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, let go. Trust me.' All of us our invited. Unfortunately, many of us will chosoe to hold onto to things of this world. The discussion was much longer than that- but you get the idea. It's not a works salvation. We can't do anything to earn it. That's the point, actually. We just need to admit that fact- that we can't do anything, and totally give it up to him. We need Let go of trying to do it our way, and put our trust in Him.Thanks to Jesus free gift, we are saved from the alternative of eternity with God- eternity without God (which is the absence of all hope, friendship, kindness anything good. It's Hell).


"so you can one day tell your grandkids about it." That's a scary tuhgoht, these people reproducing. Their product lineup is hardly worth having a store never mind wasting a day of your life to see it.Now, lets see if you have any fanboys that visit the site...

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