreamworks movie!


Ooh, love BJDs. I have Volks Dollfie Plus named Sayaka and I want so many more (too poor to get many). Watching you and shuichiboy on DA now, I'm kikyobelladonna, btw.

And yeah, I would NOT have handled that store clerk very well. You weren't being a vulture or a crusty, just wanted to have a peak. I got the same shit from Stacy's employees all the time and when they were closing I went in and bought several fixtures. Sure shut up the smarmy little fellow who'd been so rude to me all this time.

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